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A Muslim in the White House?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 13, 2008

Today’s guest Usama Dakdok www.thestraightway.org. Is Barack Obama a Muslim? Our guest says yes. What do you think?

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125 Responses to “A Muslim in the White House?”

  1. Tim said

    Well, I still don’t think he’s Muslim.

    But my big question is why is it a big deal if he is? I’m not planning on voting for him, but it’s because of his policies–not his religion. And I think that’s the way it should be.

  2. jane said

    For Tim who doesnt care if he is a muslim. Take a look at any country with a muslim leader, do you want to live under islam? wake up!!!

  3. becky said

    Read on Obama

  4. becky said

    On the 2nd, in classic Marxist tradition, ”Obama’s Kenyan 1st cousin”, Raila Odinga, accusing President Mwai Kibaki of stealing the Dec. 27 election, rallied his Luo followers in western Kenya, demanding a new election.
    Kibaki “must step down or there must be a re-election — in this I will not be compromised. You cannot steal my cow, and I catch you red-handed, and then expect me to share the milk because the cow is mine.”
    More than 1,000 people, mostly Kikuyu Christians, have been killed and 300,000 forced from their homes by Odinga’s followers

  5. kim said

    When Obama refuses to wear a flag pin, and even at one time, not place his hand over his heart during the national anthem is disturbing. Is this some hidden sign of the true feelings in his heart about America? Do Muslims tend to act this way in other countries? A possible future US President should never be so bold as to dismiss the American flag at any time. Especially when so many have died for it, and for what it represents.

  6. Lisa said

    I Believe everything that brother dakdok is
    speaking about. whether barrack is a muslim
    or not, can’t say,but there is something very
    strange about him and its in my spirit.
    Christians need to wake up and ask God for
    discernment. also he’s so right. There is only
    one way to the Father and thats through Jesus.

  7. Lynnae said

    Mr. Dakdok, thank you sir. I agree with you 100%.
    Finally, someone brave enough to stand up and speak the truth.
    The West needs to wake up before it is too late. I have done extensive research into Islam and into the past and present of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. We have hardly touched the tip of the iceberg on this radio show. I hope you will be asked to speak again. God Bless you Sir, and God Bless America.

    Here are some web sites to give the listeners some food for thought about Mr. Obama.

  8. Tim said

    Just because a leader may be Mustlim, thankfully for the Constitution, the government is still *by the people and for the people.* The system of checks and balances between the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, will prevent any president who means to do harm from doing so.

    A Muslim leader does not mean a nation will become Islam. I’m as much against the religion of Islam as anyone else, but I just think we should look a little bit further at the candidate than just his religion. As Christians I think we would be incredibly offended (and are when this happens) if it were turned the other way around. I’m voting along policies and values, and it’s good to regard religion, I’m not basing my decision on that fact alone.

    I’m a proud American, but there’s no written rule about putting your hand on your heart during the national anthem. I don’t do it every time.

    I just think we’re being FAR too sensational when we suggest that Obama being president would destroy Western society and turn America into a Muslim nation. I believe too strongly in our people and our Constitution that I believe both would not allow that to happen.

  9. Jason said

    To Tim, in the 1st post, I want to say that it DOES matter when it comes to possibly having a Muslim in the White House. The point that Usama Dakdok was trying to make on the radio on “Truth Talk Live” today was that Obama is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, a very liberal denomination, whose pastor has made racist statements against white people, and, as Usama said, has condoned Louis Farrahkahn of the Nation of Islam.

    I am NOT singling out, nor picking on, Muslims, but the Koran, and the Hadith, which are writings of Mohamed, CLEARLY state to use violence against “infidels,” (that would be Jews, Christians, and anyone else who is NOT a Muslim). If you ask a Muslim about that though, they will tell you that it means something different, and because you do NOT speak Arabic, you cannot fully understand the “true” meaning of Koran passages. Muslims also believe that it is okay to lie to an infidel, which is why they’ll tell you that the Koran does NOT say that it is okay to kill “infidels.”

    That is also why, IF (and I don’t know the man’s heart) Obama is really NOT a born-again Christian, then he could possibly be using a very liberal, pluralistic denomination, such as Trinity United Church of Christ, to subtly get his way into the highest office in the land, and use it for his own Islamic purposes, such as subtly imposing Shariya law. Part of Islam, part of the “jihad” or struggle against other religions, is that if Muslims CANNOT take over overtly, through violence, etc., then they will take over subtly, to bring forth Allah’s will and impose Shariya law. Ask anyone who live in Dearborn, Michigan how, due to a large local Arab Muslim population, certain Muslims there have been elected to school board, town council, etc. and are slowly using the democratic process to oppress anyone who’s NOT a Muslim, and try to institute Shariya law, at least locally.

  10. allah allah akbar said

    “The system of checks and balances between the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, will prevent any president who means to do harm from doing so.”

    It is sad that a Christian actually believes the above statement to be true 😦

    Especially since even these three branches of our government have done this great nation great harm.

    Like the guest said, go to England and see how Islam is working there. What England was 100yrs ago is what the USA is now. What England is today is what America will be in less than 20yrs. No, not a prediction but my humble opinion 🙂

  11. This speaker is right on with correct information. More Americans need to wake up and investigate Barak’s background info, including the Muslim faith. Are we so ignorant to be persuaded by dynamic personality? The church needs to rise above the cultural disillusionment of the Muslim belief, and know that they really do have an agenda to silence the Christians. take over the world, and to persecute and kill those who proclaim Christ as Lord and Saviour.

  12. becky said

    Tim, maybe you should read on islam, not just the constitution, you will find out islam is opposed to the constitution. Kenya is being torn apart by Obamas family(brother Roy and cousin Odinga) today! The USA is no different to them, its a place to conquer for Allah

  13. MR said

    A Muslim in the White House …

    Well, to answer this I must first give a bit of an intro …

    I am a Messianic Jew and I am firmly committed to the Nation of Israel. G-d told Abraham I will bless those that bless you (i.e. meaning Israel both collectively as a nation and the Jewish people worldwide) and I will CURSE those who curse you …

    Although it would be hard to argue that Barak Obama is an active Muslim, the fact remains that he was raised in an Islamic home and the far reaching influences are there. He was even named Barak HUSSEIN Obama after none other than Sadam Hussein by his father and even his political alliances and speech as a politician and public figure has leaned towards an Islamic worldview … soft on terrorism (you see how he wants to end the war the minute he takes office).

    I just discussed this matter with a friend last night and we both fear that if elected there will not be a direct influx of terrorism in the west but there will be a greater desensitization toward Islamic extremism and sharia law. Expect an influx of Islamic influences in the US and where some of you might thin … hmmmm where the harm in that, well is first look at the social and political landscape of Britain and France …. They are becoming Muslim countries. Even in France it has become such a dangerous place that almost all Jewish communities have been forced into hiding our out of the country. Whether a swastika or a Qur’an – when it comes to this extremism there will be no difference and right under our noses this will happen all because we are stupid and naive.

    In conclusion one has to also ask how such a president will treat the Nation of Israel. He would be nothing short of a pansy to the Islamic world and the horrors against Israel and the Jewish world would increase and all the while the ultra liberal pro-Islamic President of the U.S. and his hand picked cabinet would turn a blind eye …

    So yea – Obama in the White House – that would be the day I seriously consider making Aliyah and move to Jerusalem all together.

  14. Rae said

    Thank you so much for having Usama speak. We need to hear him again and again for he exposes Islam with truth and love for the muslims who are being led to hell with believing islam is the truth and right path. All anyone has to do is read the koran and learn the history of what Islam has done to the middleastern Christians and Jews for over a thousand years.

    God bless Usama who puts his life on the line with truth and without fear of islam who more often than not finds ways to quiet the brave souls that speak openly and honestly about this evil.

    Any evil ideology that has a self proclaimed prophet saying to the muslims that if they leave Islam they will be killed is an absolute sign that this belief system is from the Devil himself.

    Enjoyed the show so very much. We need to wake up America.. Please have Usama back soon.

    Thank you.

  15. I am saddened by the ignorance of Americans concerning our Constitution. The Constitution is not separate from the Declaration, this is made clear in the subscription clause! The purpose of the Constitution was to “form a more perfect union” by replacing the Articles of the Confederation. In other words The Declaration has always been the Charter of the United States, the statement of who we are… what we believe! Both the Articles of the Confederation and the Constitution, which replaced the articles, are the Bylaws or the way we live out the truths we hold to be self evident! There is no question that America was founded on Christian views of how a society could live based on the Bible!! Any builder goes off a blue print when he is building. George Washington said “it is not possible to properly govern without God and the Bible!” William Penn said “It is better to have Godly men in power than Godly rules written down because the men who are in power control how the rules are actually enforced.” Our leaders decisions do effect our lives! To have someone as the leader of our country not honor our founding beliefs is nothing less than a treasonous traitor! No matter how wonderful they appear or sound! We have been blessed to have had a history of Presidents who have not been afraid to defend our founding fathers beliefs including President Bush! Let the atheists say what they may, wherever their beliefs have been put into practice, fear, death, and atrocities have been the norm not the exception! America has enjoyed freedom and peace as a whole because of the foundational beliefs represented in the Declaration and Constitution. It is these beliefs that are the test of who should lead us. Not a persons color, gender, speech or how much money they posses. We the people are the ones to choose who will lead us into the Future. History has shown us what works and what does not…God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. I must address the issue of no religious test in the Constitution. This is because there was already such test in the state constitutions and not because the founders wanted a secular, never mention God or Jesus Christ government! In the Declaration they appealed to the Supreme Judge of the Universe and ended the Constitution with In the year of Our LORD! Their actions and words before, during, and after these documents bring clarity as to their intent and purpose. A wise man builds upon the rock, a foolish one upon the sand. Americas house has stood through many storms because of that rock foundation…

  16. WW said

    I heard he might be black too.

  17. Kevin said

    If what Islam really believes is a mystery to you, then go to the source and read what Muhammad said and did at http://www.prophetofdoom.net

  18. John said

    Is that important for some reason, WW ?

  19. Chris C. said

    Willie (WW) can you form a reasonable response to what Virgil said? I don’t know where to start…

    He managed to write an entire paragrah (quite a long one, at that) containing every drop of revisionist, fudamentalist history out there.

    Is there anyone here who doesn’t think there is any legitamy to this Barack stuff? I was a Kucinich supporter myself, but will vote for either Barack or Hillary. At any rate, if he really does have the potential to do so much damage to our country, and really does have such an evil agenda, why isn’t it more obvious to, oh I dont know, the ENTIRE news media? I mean not one soul from Keith Olbermann to Rush Limbaugh has brought this stuff up. Perhaps becuase its lacks credibility?

  20. Lucy said

    If Osama Hussein Obama has nothing to hide he should have the courage to stand up like mitt Romney and explained his faith. We as Americans, and for the love of our country we can’t elect a Muslim in the white house; they told us they seek our destruction. We can’t gamble away our freedom. He belongs to a church who thinks that farackane is great man, the leader of The Nation of Islam and hater of all races.

  21. Chris C. said


    All muslims do not hate America. Only a small portion of fundamentalists. Sort of like all Christians are not afraid of muslims. Only a small portion…

    That said, Mr. Obama is not a muslim.

    Re: Romney — Mitt said that freedom and religion were inseperable. This is as affront to any non-religious person in the nation. He is wrong. Probably should have left that speech in the bag if he ever wanted a skeptic’s vote.

  22. Lucy said


    Wake up, Islam is not a religion; Islam is a way of life, like a cult there way is the only way and no one else deserve the freedom to choose. I love my country too much to gamble with her future. Obama is a gamble that no American should take. I believe he is a Muslim at heart.

  23. Joe said

    Obama belongs to a very liberal church, if you want to call it a church. Let me say this. the christian community need to wake up. When you have a denomenation ordaining homosexuals as bishops and not speaking out because of being affaid of offending someone or even asking Obama about his faith in G-d or lack of it. there’s a spiritual warfare that’s going on. Jesus said that he was and that we will be hated for standing up for his word and rightousness. there’s just no way that a true christian should vote for Hillary or Obama, these people full of darkness. and I thank you Mr. Dakdok for your insight and knowledge on this matter. wake-up america how long will you sleep; your enemy is among you.

  24. Willie said

    Willie (WW) can you form a reasonable response to what Virgil said? I don’t know where to start…

    I’d like to but it just isn’t worth the time. As you’ve probably noticed the people here are mostly ignorant peasants, with a very low opinion of Aristotelian logic.

  25. Anonymous said

    Slick Willie
    You have a very high opinion of yourself, and quite hateful of others. I pray that you will be humbled off of your high horse someday soon. It will happen.. I hope you are not hardened to the point that it’s too late. For your souls sake. I encourage you to ask yourself why Jesus is so offensive to you. You are a very sad, poor pitiful soul.

  26. Mike S said

    If we are such ignorant peasants, what are ya doing here? Slummin’? Or just trying to stir up as much as you can with your extreme fundamentalist atheism?

  27. Babs said

    Thank you for having Usama speak, finally someone is speaking out on Barack Hussein Obama. People need to educated themselves about islam and the Quran. The Qur’an calls on Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims 2:191, 2:193, 4:66, 4:84, 5:33, 8:12, 8:15-18, 8:39, 8:59-60, 8:65, 9:2-3, 9:5, 9:14, 9:29, 9:39, 9:73, 9:111, 9:123, 25:52, 37:22-23, 47:4-5, 48:29, 69:30-37,these surahs tell to wage war against the non-believers thats anyone that is not islamic.
    Why has Barack Hussein Obama dropped the Hussein from his name? Seems he has something to hide. Usama was on the money exposing this wolf in sheeps clothing. Please have him back would love to here this man again. God Bless him

  28. Bernadette said

    I was horrified to hear the actual tape of Obama laughing and ridiculing scripture.

    And I was also surprised to hear people calling in (obviously listen to Truth Talk Live) who defended him…kind of makes me realize that the sheep and the goats are on the verge of being sorted…all part of what’s to come.

    I love you program!!!

  29. Arash said

    very informative. Please bring Usama back to studio, we need to know more about Obama and Islam

  30. Chris C. said

    How many of you all use your middle name commonly? Or full name? Such as Richard John Smith. No one does this. Maybe thats why he doesn’t use it.

    I’ve got a notion that he probably doesn’t use it because of the ignorance of so many Americans who would judge a man based solely on his name. If your middle name was Hitler, would you use it all the time in public?

  31. Chris C. said

    I think Willie was speaking in hyperbole with that last comment. Anyways, I dont know if Willie would consider himself a ‘fundamentalist’ atheist. I know I dont consider myself one. Fundamentalist entails a refusal to change one’s beliefs regardless of evidence. I shift my opinions on things all the time. Unlike SOME (not all) of the people who post on here. They hae freely stated that Bible is the only reliable source of truth and that nothing can change their minds on this.

  32. Tripp said

    There’s another site posting these links too. One comment has a link to a Jewish group supporting Obama.


  33. Mike S said

    “Fundamentalist entails a refusal to change one’s beliefs regardless of evidence”

    I think the term “Fundamentalist” has evolved into something negative in our culture. The term and it’s base root is “the basics”. Who was it, Lou Holtz, who gave the fundamentals at Notre Dame after losing badly, He said something like “Gentlemen we are going to go back to the basics, this is a football.”

    ” ‘Fundamentalism’ … appears to have been used first in connexion with the (American) Northern Baptist Convention of 1920 to describe the more conservative delegates who desired ‘to restate, reaffirm, and reemphasize the fundamentals of our New Testament faith.’ … Now ‘Fundamentalism’ … appears to describe the bigoted rejection of all Biblical criticism, a mechanical view of inspiration and an excessively literalist interpretation of scripture.” “London Times”

    Chris, I think I speak for all “born again” Christians by sharing that the reason we are so absoluely convinced is because of the amazing change in our hearts and lives that is perfectly and precisely explained in the Bible. If you’re interested, here is my personal change that happened at age 38 as a very successful construction executive:

    Evidence for faith. I possess a NEW nature that I did not have before I believed/trusted Christ.
     I had a very dull and hard conscience. In business, I was totally in it for success. I did not hesitate at twisting the truth in order to gain advantage in negotiations. I was a master at justifying myself for the almighty dollar. I felt little or no remorse or guilt when lying or cheating to gain an advantage. Hey that’s just the way the “World” teaches us!! Romans 2:5, Colossians 1:21
     Starting at 13 years old I was convinced that “sex, drugs and rock and roll” were a vital part of my bid for happiness in life, and lived my life in such a pursuit. Ecclesiastes 2:1-3,
     Although I “thought” I was a Christian (Odd huh given the lack of fruit in my life?), I prayed (usually when things got difficult) and read the Bible, yet I had a severe lack of understanding of what I read in the Bible. It was “hard to understand”. I had alot of doubt about what I read. Also, I had a belief that if I did more good than bad in the end, God would forgive me. 1 Corinthians 1:18 & 2:14, Ephesians 4:18-19
     I was convinced of the relativistic thought process at least spiritually. Believed that there were “many ways” to get to God. Matthew 7:13

     My life, purposes, desires and understanding of life exploded into an amazing wealth of understanding, peace, joy, hunger and thirst for more of God. John 14:26-27, 16:13-14, Psalm 63,
     I began to experience conviction in my life regarding the way I was doing business and living my life. God began to change my heart, He gave me a strong desire and ability (through the Holy Spirit) to turn and repent from those ways. Romans 6:6-7, Ezekiel 36:26
     He took away my alcohol addiction in an instant. 1 Peter 4:1-3 I would go out with friends and after a couple of beers, He took away my taste for it. I would stop and they would say “what’s up with you?” I told them why and one of them, Doug, started to quiz me constantly and was perplexed with my new found faith and life change. After 6 years of witnessing the change in my life and searching for truth for himself, ultimately trusted Christ and was also “born again”, more about his change below.
     I used to be steeped in pornography and saw nothing wrong with it but God changed my heart. While I still struggle some with lustful temptations, I praise God for battle going on within me because it is proof of the Holy Spirit in my heart and life. Colossian 1:21-22,
     God has given me such a strong thirst and hunger for righteousness. Although sometimes I get confused and forget “whose righteousness” that I have, (HIS, not mine). Philippians 3:9, yet “His Spirit that is in me is greater that the one in the world” 1 John 4:4, Matthew 5:6
     He has also given me a strong and growing desire for more of His Word. Deuteronomy 8:3, Psalm 19, 2 Peter 1:19

  34. Former Fundie Willie said

    This proves exactly nothing.

  35. Tripp said

    yep – here they come


  36. childofGod said

    i see that Usama Dakdok, loves the Moslems, hes telling the truth about Islam and its teachings. think about it, ask a moslem how can he/she obtain salvation, and the answer is,?????????, i wont to know from the quran.

  37. alan said

    Usama Dakdok,touched on something very important.
    Obamas church gives Luis Farrakhan a man of the year award…hard to imagine giving Farrakhan an award …acording to the bible , Farrakhan is antichrist.
    And to Chris C who stated not all muslims are bad people…Chris only 15% are extremeist…well thats only 175 million terrorist.
    Chris when you get all the details on these people and can point them out to us…please let us know…I”ll feel so much better…rofl…Please ask Usama Dakdok back on the show…

  38. Anonymous said

    Thank you for being courageous enough to allow this wonderful knowledgable man to present the real truth of obama, not the political rheutoric and correctiveness that the american public is dished out. Any one who will not pledge allegiance to the flag that millions of people died for…that represents americans liberty and freedoms…i question their credability and their beliefs. We need to hear from people like this guest speaker and less from the liberals out there who want to dress up obama as a christian and a patriotic american.. God bless this speaker for speaking up and out
    about who obama really is in his heart.

  39. Chris C. said

    Hey Alan,

    I’m not sure where you get that figure (I’m not saying it is wrong, just don’t know where it come from). If there really are 175 million ‘terrorists’ from the muslim faith that means almost 1 out of every 5 muslims you meet is an extremist/terrorist. Why then are we not being attacked and murdered ruthlessly?

    I ask again, if the ‘truth’ about Obama is so obvious and so damning, why is it not being used against him by the Clintons as a political tool? Why has no political personality(conservative, moderate, or liberal) brought this horrible issue up on television or radio? The answer is because it is bogus.

  40. Lynn said

    I heard the talk this morning and Barack will not be getting my vote…because of the compelling statements made by Usama. I woke up to the what he said about -When has a Muslim quoted any scripture to anyone…I’ve never heard it..yet the Muslim is always praying saying the same things..God does not want us using the same words all the time. And I am so not for anyone who does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Not just a prophet but the Lord our Savior.Mohammed was a prophet but he can’t save nothing ..ONLY Jesus can save. Usama made a point hit hard when he quoted from the koran saying that christians and jews were infidels? and that the muslim was to destroy them ..it soung like hate to me and I cannot support that…Cult church NO way and passing a hate crime bill and abortion rights NO WAY ..If that is what Barack is about and I still have to seek my own fact of knowledge, I am voting for someone else, even though I do not trust politicians at all, we have to pray that the head of this Nation make righteous decisions, whoever that is going to be.

  41. JM said

    I thank God for Usama Dakdok and the ministry that God has given him. A lot of times, what God has brought us out of has direct connection with the purpose God has for us. Contiue to reach muslims for Christ!

    With the Obama issue, I have looked at both sides and have seen very convincing evidence that cancels out eachother. I’ve listened to sermons and testimonials from those at Trinity United Church of Christ and do feel that the teachings i’ve heard were biblical and the testimonies were honest. I’ve also read emails and listened to radiobroadcasts that say that Barrack is a muslim.

    Ultimately the only way we can truly know a person is by looking at their heart and only God has that ability. However we can look at the fruit that he produces. What are the fruit? Well, the fruits of the spirit: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, faith, meekness and temperance. Then there are the fruits of the flesh: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, and revellings(Gal 5:19-21). Make your own discernments but make sure their biblical discernments. Also, focus on the man himself, “Barack Obama”, not anyone else. He makes his own decisions his family nor the people he associates with makes decisions for him.

    Remember, Jesus came not to condemn us but to save us, rather the word(Holy Bible) condemns us when we are in error (John 12:47); therefore, we should not condemn another, what makes us better then Christ? The word condemns not man. My discernment comes from the word as I read, I pray that yours does also.

    I am not convinced that Barack Obama is a muslim and because he said he is Christian I definitely will not just cast him away because of a possible conspiracy or maybe just opinion. I will just pray for him. Unless God leads me otherwise I will still consider him for president. God does want us to help the least of these, that’s what Barack wants to do.

    If there is a better leader, in my opinion, than I will vote for that better leader hands down.

  42. wm said

    I may have misunderstood Usama Dakdok, but I thought I heard him say that ‘once a muslim, always a muslim’. Forgive me if I did misunderstand, but my question is, if that is true of Obama, what about himself?
    Personally, I will not vote for Obama. I would like to hear Usama Dakdok on the program again.

  43. Rae said

    My goodness,

    If someone says they, are Christian it doesnt make them a Christian. If you study Islam you will realize that a muslim that becomes Christian is considered an apostate. Apostates are killed according to Islamic law. If Obama was muslim and now is Christian, he would not be given a hero,s welcome in his muslim village in Kenya where he was a muslim. If he were Christian, his life would be in danger and Muslims in America would not be endorcing him.

    Please have Usama back so he can make these things clear to the American people who havent a clue about what being a Muslim actually means and how all muslims are taught that America is the enemy. The West is the enemy and their Allah commands them to hate and kill all non believers. (Christians and Jews)

    Usama brings a loving side to all of this because he loves all Muslims as a Christian man who is Pastor. He exposes Islam with facts and comparrisons of the bible and koran. America needs to hear more from Usama…Please have him back soon. God bless this wonderful radio program.


  44. Lisa said

    I would like to say Amen to Joe wake up America and especially christians.

  45. God_iswatchingus said

    In response to Tim’s post, I would just like to comment that a persons religion is an issue, especially when that religion teaches the intolerance of other religions..
    Islam according to the teachings of the kuran is very clear of how it regards jewish christian and even athiestic beliefs.
    As such I am very concerned..if someone has been taught these teachings half their life, and wants to be the leader of the free world. Everyone is entitled to their religious perspective, but again to reiterate, one should be extremely concerned when someone has such extensive islamic background as obama has, what their perceptions are : concerning Israel, the middle east, jews, zionism, etc.

  46. God_iswatchingus said

    In response to WM’s comment, insofar as I know..this guest speaker..has NEVER ever been a muslim or trained in islamic schools…However obama has been.
    There are indeed muslims who leave islam..such as the ex terrorists kamal saleem and walid shobat..which any of the viewers may read about on google, if they do a word search on these two fantastic gentlemen.
    However this is the exceptional exception to the rule
    and unfortunately..the brainwashing of islam, most especially when living in an islamic society, is quite a stranglehold on ones mind. Again, usama, has never been according to his beliefs, a muslim practicing or not. So how one arrives at that false conclusion he may still be a muslim is ridiculous.

  47. God_iswatchingus said

    In response to Tims post on not placing his hand over his heart every time..the pledge of allegiance is recited.
    Let me lovingly inform this person..that the President of the United States of America…is also THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES.
    Having said that…I think most of the wonderful people who put their lives on the line so I can enjoy my personal freedoms of this wonderful country, would be devastated to have their ‘president’ stand before them, looking vacantly into space and refusing to pledge his commitment to the flag that represents hope for the free world.
    It is of course obamas right NOT to do so…because people died to give him that right
    Ironic isnt it?
    However this american wont vote for someone who shows such APATHY , PASSIVITY, AND INSENSITIVITY, to those of the armed forces of the usa.

  48. God_iswatchingus said

    In response to Chris’s post on this forum: Chris: all muslims do not hate america??? Did you know Chris, that there are two objectives on the charter of saudi arabia and irans government
    l) america is satan
    2) destroy israel.
    While all muslims residing in the united states are not terrorists…moderate muslims are indeed a target for the more radical groups to recruit for terrorism activities.
    In addition, the teachings of the kuran make it abundantly clear in over 350 surahs (verses) that jews christians and athiests are considered the infidel, and violence (jihad) is encouraged.
    I have not heard mr obama address islams teachings at all, even though he was trained as a child and young man in islamic schools. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  49. God_iswatchingus said

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments of MR’s post.
    A vote for obama, is a vote for someone who is not committed to american values and is very soft on islam. I shudder to think what will happen with our financial commitment to the nation of Israel, a commitment that God Himself is undeniably clear in His Word, concerning those who He will bless , and those whom He will curse..that bless or curse Israel. The only viable democracy in the middle east all these years has been Israel, and Obama through his cultural and scholastic teachings growing up, has unfortuantely been taught tremendous prejudice towards the jewish people..
    I do not care what his rheutoric is for a presidential election, his voting record has never supported israel.
    l/6th of l percent of the entire middle east, lies the nation of Israel, surrounded on all sides by her enemies..
    Obama is not sympathetic or moved as a ‘christian’ to pray for her peace within her walls (psalm l22:6) and I see absolutely no sensitivity towards this country whatsoever.
    God is with israel, even if obama is not.

  50. God_iswatchingus said

    General Comment : After viewing usamas website, I must say, I am impressed with this individual, their amount of knowledge, and without any malice in their heart, to approach a subject matter very few seem reluntant to discuss in the political or spiritual arena rite now. I hope and pray with all my heart , he will be invited back often to your program, and thank the Lord for your radio show and internet site. Thank you for allowing me to post so much here. Usama opened up a floodgate for me rite now, with truth…
    After all Jesus said clearly , and ye shall know the truth
    and the TRUTH shall set you free
    Invite this man back please, truth is in short supply and we need to hear more from this man..
    thank you.

  51. Greg said

    God is about life first. (Abortion)cant vote for him. If you are a black person and call yourself a Christian you cannot vote for this man. If you are, it is because you are looking at the skin color first then you are looking at democrat second. They (dems)are not helping you in any way. They are killing babies and wanting same sex coupels to be married. If you call yourself a Christian, and vote for these people, and say God is directing your path you are reading a totaly different BIBLE then I am. God is the supplier of all things; not a politician.

  52. Tripp said

    All the non-Christians won’t get this. They are in denial.

  53. Chris C. said

    You’re right. We just refuse to believe hate-filled right-wing propoganda. It’s because I don’t believe in God that I can vote for Barack. What would the millions of Christian Democrats out there say regarding the proposition that they ‘cannot vote for this man’? Might the just have a disagreement with your political ideaology? God forbid…

  54. wm said

    Thanks to God_iswatchingus for getting that straight.
    I did misunderstand about the guest speaker
    and I definitely would like to hear more from him.
    I was especially interested in his tapes of Obama speaking
    and the Church towhich Obama belongs. It sounds like a “church” anyone can
    join. The most important question is “are you a Christian?”
    not “Are you a church member?”

  55. F. L. A. said


  56. Jack said

    He won’t put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem but he has a flag with a Cuban revolutionary in one of his campaign offices ? and just so you won’t call me a “rightwing propagandist”…John McCain is in the back pocket of George Soros? hunker down love God, and you’re kids it’s gonna be a long rocky road !!

  57. allah allah akbar said

    Come on guys, Obama being a closet Muslim isn’t really the issue. He is very vocal on his stances toward gays, abortion, the war on terror, etc. His stance is at the least unBiblical and at most antiChrist.

    He has three strikes against him:

    He’s a demoncrat! strike one
    He’s a UCC member! strike two
    He’s endorced by Oprah! STRIKE THREE!

  58. usama said

    Reply to Tim in 1 & 8

    Obviously, from your comment we discover that you are like most Americans who are ignorant of Islam. Islam is not just a religion like it is in Christianity or Judaism. Islam and politics are one. When the Muslim rises to a leadership role, like the position of the President of the United States, he will literally change the countries law to that of Islam. Change in these cases does not happen in one term, and Muslims are most patient in fulfilling their goals. In other words, after 60 years of hard work, they have arrived to the point where they are right now in England. I do not wish for the United States to be in the same situation as it is in Europe.

    Muslims are proud of being Muslim, not of being American. A true Muslim will not salute the American flag nor respect the American law. For the Shariah, Allah’s law, is above your infidel law. My advice to you and to America is just read the Quran. Just read the Quran.

  59. usama said

    To Chris C. # 19

    Your point is very important, but what is sad and breaking my heart is that your media not only does not expose Islam for what it is, it is portraying Islam for what it is not.
    Have you ever heard on your media since September 11th any quotation of the Quran? Not yet, but I and few others in a small station are crying out, reading the words of Allah and Mohammad from the Quran to people like you. Sometimes it seems like it is hopeless. Especially when you hear all over the media in the United States that Islam is a loving, peaceful religion. What evidence does CNN or other stations have to give someone like you that shows that Islam is a loving religion. Obviously not even one verse of the Quran. Lol. I have the evidence and I have shared it with you, but the media will not present it. Not because it is not credible or 100% true, but because your media is so liberal and worried about being politically correct. So it is the same way with the news about Obama’s religion. You media will not investigate it, or talk about it. The black will vote for him just for being black. The democrats will vote for him, just for being democrat. He is a winning ticket for their party. And because our country is ignorant of Islam, who cares? My advice to you and to all Americans is… Just read the Quran.

  60. usama said

    To Chris C #21

    Do numbers really matter? So many times I hear American people, especially those who are Muslim say to me, why do you speak against Muslim extremist who are less than 10 or 15%. And to not speak of the 85% who are the loving peaceful ones. Now let me explain to you what not 10-15% of them can do, but one percent in our country could do. There are 10 million Muslims in America. Let is imagine there is only 1% true Muslim. You can call them extremists or Islamofascists or whatever name you choose. But according to the Quran and the Hadith they are true Muslim. One percent is only 100,000 men and women. Lets imagine each one of these people will carry a gallon of gas and a cigarette lighter. (not using bombs, nuclear weapons, airplanes or chemicals) lets us imagine 100,000 fires, all over the united states, like the ones you see lately in California. Do you know how much damage this one percent can do to our country? I believe in 5 minutes they can burn the United States of America twice. You need to think about the small number once again.

  61. usama said

    Chris C In #30
    You need to have a little education about middle names in other countries. People in Africa do not have the same system we have in America. For we in Africa only carry one name. That is our name. We carry the father’s name, the grandfather’s name and the great grandfather’s name and so on. The only reason Obama dropped his middle name is because it is an obvious Muslim name. Sometimes a person will have the same name as his father so the name will be repeated. For example, the Egyptian man who led the United Nations previously, Butras Butras Gale. His name is Butrus, his fathers name is Butras and his grandfather’s name is Gale.

  62. usama said

    Chris C In #31
    The bible is the Word of God. You can always change your mind on many things because we make mistakes, but you can not change your mind about the truth. Two times two equals four which is an unchangeable fact. So it is exactly our belief about the Bible. The Bible is the truth of the Word of God. How can you change your mind about it?

  63. usama said

    Chris C In #39
    Once again, I promise you. September 11th will repeat itself. They waited 10 years for September 11th. Perhaps you need to open your eyes to see the Muslims all over the world. There are more than you can comprehend. Hillary kissed the Muslim girls on their cheek in her campaign and she said, we love you Muslim people. We welcome you in America. How do you think she will talk about Obama being a Muslim after the hugs and kisses to the Muslim people? It would be a very awkward position. She hopes to receive some votes from the Muslim society in America.

  64. usama said

    Chris C In #53
    If you are an atheist and don’t believe in God, don’t worry, the Christian will pay the
    jesya (protection money), but you will be dead for sure. The atheist has no place to live among Muslims.

  65. usama said

    To Wm #42
    I believe you misunderstood what I said. There are many Muslims who come to Christ. Millions recently. By the way, I did not come from the Muslim faith. My objection that Obama became a Christian is he is a man without testimony. There was never conversion in his life. His claim to be a Christian is built on the fact that he is a member in a cult church. This is like telling me that taking a dirty car through a muddy street downtown will make it clean and shiny. Or if a sick man walks through a hospital, he becomes healed. For the Muslim to be saved, he must denounce Islam. He must denounce Islam and believe in Jesus Christ alone, in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Obama does not believe in Christ alone, he believes in a pluralistic society. That is not Christianity that is just a cult. I wish you had time to go on line; on you tube, and see yourself the thousands of testimonies of Christians.

  66. usama said

    In conclusion to usa.
    Some Facts about Obama in simple words.
    1. He was born from Muslim blood. ( which in Islam makes him automatically a Muslim)
    2. He was educated in a Muslim school where Christians would not go.
    3. For a better education he attended a catholic school which Muslims do.
    4. He had nothing to do with Christianity until he married his wife.
    5. He joined a cult church, a non Christian church.
    a) a church that teaches separatism(black and white)
    b) they teach black theology, not Christ Theology
    c) Church honors and respects Islam and Muslims to the point they welcome Muslims to be members of the church and gave Louis Farrakhan an award for being the man who will unite the true Christian to the true Muslim to the true Jew. WHAT A CHRISTIAN CHURCH.
    d) when you believe in Mohammad you deny Christ
    6. He never denounced Islam or Mohammad or the Quran.
    7. There is no record he was baptized.
    8. From his own words, we can judge him, for he made fun of the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, which proves he is not a Christian.
    9. When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, 100% there would be a fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life.
    a) Fatwa has never been issued
    b) He was welcomed to Kenya as a Muslim hero
    c) Muslims in America support him, even financially “One dollar for one nation under God “(Allah)
    d) As a senator, those who work around him are Muslim from Nation of Islam on his campaign.
    10) His agenda for the Whitehouse clearly shows he is Muslim
    a) Remove our army immediately from the Middle East
    b) He sits and eats dinner with Muslim jihadists
    c) Removing the idea of the use of nuclear weapons in any circumstance.
    d) Passing a hate crime bill that will silence anyone who speaks against Islam.
    11) His stance on the issue of gay marriage and abortion proves he is not a Christian

  67. WW said

    Usama is right about the Koran. It’s even more violent than the Bible

  68. WW said

    oops sorry for duplicate

  69. WW said

    He was born from Muslim blood.

    I didn’t realize religion was transmitted genetically.

    He was educated in a Muslim school where Christians would not go.

    He was six years old and it was public school that had children from many religions.

    For a better education he attended a catholic school which Muslims do.

    He sometimes read books, which Muslims have been known to do.

    He had nothing to do with Christianity until he married his wife.

    Sounds a lot like George W.
    He joined a cult church, a non Christian church. They are so non-Christian that their name is “Church of Christ”.

    Church honors and respects Islam and Muslims

    How dare they honor and respect others.

    He never denounced Islam or Mohammad or the Quran. When did Bush denounce the Mohammed and the Koran? Hey…maybe HE’S a Muslim too.

    When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, 100% there would be a fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life.

    Unless he never was one.
    Muslims in America support him, even financially “One dollar for one nation under God “(Allah)

    Muslims support lots of people.

    He sits and eats dinner with Muslim jihadists

    So did G.W.

    You forgot:
    12) He’s got a Muslim name
    13) He’s black, and sometimes they are Muslim.
    14) He breathes air, which all Muslims do.

  70. usama said

    Dear WW,
    In your response #69, I discover the fact of who you are. One, you are a muslim who is taking advantage of the ignorance of this forum, or, two, you are an american, like most americans, who just hate President Bush and are ignorant of what Islam is all about. Here is my rebut of your sarcastic comments:

    Concerning: He was born from Muslim blood.

    You said, “I didn’t realize religion was transmitted genetically.” Yes, my friend, in Islam ad if you ask any Muslim scholor if the father is a Muslim, the children are 100 Muslim. Do you want me to show you some fatwah with Muslim mufti in Cairo in the Azher, which had been issued to children simply commanding their death, when they come of age, if they reject Islam, and follow their father who left Islam to Christianity.

    I said: “He was educated in a Muslim school where Christians would not go.”

    You said “He was six years old and it was public school that had children from many religions.”

    That is 100% a LIE. For it is not a public school for all religions, but a Muslim school for Muslim students where I as a Christian could not attend. It is a school where when you finish study, you become an Imam. Similar to a Christian Seminary in America if you know what I mean.

    I said, “For a better education he attended a catholic school which Muslims do.”

    You sarcastically responded, “He sometimes read books, which Muslims have been known to do.”
    No, my friend, if you only grew up in a Muslim country you would understand how much greater an education the Catholic school can provide. By the way, you forgot a very important thing, he was listed in the Catholic school as a MUSLIM student.

    I said, “He had nothing to do with Christianity until he married his wife.”

    Your response was full of hate to our president, George W. Bush by saying, “Sounds a lot like George W.” Perhaps you missed my statement. I have no problem with having an atheist or agnostic, Catholic or any cult church as president. My problem is having a Muslim as president who can fool you and those like you just by SAYING I am a Christian. I have no problem with President Bush being whatever you described.

    I said, “He joined a cult church, a non Christian church. They are so non-Christian that their name is “Church of Christ”. Church honors and respects Islam and Muslims.”

    Once again, you sarcastically responded, “How dare they honor and respect others.”

    From your response alone, you have proven to me that you are not only not a Christian, but you have no clue what Christianity stands for. When you honor Muhammed and his followers, as his church did with “His Honorable Minister Louis Farakhan” as the one who will unite the true Christian to the true Muslim to the true Jews, this is dishonor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. HE says I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, No one comes to the Father except thru me. John 6:14. If you honor Muhammed and his followers, you simply call Jesus a lier.

    I said, “He never denounced Islam or Mohammad or the Quran.”

    You said, “When did Bush denounce the Mohammed and the Koran? Hey…maybe HE’S a Muslim too.”

    Again, you have problems with Bush but no Obama?
    A very simple fact, my friend, you can ask all Muslims who become Christians, millions of them all over the world, the first thing they do to become a Christian, they denounce Islam, Muhammed and the Qur’an. That is why many of them lost their life too.

    Isaid, “When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, 100% there would be a fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life.”

    You said, “Unless he never was one.”

    My answer, No my friend, he is a Muslim and I have no idea why you are defending him for it.

    I said, “Muslims in America support him, even financially “One dollar for one nation under God “(Allah) ”

    You said, “Muslims support lots of people. ”

    Isn’t it amazing that NONE of them are supporting a Republican?
    Perhaps you need to go online and find out for yourself who are the Muslim all over the world, not just in USA, supporting?

    I did not say this, “He sits and eats dinner with Muslim jihadists” but you know what, this is true! I have the picture to prove it, do you want me to send it to you.

    You said, “So did G.W.”

    I don’t understand why you keep comparing him to Bush? By the way, I have eaten with so many Muslims too.

    You said:
    “You forgot:
    12) He’s got a Muslim name
    13) He’s black, and sometimes they are Muslim.
    14) He breathes air, which all Muslims do.”

    I think your sarcastic answer in these last three points, show how ridiculous you are and insincere you are taking the future of your country, as if it is a joke. I will be embarrassed of you, IF you are an American. My last advice I give to you, read the Qur’an, and the Hadith, so you will really know who are the Muslims whom you are defending. Unless you are just really one of them. And God have mercy on America and people like you.
    Usama Kamel Dakdok

  71. WW said

    you are a muslim who is taking advantage of the ignorance of this forum

    You are wrong, Mr. Dukdik. I have not exploited the stunning ignorance of this forum.

  72. Anonymous said

    Correct WW
    You are the prime example of it!!

  73. I said, “you are a muslim who is taking advantage of the ignorance of this forum”

    You said, “You are wrong, Mr. Dukdik. I have not exploited the stunning ignorance of this forum.”

    You are attacking me personally and my grandfather with the trashy reference to my name. You have proven to me that you are still ignorant even after I have shared all of the facts with you. The Christian scripture says in Matthew 7:6 “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

    And lastly the scripture Titus 3:9 says “But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.”

    Therefore, I shake the dust from my shoes and leave this conversation on this slide 72.

    Usama Kamel Dakdok

  74. Chris C. said

    Respectfully, Mr. Dakdok, there are many people who have read the Bible, without any idealogical guidance from churches, and come away quite astounded that a billion people might consider it the greatest book ever, or god’s revelation.

    Have I read the Qur’an? No, so I will not pass judgment yet. But I have read the Bible. It too contains a great deal of violence and intolerance that the un-indoctrinated find repulsive and frightening.

    My point? Urging people to read the Qur’an so they might discover it’s grotesque view of non-muslims is ironic given your dismissal of the same content in the Bible.

  75. Judy said

    Stu – Can you send this information to Bill O’Reilly?

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  77. Jan said

    I personally know Usama Dakdok and he is one of the finest Christians I have ever met. He is very sincere about this folks. I have read parts of the koran and it truly frightens me that a muslim could run our country. As many have said, America, wake up!!!!! I am 60 years old and fear for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The freedoms and liberties I have experienced will not be there for them. Is anyone else out there scared for our country? It seems to me that the real issue is “Why have we turned our back on our country? Why have we stopped believing in the God that our forefathers founded this country on?
    Usama, may God continue to bless you for being his spokes-person. I applaude you, Usama and V and C for your hard work. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  78. Tripp said

    May want to check this out: http://www.thecrossnews.com/?p=70

  79. Aaron Moore said

    To respond to the person wanting to send this information to Bill Oreiley, Please send it to him, so he will let you know how foolish this is. Notice how the real media is not reporting on Obama’s muslim identity. Because it’s not true. I’m discouraged that Stu would continue to propagate this false information about a professing Christian. Really, let’s see the REAL media talk about his muslim faith. Maybe they’re too liberal. Wouldn’t Fox talk about it? They are fair and balanced.
    People, Obama is not a muslim, this is a smear campaign. Open your eyes.

  80. obama 2 da mama said

    Well B.O. sure ain’t no Christian 😦
    This so sick, he stinks to liberal left pig pen “heaven” 😦 🙂 🙂

  81. Aaron Moore said

    2 da mama,
    Who are you to judge whether he is or is not a christian? I’ve seen this Usama gentleman accuse several people on this dicussion board of not being christians. I will most likely be next. Obama is a liberal, but he is not a muslim, and he IS a professing christian. Our beloved president is also a professing christian, along with most of the people on this discussion board. Do we examine every detail of each others lives to determine wether or not they are telling the truth.
    My overall point is that he is not a muslim, he IS a professing christain, and any attempt to label him as a muslim is character defamation. Again, where is the real media reporting his muslim faith?

  82. obama 2 da mama said

    Do you really think the media is objective? sincere? without an agenda?

    There are man who profess to be a Christian, yet do they really possess Christ, or better yet, does He posses them?

    We are to judge righteously according to the Word of God. You will know them by their fruit. In B.O.’s case, the fruit is that of an unbeliever. Listen to the clips provided by Usama concerning B.O.’s “appreciation” for the Scriptures and the Church. 😉

    Whether he is truly Muslim or not, I don’t know. The Quran is pretty clear though, and B.O. hasn’t denounced Islam. And Christianity is not compatable with Islam – especially considering the Islam declaration of faith in allah as the only god, he has no son, and Muhammad is his prophet.

    Of course look at how many of our black brothers and sisters in Christ actually believe Louis Farrakhan is a Christian too 😦

  83. Tim said

    In reply to Usama’s #58.

    While I respect your views, how can you POSSIBLY say that I am igornant of Islam? You don’t know me. I am very well aware of the teachings of Islam. I’ve read the Quran, I’ve taken courses for my Cross Cultural Studies minor at school. My wife works at a refugee resettlement organization, and it is obvious that most of the conflict occurring on earth is Muslim’s warring Muslims or Muslims declaring war on other people. I was alive on September 11. I know that Islam teaches violence. I don’t believe all (or even MOST) Muslims are violent, but I agree with you that it’s only because they don’t have a correct view of their scripture.

    My whole point is that I’m still not convinced at your FIRST argument–that Obama is a Muslim with an intent on destroying this nation. All of your “evidence” seems like mere speculation and sensationalism. If all of this is so obvious, why doesn’t other news media rush to present this to the public? This is easily a big deal if true.

    I think the news media is avoiding this not only because it’s not true, but to report all of this based on mere false dichotomies. All of this insanity surrounding Obama is just ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. I’m not even going to vote for Obama, but even I know to show a little more respect than all of this. This is all unsubstantiated rumors, if that.

    But then again, if Clinton was in the lead we’d have someone on preaching about how all women should bear children and make us a sandwich. It’s biblical!

    Let’s just say the worst case scenario is true. Let’s say Obama is bent on destroying this nation. Guess what? Thanks to the Constitution, he can’t do that.

  84. Tim said

    Oh snap. Grandma Obama just laid the smackdown:


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  86. Pani said

    It is interesting to see how people can be so blinded and belive wht this Osama muslim person is saying with regard to Obama.
    Only God knows our hearts with regard to matters of salvation and faith.
    Who is he to judge?
    Has a death fatwa been declared on himd Osama, seeing he has confesed to being a brn again Christian yet, he he says his Ministry is with the Muslim Community. They would have killed him already if it is at al true the he is christian.
    I would take what tis guy is saying with a pinch of salt.
    Listening to hear, I felt a spirit of hatred, of jealous within him
    This guy is talking hatred , and I wouldnt be suprised if he has a motive behind all this.

  87. Chris C. said

    It is sad to me that thousands of our contrymen and women have been killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, that the middle class is being destroyed by falling wages and rising fuel and commodity prices, and that the only thing the talking heads can speak of is a presidential candidate’s religious preferences or whether he or she wears a flag pin.

    How sad that the real issues that actually affect millions of Americans are ignored or callously danced-around in order to facilitate discussion on the more inane and trivial habits of high-profile individuals.

    If I were guessing, I would say Obama is a fair-weather Christian at best. He espouses his beliefs only to the extent that they help him politically. Frankly, I don’t know what his pastor’s soundbites have to do with anything. I’m sure we have all said some fairly outrageous things in the heat of the moment. How would we react if our entire lives were judged on the most outlandish things we have said? Obama never even said these things that he’s being associated with, nor was he present when they were said. And he has repudiated them numerous times.

    I can totally understand where many of you might disagree with Barack’s political ideology. But he has not said or done anything which should cast him as a racist, muslim, bigot, or islamic radical.

  88. John said

    It is easier to believe in a rumor than to ponder or hunt for truths.

  89. Tripp said

    Celeste and Loren are Missionaries in Africa and can shed some firsthand light on one of our Presidential candidates.

    “Thanks for sending out an alert about Obama. We are living and working in Kenya for almost twelve years now and know his family (tribe) well. They are the ones who were behind the recent Presidential election chaos here. Thousands of people have been displaced by election violence (over 350,000) and I don’t know the last count of the dead. Obama, under “friends of Obama” gave almost a million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be his cousin, Raila Odi nga, who is a socialist trained in East Germany . He has been trying to bring Kenya down for years and the last president threw him in prison for trying to subvert this country! December 27th elections brought cries from ODM (Odinga Camp) of rigged election. Obama and Raila speak daily. As we watch Obama rise in th e US we are sure that whatever happens, he will use the same tactic, crying rigged election if he doesn’t win, and possibly cause a race war in America. What we would like you to know is what the American press has been keeping a dirty little secret. Obama IS a muslim and he IS a racist and this is a fullfilllment of the 9-11 threat that was just the beginning. Jihad is the only true muslim way. We have been working with them for 20 years this July! He is not an American as we know it. Please encourage your friends and associates not to be taken in by those that are promoting him. It is world wide jihad. All our friends in Europe are very disturbed by the muslim infiltration into their countries.

    By the way, his true name is Barak Hussein Muhammed Obama. Won’t that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on the Koran!?”

  90. Moderator (not Stu) said

    Willie – We’ve been bombarded with comments. By doing a little catch up on some reading we see here where your insults run rampant on this thread. We’ve exhausted our warnings. Goodbye, Willie.

  91. Brad said

    Finally. Good call.

  92. Anonymous said

    As a muslim man I really shouldn’t say this but some of you people are supreme idiots.I urge you to visit your local mosque or perhaps read a book and educate yourselves on what islam truly is.

  93. F. L. A. said

    Why did you spell the words Muslim and Islam with lower case letters?

  94. the truth said

    people need to wake up when the world ends and jesus comes back every knee shell bow and every tongue shell confess that jesus is lord those who do not beleive shell be in hell burning for eternity

  95. F. L. A. said

    We shell see what we shell see.

  96. zerxil said

    people need to wake up when the world ends and Jesus comes back every knee shell bow and every tongue shell confess that Jesus is lord those who do not believe shall be in hell burning for eternity

    Doesn’t the devil believe in him? You have to ask for forgiveness. When Jesus comes everyone will believe, so who will go to hell? um, if your burning in hell won’t you believe?? You have to ask for forgiveness.

  97. zerxil said

    “people need to wake up when the world ends and Jesus comes back every knee shell bow and every tongue shell confess that Jesus is lord those who do not believe shall be in hell burning for eternity”

    Doesn’t the devil believe in him? You have to ask for forgiveness. When Jesus comes everyone will believe, so who will go to hell? um, if your burning in hell won’t you believe?? You have to ask for forgiveness.

  98. zerxil said

    Umm, there are supreme idiots everywhere I don’t know how to un-bold apparently.

  99. zerxil said

    this won’t work either

  100. John said

    Yes, everywhere[grin].
    Welcome to planet Earth.

    But you see Zerxil, by the time that the damned are in Hell, it will be TOO LATE! BwaaHa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha![ahem. Just setting the mood…[smile].As a non-Christian I’m making an educated guess of course.I would think that some of the Christian Hells power as a place of punishment and torment would COME from from the damned being able to dream of and long for the Heaven that they missed out on.

  101. Chris C. said

    Re: The Truth in post 94

    Can you tell me what anyone has done to deserve eternal torment? Yes, yes I know we’ve all done wrong before. But what is bad enough to deserve eternal burning torture? Its disgusting that Christians wave their flags of love and acceptance while simultaneously espousing this fear-filled hateful hell rhetoric. No one deserves hell as it is described by Christians. Not me, not you, not Hitler. Infinite punishment for finite crimes is illogical.

  102. John said

    But that is the way that theology and humanity in general is Chris C.

  103. John said

    Perhaps this overall lack of logic is just as much an asset as it is a drawback for humanity, however.Think of the music, the artwork of all kinds, the entertainment fields,the story books and legends, creativity of all kinds, that has come of our weird illogic.Would things be better overall if humanity was a more logical species? We will never know.This is what is, and we’ll just have to try and do the best that we can with what we’ve got.

  104. Chris C. said

    Thats all true, John. And I am am not an atheist who believes that religion is something we should seek to be rid off. I don’t know. Im conflicted on the issue. On the one hand it is so full of ignorance and misinformation and so damaging. On the other hand, there is so much beauty and information and progress that has also been made under religious people and religious influence. It is a difficult topic, but I think religion does serve a purpose as you say.

  105. Mike S said

    “Can you tell me what anyone has done to deserve eternal torment?” Short answer… They chose (choose) it over fellowship with a perfect and holy loving God.

    If someone chooses, are they not determining their own fate?

    God gives us a choice… It is our choice to make. Whether it’s Hitler or Ghandi. If they choose, then why is God to blame for “their” decision?

  106. F. L. A. said

    and yet,….for those who are unknowing of this theological view, for the ignorant pagan children of the Third World, for example… they still get into Christian Heaven scott free regardless? Because they are….”innocent”?
    While those who hear the Good Word and yet choose to follow their own old traditional ways are automatically damned? If this is the case, then why don’t missionaries and others just shut up and leave people alone?

  107. Mike S said

    This “theological view” also includes the understanding that ALL have the knowledge of The Creator (Light of Creation), as well as the knowledge of a Savior (The light of Christ), but unbelievers supress the truth because they love themselves more than they love God (or even the thought of God). Psalm 19, Romans chapters 1-3 and Acts 17:26-28 describe this.

    There are no “innocent”…

  108. John said

    So not even ignorant little children would be able to escape the destination of Christian Hell after death, unless they are faithfull followers?

  109. Mike S said

    In this same “theological view” there is what is often referred to as an age of accountability which is not necessarily a specific age but a point at which the individual is able to understand the truth and can make the choice. God is perfect and just, and desires that none should perish. Babies or those who are mentally challenged will not be held accountable for “original sin” or sin nature. Once they are at the point where they have knowledge of right and wrong, their actual sin must be atoned for, and that is available through a simple trust in Christ. There are many differing opinions about this as well.

  110. Chris C. said

    I’m not saying that people aren’t to blame for their own decisions. I’m only saying the punishment they recieve for that decision is overkill. If I knowingly stole 10 dollars from your wallet and you turned me in to the police, they would be within the rights of the law to charge me with petty theft and other such charges. But they wouldn’t be right to throw me in jail for life for stealing 10 bucks. Most people never do anything so terrible as murder or rape or, as with Hitler, genocide.

    Yet they are all bound to be tormented eternally for their other, far less greivous sins. I’m not blaming God for people’s sins, I’m blaming him for setting up a poor system of consequences.

  111. John said

    Well….then, how is it that you came by THIS opinion? I mean, what is it about your opinion on this matter that makes your version more valuable to you as opposed to one of those differing opinions?

  112. John said

    Sorry for any confusion. Post #111 was for Mr.Sears.
    I agree with Chris C. in a way, in regards to the Christian concept of Original Sin.Especially if one holds to the belief that God already knew that Adam and Eve where going to be tempted by the serpent/Devil,[which makes me also wonder why God also came down so hard on the “snake kingdom” like he did, taking away their legs and cursing them and all.Do you see a similarity between their divine curse and that of mankind’s?]which God should have already known was going to happen too[originally Satan was a servant of God, and couldn’t really do too much other than what God wanted IT to do, like the testing of Job, remember?God gave IT permission].So why not only punish[even if he already knew what would happen?] to people directly responsible? This is a very strange idea of just behavior to me.

    Chris, remember, in some theologies there is a “grace period” for the damned to finally reach after suffering in a given Hell for an undisclosed amount of time, when said soul can “start over fresh” from the same or lower station of existence that it had before the damnation.

  113. Mike S said

    John, if this is just “my opinion”, then it’s not worth the ink it would take to print. It comes from a book thousands of years old written over a period of thousands of years by a multitude of authors but has one central message, Jesus Christ, who by His resurrection, proved it all to be true. And then further assistance in my studies comes from “standing on the shoulders” of many who are much smarter than I am in interpreting scripture by utilizing the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Heidelberg Catechism.

    Your philosophical issues regarding God’s omniscience and sovereignty are flawed if you carry them to their logical conclusion. (have you seen the movie I Robot?) First of all, the snake references are all metaphorical descriptions of what satan is LIKE, not what he IS. And where would be the real drama in life if we did not have free will to choose? God is simply allowing mankind to carry out and manifest their own flawed decisions and actions which accumulate throughout time and will one day come to an ultimate conclusion where God will bring all things together (and redeem them) for His Glory. The wonderful and exciting thing for believers, is that God actually allows US to play a part in His plan of redemption for all creation! That is why, it is with great joy and peace, that we serve, worship, witness, love others, blog, care for those in need etc. Do we do it well? Not really but we have an awesome God who takes our tainted works and makes them pure through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.

    Chris, how could you possibly claim to be a better arbiter of what is fair and not fair? If there is a God who is omniscient, and sovereign, how could YOU a mere man think you know better? Don’t feel left out, for that is the original sin that began in the garden and has continually manifested itself throughout all time.

  114. F. L. A. said

    Thankfully as members of another theology we have other options.
    Choice….it’s a wonderful thing.

  115. Mike S said

    In the end, we’ll find out what the right choice is. If what I believe is wrong, in the end, I will die having lived a joyful, exciting, thankful and peace filled life. If what I believe is right, I will gain eternal bliss with an amazing Father. In my view it’s win/win no matter how you slice it. How about you?

  116. Mike S. said

    I heard that someone who influenced CS Lewis described the “theme of hell” as “Not God’s will but mine” and the “theme of heaven” as “not my will but Gods” Interestingly enough both of these decisions that affected all of mankind, happened in a garden…

  117. F. L. A. said


    As for myself, I know a little bit RIGHT NOW.
    Some day or night, when I finaly die[somehow] then I will know a little bit more.No doubt John will have much to add on the subject when he gets in from work today.
    And now, off to the hunt!
    Good Day, Mr.Sears.

  118. John said

    Hello again Mr.Sears, how are you doing? I have not seen the movie, but I do have the book[usually better than the movies].Tell me about what you believe the logical conclusion to be[there’s that word again,..”logic”.[?]].I am not surprised if my philosophical issues regarding your God come off as flawed.After all, I’m not a Christian you know, that’s why I asked YOU about it[smile].Deities are very weird things to try and understand, especially those from alien theologies with multiple denominations who cannot agree with each other on many things.Oh well.
    I knew about the Satan/snake metaphor, but it still didn’t help me understand about that curse against all serpents.Why didn’t you jump in and bring this up when F. and I were debating with character “Intelligent Dawg” about snakes and evidence supporting transitional animal forms on two sites[smile with one raised eyebrow]? I wonder….how many other metaphors within the Bible story not to be taken at face value?
    As for your post#115, Didn’t I answer that in the “Understanding the world of Wicca.” site? I’ll get back to you later.It’s been a VERY long day, and I am weary.Goodnight.

  119. Tammy said

    To Kim:

    The reason why Obama won’t pledge allegiance to the American flag is because his allegiance is to the nation of Islam.

    Wake up people! The goal of the Muslim is to conquer the world and to conquer the White House so once they are the majority in any given population, they can force Sharia Law on the rest of us. Learn about Islam. It’s not as innocent as it appears to be!

    I could go on and on about Obama…he is a danger to America. Unfortunately, people are so dumb and blind to recognize and discern good from evil.

    Obama – a campaign about NOTHING!

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