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Interview with Billy Graham from India!

Posted by truthtalklive on February 26, 2008

Today’s guest is Billy Graham Paulose.

To here/download a podcast of today’s show or prior ones go to www.wtru.com (located at the bottom of the page)

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6 Responses to “Interview with Billy Graham from India!”

  1. Fred said

    I found this tale of “evil spirit cast out” on Palouse’s website:

    “Billy had told us earlier, that in a case like this, it could take days of prayer and fasting to cast out the foul spirit. As the man came into the room, and sat down with his family on the floor, something very strange happened to me. Until that moment, I had just been tagging along, observing and praying, as I had no experience whatsoever in this sort of warfare. I suddenly felt an amazing, tingling power pass into my body, from bottom to top. Everything and everyone in the room faded into sort of a background, and, as I slowly turned me eyes toward the possessed man on the floor, I set my gaze on his chest, and I was filled with a clear understanding of what the spirit was, and what was going to come to pass that evening. For the next 45 minutes, as the others in the room ministered and prayed, I spoke to the spirit in a relentless and quiet voice, rebuking it and prophesying, with an authority that was totally new to me. The spirit repeatedly brought contortions and various unhuman sounds and gesticulations from the man…”

    (later on same narrative)

    “Then it departed. The man relaxed, his face was filled with peace, he smiled, opened his eyes, and followed Billy in a wonderful prayer of repentance, redemption and praise to Jesus.”

    All due respect, but I smell baloney.

  2. Hope Epperson said

    listen fred with all do respect you are being rude and it is just not very nice to say such mean things about a talented talk-show-hoat. you should be proud that billy graham would go and be a wittness. something that you are not even doing. oh and by the way stu reads these comments!!!!!!!

  3. Fred said

    Bah! Humbug! Santa Claus isn’t real, either.

  4. Hope Epperson said

    i think that billy is doing a great jod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO BILLY!!!!!!!

  5. stu's #1 fan!!!!!!!! said

    i agree with Hope she is a very smart person and……
    GO BILLY!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fred said

    So you guys think the “exorcist” story is real?

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