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A Marketplace Ministry Warrior

Posted by truthtalklive on February 18, 2008

An interview with Jim Anthony of Anthony & Company www.aacre.com

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16 Responses to “A Marketplace Ministry Warrior”

  1. John said

    Wiccan Witches do “prayer walks” all the time, abet, from a Pagan perspective. We call it “magick”. We use Frankincense and White Sage in a censer much like the Catholics do.

  2. Garry Coltrane, Greensboro said

    I just caught a good portion of your program for today. I do have a couple of comments and a question or two. The comments are: A. It was another good program as always, although being pre-recorded, I did miss the caller interaction. However, I do realize that sometimes this is a “necessary evil”. In fact, if you would’ve been live, I could’ve asked my question to your guess directly. B. The other comment is that I enjoyed the subject matter. I’ve heard of this, praying and declaring Spiritual victory! on one’s property, in the Bible. One example that stands out is the Children of Israel and the walls of Jericho! We all know how that “one” turned out!
    The question that I’d like to relay to you to be passed on to your guess is: When walking around one’s property and declaring Spiritual victory, have they ever heard of anointing “parts”, “points”, of one’s property with oil? I know that it certainly wouldn’t “hurt”, don’t you?
    Be blessed, have agreat day in the Lord, and I’ll look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    Yours In Christ,
    Garry Coltrane

  3. Sid said

    I’m curious about the scripture reference for a ‘spritual walk’ around ones property. I may have missed the part during the discusion – could you please post that reference. May God continue to bless your show Stu.

  4. Joe said

    this is is sripturual, when we was having our home built we walked our property and praying and anointing the ground. thank you Mr.anthony for sharing your insight on this matter. to many in the body of Christ dismiss the things of God simply because they have’nt educated themselves or is stuck in they tradition on many matters like this that is bible based. and i thank you jim for not apologisting brother. God bless.

  5. Willie said

    I’m curious about the scripture reference for a ’spritual walk’ around ones property.

    It’s a form of magic. Like carrying a St. Christopher medallion. Wards off the evil spirits and such.

    And then we have:
    this is is sripturual, when we was having our home

    to many in the body of Christ dismiss the things of God simply because they have’nt educated themselves


    stuck in they tradition


  6. too far Christian said

    I didn’t get to hear the show, but from the comments made: I’d say using Old testament Scripture to justify a New Testament Christian’s worldly-ness is far fetched.

    Where in the New testament Scriptures are Christians told to “prayer walk your property and anoint the ground”? What is so hard about understanding “in the world, not of the world”?

    Like I said, I didn’t get to hear the show but the comments posted thus far give me cause for concern. Sounds like a “name it and claim it” word of faith junk.

  7. Sid said

    I can’t find any scripture reference nor has any been posted for ‘prayer walking’ your property for blessings or otherwise. Yes, you can pray while walking, pray while standing, pray with your eyes open, etc. but the way it was presented on the show sounded like there should be a Biblical source for the action. I’ll continue to pray in all aspects of my life, and for God’s will to be accomplished in my life. As for my property, God will take care of it whether I’m there or not. One take away – walking around my neighborhood and praying for my neighbors. God knows that I need to love them as commanded.

  8. Wayne said

    I would have to agree with those who have demanded chapter and verse on “prayer walking.” It is akin to those who say that we should pray against regional or territorial demons. While it is a great idea to pray for God’s will to be done in a place of business, a home, an investment one is considering, there is no need to “release” or “bind” any demons there, whichever is the appropriate action. There may be a few verses these people pull out to proof-text (Daniel for example), but to base a practice on these scattered, out of context passages is specious. Yes, it does seem like a bunch of name and claim magic because it is.

    Whomever called the Battle of Jericho a prayerwalk needs to read that account more closely. How ridiculous! The people were responding in faith to direct commands from God to march around the city. They were NOT prayerwalking when the walls suddenly fell. Let’s try to be a bit more responsible with our Bible exposition.

  9. Jim said

    The Biblical precedents for “prayer walking” or as Ed Silvoso calls it: “Prayer Evangelism”:
    Is Prayer Walking Property Biblical or is it a Sham?

    How do we know that “prayer walking” (the practice and exercise of the presence and power of God in our homes, businesses, schools, cities, streets, government buildings, etc.) is Biblical or even truthful for a follower of Jesus today? The answer comes quickly to us in the most cursory examination of the Word of God.

    1. One of the first times “Prayer Walking” is seen in the Bible is when Joshua is commanded to march around Jericho to take the city. His band of believers are to march, pray and worship, and then shout. They obeyed and God fulfilled His promise. The city was taken because they took the land in heaven and then on earth. What about your city? (read Joshua0

    2. God also says to Joshua: “Everywhere you set your foot will belong to you.” You must set your feet in HIS name to possess HIS land. We will never own it, but He has given us dominion over it.

    3. The march of Israel to reach the Promised land is, or was intended to be, a “prayer walk” to a geographically specific location defined by God. Do you know that God cares about specific geography and land? Do you? (rread Exodus)

    4. God led before Israel as a pillar of cloud in the day and fire at night as they walked. Therefore God loves to walk with and before us in His lands. Are you intentionally aware of him wherever you are, whether walking, runing, driving, boating, flying, swimming, etc.?

    5. God chose specific and forever holy places to deliver His Word and to speak to His leaders and people: the Garden of Eden, Jacob’s well, Mount Sinai, the Red Sea crossing, Golgotha, the manger in Bethlehem, the garden of Gethsemene, the Mount of Olives, the Upper Room, and so on. God annoints and appoints specific places for direction and blessing as well as for cursing. Are we looking for and reacting to these geographic spiritual realities in our cities, ignorant of them or pretending they do not exist?

    6. Jesus was called to prayer walk into the desert to be tested and do warfare as his first messianic spiritual journey. Who would dare say that He was not in prayer as He walked or that He was not walking while He prayed? His spiritual warfare on his walk in the desert deomonstrated the power of the weapons He has given us in the Spirit to defeat satan. Did Jesus say we are to walk powerlessly in the Earth? No, His weapons have been given to us as inheritors of His ministry. Sadly, few of His followers today understand or walk in His true strength.

    7. Jesus was very specific about the geography of the lands of His day, and He strategically chose every place for all that He did and said. Jesus was literally prayer walking, as were Paul and the apostles, during most of their waking hours. They prayed at all times in the Spirit just as we are commanded to do by Paul and they saw satan fall like lightning because they exercised their authority in Christ. Because it is the twenty-first and not the first century, are we to do less than they? Sadly there are many followers today who do not know that the power of God that was in the apostles is just as available to us today to do even greater works.

    8. The Temple was specifically located and designed by God down to minute details, affirming forever His interest in the specific lands and buildings of the Earth. Do we care about the history of our land and buildings and act accordingly? Do you believe there was or is any significance to the details given by God to the design of the temple? If so, what about the details of your home or place of work? Does He not care about those details because they are “secular” or 2000 years too late to matter?

    9. According to the Word of God, both the sins and the blessings of our forefathers are and will be visited upon our lands, indicating spiritual curse and blessing exists both in heaven and on earth from human activities on earth. Have we no responsibility to deal with these realities, or do you think all the spiritual activity we see in the scriptures stopped at Saint John’s death? That idea is no where in the Bible. An even more important question is this: Are we our brother’s keeper? God’s answer is an unequivocal “yes”, therefore we have no choice but to seek out and respond to the blessings and curses that affect our brothers and sisters around us. To do so is to “prayer walk” while not to do so is sin.

    10. God says that humility, repentance and prayer are the only ways to heal land (real estate). Therefore according to God, land can be sick and require healing, and as His children we are destined in Him to be healers of the Land. Is it OK to let the land remain sick, or to say we can do nothing about our sin-sick land? If you do not believe in the power of God, then you have no choice but to surrender to sin. However, if you believe, you have no choice but to advance His healing grace in the earth. Walking in prayer is actively participating in advancing His healing and His Kingdom, and tearing down the gates of hell: nothing more and nothing less.

    11. “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Do we understand the profound implications of our stewardship of ALL that is in the earth, and that we own nothing? For if we do, then we have no choice but to commit our land and buildings to the Owner. and dethrone the imposter. That is why it is called real estate: Because it is REALLY HIS state.

    12. If you believe the Word of God, then you must believe in the enemy of God who is also our enemy. You must know that there are physical places of evil in the Earth that must be cleansed. Take Sodom and Gomorrah as examples. But did you know that wherever and whenever we see bloodshed today, from our neighborhoods to entire nations, evil is at work and so is God? His stewards are authorized and commanded to care for His earth, yet most of His followers today in America do little if anything to care for what is His. We talk about end-times in the church but we forget that there is a specific place where the final conflict will occur: Meggido Valley or Armageddon. The day is fast approaching when the armies will “prayer walk” there. Some will be praying to the victorious Lamb of God, some to the anti-christ. Are we asleep or are we preparing?

    With all the rich Biblical scripture and tradition of walking the land and buildings of the earth in the prayers and power of the Holy Spirit, why is the body of Christ in the West so oblivious to this powerful tool to advance the Kingdom of God? The answer lies in our defective attitude towards and deficient knowledge of the supernatural or spiritual world. The body of Christ in the “non-enlightened” world, that is those areas of the world not overwhelmed by the European Enlightenment, have minimal issues in understanding the spiritual realities that elude us in the West.

    Brethren: This topic is nothing new and it is not extra-Biblical. For too long we have thought of prayer as a sendentary and defensive activity, but we have been wrong! Prayer is an actively offensive combat discipline, and it is time for us in the Church in America to recover the weapons of our warfare that are truly effective and mighty for the destruction of the strongholds that oppose the Kingdom of God. Now is the time to recover an authentic Biblical understanding of the heavens and the earth. Prayer walking, flying, driving, running, riding, boating, swimming, dancing, roller blading, skiing, crawling, or prayer movement of any kind is not only Biblical, it is necessary to heal our lands and to see the hand of God in our lives.

    Get ready to exalt the King because when you start wielding your weapons, the enemy must flee. Like Moses with his arms held high by Aaron in battle, you will see and experience the victory of our King as never before. So prayer walk your home and decontaminate and detoxify the land. Prayer walk your workplace and cast down the principalities and powers of the air. Prayer walk your schools and hospitals and declare that the Kingdom of God has arrived. Prayer walk your government buildings and courthouses and welcome the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to His rightful rule. Prayer walk your City and the neighborhoods where evil is manifesting itself and bind it up and cast it out. Prayer walk your jails and prisons and set the captives free, and to learn how to prayer walk effectively, read Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso. Also read the document we distribute called: “Prayer Walking and Healing the Land” which will be posted for download at http://www.transformationnc.com .
    You can also view a video on Guerilla Spiritual Warfare Tactics there.

    May God bless you richly as you join this historic and restorative latter day move of God; and may you walk out your faith with new purpose and power, in Jesus name.

  10. Jim said

    By the way, using oil and stakes has Biblical precedent as well. Just like any other sacramental activity, such as baptism, communion, healing, sealing a marriage, being ordained, receiving the laying on of hands, using il and stakes in the ground are outward manifestaions of an nward reality. These earthly actions increase the focus and the strength of what we do in the heavens and on earth. Annointing with oil and marking the boundaries are actions that are both prophetic and Biblical in content and character.

  11. too far Christian said

    Jim #9 & #10,

    I’m still waiting for N.T., epistle verses specifically, to back up all that you said…………………..

    I believe there is a great issue regarding Biblical context and interpretation concerning your understanding of this physical earth and prayer.

    No one has said that prayer is not important in the Christian life. It absolutely is. What I am saying is that this “name it and claim it/word of faith” type mentality is unBiblical. We are heavenly and our home is above. Our battle is against the spiritual. Our weapons are spiritual. This earth will be burnt up and all that is in it.

    Prayer walking should be for souls alone. Not buildings, cars and land. Materialism will be one of the causes of defeat in the American Church.

  12. Jim said

    Where did I say anything about name it and claim it? In fact I am saying, “Name it and DISclaim it…. it is NOT YOURS! It is His!” Please do not misread or hear me.

    The attitude that “the earth will burn” is the central defect in your theology of of many American evangelicals today. This was not the attitude of the puritans, or the Christian founders of our nation. Folks like you are looking to heaven when Jesus called us to look to here and now, where the Kingdom of God has come. The Gospel of the Kingdom is about God’s rule and reign here and now, wherever we are, as well as in the heavens for eternity.
    Jesus said: “I came to seek and to save THAT which was lost.” He did NOT say: I came to save lost people or souls. We are to participate in His redemption of ALL that was lost. That is the totality of the material universe.

    All the points made above come right out of the Word. I hope you will take time to read it for these truths. For when you see this, the world is forever changed for you.

  13. Doug said

    Thanks for standing tall Jim. We have seen manifestations of His presence as we have prayer walked Millbrook HS in Raleigh. How else could you explain why a female student living in “torment” (lesbian lifestyle) would come up to my son (who she really didn’t know)during the middle of first period last year and “confess her sin” and then receive prayer in the middle of class. Later the same girl asked if my son would lead a prayer for the class (during the middle of class) in which the entire student body participated. The presence was so tangible the teacher began to weep. He and others had been prayer walking the campus for about a year, praying every morning and anointing the rooms with oil.

  14. Chad said

    Jim: Excellent material, material I will file away for future use. In addition to the examples you gave, Mark 5:10 has always intrigued me. Demons, knowing they are about to be cast out of a man, beg Jesus not to send them out of the “area (NIV)” or “country (ESV).” Evidently they had been Satanically assigned to a specific region (much as the “Prince of Persia” in Daniel), and did not want to leave their assigned place. If demonic entities recognize the importance of geography in the spirit-realm, the church must at least be aware of this principle as well.

    Thanks for passing this on

  15. too far Christian said


    Please read the epistles, particularly Paul’s letters to the churches. You are misapplying O.T. teachings to N.T. Christians.

    Missionaries go out to preach the gospel to those whom Christ died for. The Scriptures are clear in that this present earth will be burnt up and the New Heaven and New Earth will be where His bride will dwell.

    Prayer is very vital and important in the believers life. Yet, is annointing the ground to cast out demons Biblical? Seems a little mystical and new age/Roman Catholic to me. Just like the “word of faith” people praying to the devil “Devil, I got you under my feet. You are weak. Get on outa here. You cain’t touch me. In Jesus’ name.”

    Facing the Giants gave a great example of prayer walking. The preacher prayer walked the school lockers, not for God to protect the books but for God to save the children.

  16. Maz Herman said

    I use to walk passed a hall where Spiritualists met and prayed for it to close. It did soon after. Theres a new hall there now where a Christian Fellowship meet.
    Now I walk by the local Porn shop and pray it closed. Watch this space!

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