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Give Us Men!

Posted by truthtalklive on March 17, 2008

Today’s guest is Pastor Mark Fox of Antioch Community Church, and he is challenging the men of Truth Talk Live. For more information on his church visit www.antiochchurch.cc

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4 Responses to “Give Us Men!”

  1. John said

    I missed the show today as I was busy butchering a big garfish at the time.
    Pray tell, what was the manly challenge?

  2. Philip said

    In short, churches should help men be the spiritual leader of their family.

    A Southern Baptist pastor said that 1% of Southern Baptists have family worship 1 or more times a year! In other words, only one in a hundred families has family worship at least once a year.

    I encourage all church leaders to make encouraging/facilitating men to be the spiritual leaders in their homes a top priority!

    P.S. Notice that this important topic has very little discussion, whereas topics on homosexuality, churches in bars, etc. will have much discussion. A sign of our times.

  3. David said

    I agree! As the family goes, so goes the nation, and who is responsible for how the family goes?

  4. Brad said


    Don’t take the lack of discussion necessarily as a “sign of our times” – what is there to discuss? I agree, you agree, maybe most others agree as well. There’s not a lot to “discuss”, if that’s the case.

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