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Do Christians & Muslims believe in the same God?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 25, 2008

 The “Muslim in the White House” Debate Continues: Usama Dakdok Pt. 2. His website is: www.thestraightway.org.

The initial debate rages on HERE. Below is a picture of Iasha’s brother-in-law, a friend of Stu’s.

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11 Responses to “Do Christians & Muslims believe in the same God?”

  1. Fred said

    FWIW, and to help debunk all the bunk we’ve heard from Stu and Company(really, Stu, how low can you sink?) here are a couple links for your edification:



    Hope this helps. I am pretty sure that it won’t. Does my cynicism disgust you?

  2. Jack said

    What Obama was in the past is fairly irrelevant to me. I form my opinions with a combination of three things.
    1. What people I respect say : Stu has built a certain degree of confidence and respect in my mind. FRED on the other hand….
    2. What has been written about a given subject: Obama is an agent of “CHANGE”? He wants to abandon our Troops, believes in the HOAX of global warming and is not only “pro-abortion” but voted in the Ill. Senate that if a child survives an abortion that child can still be killed on the table !?!?!
    3.What I see: He isn’t a Christian for sure with the above mentioned positions! I don’t know if islam is against abortion. They don’t have a problem strapping bombs to kids or killing kids ie.911.

  3. Kadesha, mihumad's wife said

    That Obama is a scary sort. Nevermind the rumors that are circulating. There are enough clips out there that are his own words condemning Scripture and supporting unBiblical thoughts.

    And, no Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God. The Christian God is the Living Lord Jesus Christ. The Islamic god is a black rock in Mecca that they dance around during their pilgrimage.

    Muhammad was a result of a feminist 1st wife that kept him on a short leash. When she died, the woman hating Jihadist was “birthed” forth from the wilderness with his “new” teaching concerning women, infidels, and himself, the supposed last of the great prophets 😦

  4. F. L. A. said


  5. Jack said

    F.L.A. I’m assuming you read my post, but I’ll restate
    1. What people I respect say: Senator Inhafe of OK. convinced me all the pro globe warming dupes have vested interests.(larger state control of it’s citizens).
    2. A book called the warming planet every 1500 years. and now that the sun has begun to have fewer sun spots our planet will cool down leads me to believe it’s the sun controlled by the Son.
    3. What I see: it’s kkkkcold out side haha

  6. Tripp said

    Hey, check this story out: http://www.thecrossnews.com/?p=70

  7. Chris C. said

    Hey Jack,

    I ‘believe’ in global warming. (Yes, I’m one of those dupes). You know what my vested interest is? The future of our civilization and plantet…imagine that.

    Your third point is, hopefully a joke. If not, it demonstrates a complete ignorance of ‘global warming’ which is now commonly referred to as ‘climate change’ since it causes floods and drough, cooling in some spots and warming in others…

  8. Maz Herman said

    The God of the Bible known to the Jew is Yaweh. The God of the Bible known to the Christian is exactly the same, except that we believe in His Son Yeshua who came to reveal His Father God and His love to us by dying on a cross and taking our sin in His own body there 2000 years ago.
    Allah was one of many gods until Mohammed (I think) decided to have just one special god and Islam became monotheistic.
    Allah is Not Yahweh.
    Allah according to the Koran had no son.
    Yahweh, as everyone knows DID, His name is Yeshua(Hebrew), or Jesus.

  9. Avion said

    I don’t think you should equate all Arabs and Moslems to the Taliban, 9/11 Hijackers and Alqaeda anymore than you should equate all European and American Christians to the Spanish inquasitioners, Salem Witch trial Judges, and the KKK. Of course this is the Opinion of an Atheist, who grew up going to church and has only had limited contact with Iranian Air Force Moslems, back when they were being trained in the USA, in the late 1970’s and an Egyptian Doctor in the USA more recently.

  10. Avion said

    However Barac Obama can be judged on his record, he has supported Abortion which is the killing of human life, which disporportionately is black Alan Keyes once said 13,000,000 but that was years ago so I am sure it is higher by now. He has supported Legislation to put up a fence on the Mexican Boarder, to keep Mexican outs, So I don’t think he care much for them either. He als wants to do away with Nafta which will also help ruin the Mexican economy and maybe our own as well.

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