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A Journey to Africa

Posted by truthtalklive on February 14, 2008

What can the American Church learn from our Christian brothers in Africa.

Today’s guest is Bishop Trevor Manhanga from New Directions International (www.newdirections.org) discussing the Political and Spiritual Climate in Zimbabwe.

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6 Responses to “A Journey to Africa”

  1. Dave S said

    I find it hard to believe that Truth Talk would have a person on that suports Prime Minister Mugabe of Zimbabwe in anyway.

    Mugabe is a despot dictator in all ways, his free elections next month are shams. Opposition leaders and their families are threatened and beaten up for speaking out in any way.

    Mugabe has turned Zimbabwe from a prosperous country to a 4th world country with 2000% inflation and from a net food exporter to a country that can not come close to feeding itself.

    To have this bishop on without delving into these problems and challenging him on his support of Mugabe is also a sham, and has reduced my opinon of the host and the show.

    This in conjunction with the ridiculous show the day before cliaming theat Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim and again hardly challenging the guest on his views shows exactly where right wing Christian radio is.

  2. rightWing said


    U can always listen to another station.

    I didn’t get to hear yesterday’s show, but I did listen to the show on Barak Obama. Anyone who knows anything about Islam should be able to understand that the guest was speaking truth.

    And as a Christian, I wouldn’t vote for Obama regardless of him professing faith in Allah or Jesus Christ. I believe his policies are unBiblical and antiChristian. Thus, I can’t support the man based on his policies alone. Being a closet Muslim just puts the “icing on the cake” so to speak.

  3. Brad said


    Bishop Trevor was actually speaking at our church last night. He mentioned that what the outside world sees of Mugabe is only what the media wants you to see. Bishop Trevor said he has personally been in Mugabe’s office and prayed with and for him. I’m not saying Mugabe is a saint – I’m saying I don’t know enough to definitively say anything, and that if I were to base my opinion solely on the media, I wouldn’t be using ALL sources to base my opinion on.

    Your opinion of Bishop Trevor, Stu or the TTL show is hopefully not influenced by this one particular show, which didn’t go the way you wish it would. Please do some furthe research into not only this topic, but the show and Stu himself, and I think you will find that it is a good quality show bringing current topics to life.

  4. F. L. A. said


  5. too far Christian said

    There is a Christian praise song that goes “to see You high and lifted up”.

    Sadly, so many Church leaders think this chorus is being sung to them: Bishop, Reverend, Father, Apostle, Pastor, Elder, Pope, etc.

    Everybody wants to be somebody. Yet, Scripturally speaking, Christians only go by ONE title. That of the name of their Lord and Saviour.

  6. John said

    So is Trevor a Catholic or not? Because if he is, we are confused by the support he has received from Stu and Brad, as in the past on other sites here they have promoted the view that Catholics were not Christians at all, just a Christian-like mega-cult, similar to the same view they have of the Mormons.Have they changed their minds?
    Your thoughts on this?

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