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Is America the New Mission Field?

Posted by truthtalklive on March 6, 2008

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Born seven years ago in response to a crisis of faith & leadership in North America, This group www.theamia.org has a vision for reaching America for Christ.

Guest host today is Roger Wiles, (www.reformationtodayonline.com) He is interviewing Pastor Ben Sharpe, who has already planted three churches.


6 Responses to “Is America the New Mission Field?”

  1. Educated Dawg said

    Enjoyed the show yesterday.
    Yes, America is one of the new mission fields, just like England.

    These churches in America need to quit hoarding up all that money and get out there in the mission field.

    Sadly, it is becoming a bunch of mega-businesses. It ain’t just the Episcopal church denomination.

    Roger hit the nail on the head – expository Bible teaching is becoming antiquated. The result is a bunch of babies not fit for the work of the ministry.

    Just think about it. People from Africa coming to North America to plant churches and evangelize. I’ve also heard that the Chinese Christians are starting such endeavors as well. Makes one wonder whether we should be sending missionaries to other lands or truly becoming “local” missionaries in our own backyards?

  2. Maz Herman said

    Educated Dawg: So right. Too many live in huge mansions and preach ”money cometh” messages but not the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe one of the largest Churches in America has a pastor that never uses the ”h” word. He doesn’t believe in mentioning sin either. I’v found too many teachers and preachers going off into fanciful doctrines that aren’t biblical. It’s sad but it’s also shocking.

  3. jAsOn said

    Maybe we should stop referring to those guys as preachers and stop referring to their places of business as churches and perhaps one day God will marginalize their efforts and bless this country with true, gospel revival once again.

  4. Maz Herman said

    Amen JAsOn!

  5. Larry said

    Lets face it, America is, and has been saturated with the preaching of the Gospel. It’s all over the tv’s, radios, internet, etc. This country, for all practical puposes, has heard the message and rejected it. If it’s not a social gospel, the masses will not be drawn to a message that is exclusive. If it’s not a “feel good” gospel, you can forget it. And if the Gospel is preached unadulteratedly, then it commands a dying to self (repentance) and living to and for Christ. That message has been all but eliminated and rarely do you hear the real message for which many died. Sorry, I dont see America returning.

  6. Maz Herman said

    Have faith in God Larry, God still has his hand on America, but there will have to be a humbling and a repentence. It won’t be the ‘revival’ that some are looking for, there will be a shaking…I believe New York felt a tremor….America needs to get to her knees once again and repent of her pride.

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