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Should a Christian Ever Act in a Soap Opera?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 27, 2008

Ethical obstacle or evangelistic opportunity?

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23 Responses to “Should a Christian Ever Act in a Soap Opera?”

  1. abc's said

    I think this is a good example of a deeper issue.

    How can faith be epistemologically valid when it provides no method for distinction between true and false propositions?

    You can support either view with scripture from the Bible.

  2. Darlene Troxler said

    Greetings in Christ;

    I seem to feel that I am going to be the only one saying “no”, a Christian should not have anything to do with movies,t.v.,acting, etc….

    God convicted me years ago to give up t.v. and I did.

    I doubt Christianity in someone’s live if they are playing a role in a soap opera. Think about it….you will be acting out all kinds of trash that God HATES!!! God would not be happy with a self professing Christian playing roles that He detests.

    I am taking this from my Bible. Life in the Spirit Study Bible. Matthew 23:13-32 Hypocrites, hupokritai. In classical Greek, hypocrite meant an actor in a play. The actor, of course, was not expected to live out in his daily life the character he played on the stage. Jesus used the term for people who were putting on an act in public that was only a pretense. Their religious appearance was a mask that concealed their spirityal blindness and the corruption within their hearts.

    So actors are hypocrites! Sorry, but the Bible is what I live by and acting is not a part of Christianity.

    Love in Christ, Darlene

  3. Darlene Troxler said

    Sorry, it’s me again….
    We are to be separated from this world, we live in it, but we are not to act like it or partake in the sins of this world. We are to set examples. I can’t justify soap opera Christianity! Thank you, Darlene

  4. Piper said

    Hey Darlean, you are not the only one who feels that way. Being a witness to these people was brought up as a way to justifiy the reason to be there. I don’t think that the end justifiy the means. We don’t have to stoop down to worlds level to be a witness. I’m sure that these actors and actoress’s are away from the set from time to time. Why is that time not used to witness to them if this heavey on your heart. Absaloutly these people need to hear the gosple, but we don’t need to do what they do. To put it plainly we don’t need to become trash to do our part to clean it up. If she was as good as was said how much more of a witness could she of been if she would of said “no”and turned it down and explianed why. I find it to be a better witness for Christ not to do the things that the world does and stand apart and not blend in. We are to flee from sin and run along side it.

  5. Piper said

    Oop’s that last line should of said “not run along side of it” Try and do my proof reading before I send it next time.

  6. Robert said

    a couple of things to consider, Paul said be all things to all people. He was saying you have to develope a common denominator to relate to people so that you will have an opportunity to share the good news of salvation. If you think about it, how many actors or actresses can cast for a role in a soap and dictate what she/he will or wont do as a new actor? I truly believe Gods intervention is in full force to allow her to not compromise her moral standings as a Christian. Lets also look at Abraham, God told him to kill his own son as a sacrifice. Abraham new to kill his son is morally wrong, but he also knew obediance to God is more important. He chose to make the sacrifice and because of that decision God blessed him. This woman was faced with a comparable situation, from my understanding she was willing to walk away, leave her dream of an actress and that career for God. Because she was faithful in that sacrifice God has trusted her to stay there and be a testimony of the Lords.
    My last point, she said that she believed God wanted her to stay there, so if she leaves she will be in direct disobediance to God. Whats the lesser of the two evils. The pharasees also believed Jesus was doing the fathers work wrong also, I praise God he didnt listen to the majority and obeyed the will of the father.
    Thanks for your program, Robert
    ps. please forgive any misspellings, I am a truck driver not a scholar. God bless and see you in heaven if not sooner.

  7. Robert said

    Hey Darlene, I appreciate your conviction and decision with tv, God also did that with me and I got rid of the tv also. However our convictions wont necessarily apply to everyone else. If something interferes with the relationship you have with the Lord, then God will convict those people for that something. (It becomes a sort of God) violating the first commandment. With that said, what is your opinion on the movie by Mel Gibson “the passion of the Christ”. That was acting and yet 1000’s were led to Christ because of it. Do You believe God had his hand in that?
    God bless and see you in Heaven if not sooner

  8. Piper said

    So Robert if I understand what you are saying that the test that God put to Abraham was the same as being part of a soap oprha. God does not and will never cause you to committ a sin to prove your faith. When his son asked where is the sacrifice Abraham responed with God will provide, all the time knowing that his son was not the sacrfice.The same is true now. God does not and will not ask us to be apart of somthing that Is so clearly Deamed as wrong and shamfull. As I said in my last post we do not need to stoop to the worlds level of sexuall imorality to be a witness to them. And Paul did not mean that we had to be sin in order to be a witness. Every singal soap is nothing but adultery. Who’s sleeping with who’s wife now. So how can one say that to witness to them we need to become one of them weather or not we are the good person in the show ar not. WE are still in the show and apart of the sin. We are called to be a light in the world and how can be a light if you are part of the problem. If you go to the bar and witness to someone what kind of witness would you be if you where drinking right along with them. It dosn’t work because even if you are drinking less you are still saying to the person that this is ok instead of this is a problem and I will not join in. To be part of the problem will not solve it, it will only say to the people that you trying to witness to that sin is ok if as long as you skirt on the egde. As far as weather she can choose what she will or will not do does not change the fact that she compromise her faith the minute that she said that she would even be apart of sin.

  9. Vinnie said

    The Lord said go Into the Highways and By-way and preach the unfallable Gospel He has scattered us abroad to every profession and people and where we are His Grace wil come for New mercies we shall see for there is no sin that Jesus has not remedied by the Cross! That he cannot nullify its power and it is the Holy Ghost who leads us to the cross and Not Judgemental People always looking at there brother and not their own heart. We all look to legalism and there is so much of that in the Church today, Satan is the first Legalist but He that Lives by the Sword, Shall Die by It also” of course I speak legally about him only but unto us Christ has Come and this Judgement which brings the Sword of Condemnation has no place because of the Blood of the Lamb of God so be not part of that Spirit but pray where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty for He and He alone can set and will set all our Souls free. For whom the Spirit sets Free is Free indeed! The letter kills beloved and so like everything else of the flesh in this carnal world and he that loves the life of the flesh will lose it and he that hates the life of the flesh and mortifies its lusts and carnal deeds in this world will keep it for it is written let us not judge one another but pray fervently one for another not judge or condemn but pray, So my beloved pray Grace for Grace as we were instructed in Te Lord Prayer so We Must Do it.

  10. robert said

    Piper, thanks for the response. No I am not saying the sacrifice of Abrahams son is the same as a soap, im saying its comparable in the sense that Abraham valued obedience to God over everything else. This woman was directed by God to stay there. From your perspective it sounds like almost everyone would not be able to go to work, because you and I would be walking into or contributing to the sin of those in the world. I drive truck, everyday I take loads from one place to another contributing to different sins. example, I deliver food, it contributes to gluttony
    I deliver beer, it contributes to alchohalism, I deliver Christmas trees, thats pagonism. How about toys, that contributes to the sin of greed by children. Just because my Job requires me to make availability to those that choose to sin doesnt make me compromising my faith. The Lord opened the door for me to do this and I have led people to the Lord, which never would have happened if I disobeyed Him by looking through my fine eyed mine at the contributions I was making to those bound by sin, by the deliveries I make.
    You know Piper if you really think about it you can find the same immoralities in most churches (real life) does that mean stop going to church? Or does it mean help those that are bound?
    She has not compromised her faith until she agrees to partake of sin, but rather than condemn a sister in the Lord for doing something for Christ by being a testimony for the Lord before the actors and audience. Pray for her that people would see something different in her and want what she has.
    Off topic, In my experiances since my salvation, one thing Ive discovered most of the time people that are quick to condemn a brother or sister for doing something for God, usually are doing nothing themselves… I learned this looking in the mirror…When did you last share your faith?
    God bless and see you in Heaven if not sooner

  11. Elias said

    First off, it need to be pointed out that soap operas aren’t real.

    seems silly that i might be saying this, but from a number of the responces, it needs to be said. These are stories. They aren’t real. Though they may talk about adultery, theft, murder and any such number of other things, it’s quite a difference from actually doing them, because the sin is in the doing, not the pretending to do. A soap opera is no more a sin then two kids playing pretend is a sin. If you’d like to show me a moral imperative from God in the Bible that says that such a thing is a sin, i’d love to see it in its original context.

    Next, hypocrite uses the word ‘actor’ as a description. Historically, at this time, actors would put on masks to make themselves different characters, so that one person would play, often times, 5 or 6 different characters by putting on different masks. It is to this that Jesus was refering, that we should not put on different masks while going through life and become different people while with different groups. This is on par with the modern definition of hypocrite which is one that says one thing then does the exact opposite. We can easily see, with a little knowlege of Biblical history, what Jesus was refering to accurately.

    Secondly, if Jesus really intended to condemn all actors at all time for all of history, then we should see this mentioned some other time during the new testament, rather then leaving it to us to read meaning into one word while talking to a completely different set of people. Quite frankly, i see no biblical reason to believe that this is the case.

    Finally, if God “told” you to stay away from all visual entertainment because it’s sinful, then i’d suggest you throw away your Bible as well. Throughout the Bible we see thousands upon thousands of people sinning. It’s a constant line through the bible. Sodom and Gamora, the Pharasees, the Roman, just a few named here, and how about the people who brutally murdered the apostles, or the ones who kept Paul in prison? By the ideas given above, we would need to throw the Bible away as well because it’s just as sinful as any movie on TV.

    And to the point – It’s not the sin evident in a bit of entertainment, be it soap opera, movie or book, but how the good is presented that matters. If she wants to act in a soap opera, i say more power to her, bacause her being a Christian means that she’ll have a standard for what she’s willing to be seen doing. She can be the good that all the bad is judged by, and what better witness is that?

  12. Piper said

    Hey Robert, you got a fellow trucker here, looken at the world through a windshield. I could not agree more we are called to be a light unto the world and that includes sharing your faith. Charles Spurgen said that if you do not have a burning desire to share your faith and see people saved, you might not have a faith of your own. That is a paraphrase but that will sit you up stright in hurry. At least it should. When we express an opinion we bring some of our lifes experances. I struggle with pornogrphy and lust. This is somthing that I have to fight with every day. So when I here that someone plays a role on the soaps I bring to the table the fact that there is not much more than adultery and all sorts of garbage that is forbidin in the Bible. For me to see a Christian step into a role in a soap to witness is like steping in front of a semi to make it change lanes. Please forgive me if it sounded like I was judging her. No doubt she needs our prayers for sterngh. With were I am coming from, I am concerned that she will brought down as so often happens when we have good intentions to witness but, put ourselves into dangerous places for long periods of time. As a Christian when we witness to the unsaved we will be called a lot of things and be told where we can take our God. I’ve witnest to a biker who a lot to say. The bible says that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Hope that this clearifies a few things. Hey who knows, maybe we will meet at a truck stop church someday. Stay strong in the Lord till the end. God Bless.

  13. Maz Herman said

    Quite simply….NO. You are acting out something that is not true. And most soap operas I’v ever seen are full of shouting, screaming, adultery, backbiting (think I’v seen that somewhere else) you name it, if it’s negative it’s in there. NO….No….No. Were in this world but should not be OF it. And you don’t have to become something to witness to them.

  14. Tim said

    Thank you Elias for speaking rationally in a pretty insane group of comments. I agree completely.

  15. Elias said

    That’s what i’m here for.

  16. robert said

    elias the answer to your question where does it say it in the Bible
    the scripture is “abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 thes 5:27
    Also Elias, where Jesus used the word “hypocrites”
    hupokrites (hoop-ok-ree-tace’)in Mt 7:5, Luke 6:42 and luke 13:15 does refer to an actor under an assumed charactor. But look at the context all three cases (two of which were the same) people were putting on a show of righteousness. Jesus being God in the flesh knew thier sin and called them on it.
    This actress is not putting on a show of righteousness, shes acting in a soap and not participating in the parts that compromise her morals(acting or not).
    That meaning is the Hebrew word, the correct word for this situation is OT:2610
    chaneph (khaw-nafe’); a primitive root; to soil, especially in a moral sense:
    KJV – corrupt, defile, greatly, pollute, profane.
    I dont believe her to fall under either of these catagories

  17. robert said

    As far as the throw the bible away thing? throw The word of god away? Its not comparable to visual entertainment. (by the way it was tv not all forms).
    Phil 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
    Garbage in Garbage out, like a statement to throw Bible away. see The Bible to me is the Living word of God, a guide to live my life by(and im not saying i live by it perfectly) to you its a story book, full of sin and evil.
    every example you gave also showed Gods justice and his grace and love. It shows a result for action good and bad.
    It also has direction for every situation we will deal with in life and a result for our choices in those situations.

    God bless and see you in heaven if not sooner

  18. Elias said


    the scripture is “abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 thes 5:27

    Point of referance, it’s actually 1st Thessalonians 5:22, not 27

    Secondly, i’d like to point out that it’s only a fringe minority of people who say that tv, movies and acting in general are evil. You haven’t shown me Biblically how acting is evil, nor have you shown me morally or socially how acting in and of itself is an evil or would appear to be evil, only thrown this verse in my face, saying, in a sence, ‘I think it’s evil, so she shouldn’t do it.’

    Since you cannot build a biblical case against acting, you cannot say that it’s evil. If you cannot say that it’s evil, or even morally questionable, you cannot say that we should refrain from doing it because it appears to be evil.

    It’d be like saying, “Ice cream is bad.”
    Me replying, “Why?”
    And you’d respond, “Because this says to stay away from bad things. I don’t like ice cream, therefore, it’s bad.”

    This is called circular reasoning and it’s a logical fallacy. In other words, your case, your argument, doesn’t hold any water and any thinking Christian would dismiss it outright.


    Your alternative definition of hypocrasy or hypocrit does no damage to mine, and actually strengthens my possition, therefore i’m moving on.


    Notice the words at the end of the passage “think (or dwell according to some translations) on these things”. Quite frankly, I don’t watch movies or tv in order to think upon them throughout the day, in fact, i watch tv and movies in order to distract me for a time, or to have an aspect of human life shown in a different way of life, or many other reasons, but there’s very few times when i go to a movie with the intent to continue to think over the evil aspects of the movies for the next few days. In fact, most movies these days have good triumphing over evil. For instance, Rambo, a violent movie with a very hardcore Christian message of forgiveness, good trumphing over absolute evil, and repentence. Yet, i’m more then cirtain that you would condemn such a movie due to ‘questionable conduct’, by which you mean violence and coarse language, both of which are expressed in the Bible and neither of which is outrightly condemned.


    My comment on throwing the Bible away illustrates the point that by any reason you can find to throw out visual entertainment, or read entertainment, the Bible would fall pray to that in many points as well. If you discount violence, adultery, torture, foul language, sexual acts and so on, if those are the reasons you are throwing out tv, then by that standard you should judge the Bible as well.

    However, my standard is the Bible, and when i see a tv show or movie that has violence, but shows good triumphing over the evil, the good guy winning, the bad guy getting his just rewards and things comming out right in the end, i see no reason to throw that movie, tv show, video game etc out. Notice the order of things. You say that these things should be watched and are bad because the Bible says that bad things shouldn’t be watched. ONce again, circular argument. I say, you should judge by the Bible and Bible only, and even if i don’t like something i see, if it falls within Biblical standards, then i have no right to condemn it.

    Notice another thing, you assumed that i wasn’t a christian by saying we should throw the Bible away. Unfortunately, the opposite is true, as i am a christian. I say ‘unfortunately’ because it’s often this type of kneejerk reaction by christians of your ilk that causes those like me, those unwilling to put aside reason and follow the Bible where it leads instead of reading in my own likes and dislikes into it, those of us who look upon the Bible as the inerant word of God that should be read in context and shouldn’t be interpreted with emotional kneejerk reactions that are oh so prevailent these days.

    I refer you to 1 Cor 10: 29-30

    29I mean not your own conscience, but the other man’s; for why is my freedom judged by another’s conscience?

    30If I partake with thankfulness, why am I slandered concerning that for which I give thanks?

    31Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

    32Give no offense either to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God;

    33just as I also please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit but the profit of the many, so that they may be saved.

    Biblically, you cannot slander her if she’s acting according to her conscience and if she is doing it for the glory of God so that she can be a witness and so through her they can be saved. From her interview, she’s doing both.

  19. stu's #1 fan!!!!!!!! said


  20. Tim said

    And this is probably already rehashing what Elias is said, but I think we tend to make the mistake of reacting negatively towards television or movies because of the subject matter (murder, etc.). But I think how the subject matter is TREATED is far more important. Most narratives establish a good character (someone who usually does good things) and a bad character (a person who kills someone, or something). Bad things must happen in order to drive the story. But that doesn’t mean the story inherently approves of the negative aspects. They’re just there to show that those bad acts ARE wrong.

    Like Elias said, if we were against stories involving all sorts of sin, we might as well throw throw the Bible out. But we’re looking at the story, and all stories need conflict.

    It’s fine if someone isn’t into television or movies… but saying it’s biblical to be against acting period is just wrong. There’s just nothing there that outright condemns it.

  21. zerxil said

    YES a Christian should, If her faith is very very strong. We just should not watch it…

  22. mrs241 said

    No they should not. Hollywood is not a new entity. There has been terrible sin since movies came about nearly 100 years ago. Jesus spoke against hypocrites which is what the word was for actors in His day. This girl will probably get (a) dirty by association because of the field she has chosen or (b) discouraged to find out that she is such a tiny minority. What makes this girl think has more power that Christ to change the world. He ended up on the cross and the world is still in sin. What if this actress was offered a porno film for tons of money. Would she find a mission field there? I think if she wants to be an actress, she needs to be very choosy and not jump in the mud pits with the others. Obviously this was a self-esteem move because there are many other avenues she could choose as an actress.

  23. Jacob said

    I think there’s an issue that hasn’t been discussed. I think one would have a better shot of influence if they were the ones not just writing but CREATING shows on TV or movie screenplays. If a believer is just on-screen, their character is still subject to the worldview of the writers/series creator.

    Conversely, if a Christian was one who created and wrote for a show, there would be a better chance to convey a worldview Christians would have an easier time agreeing with.

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