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How can the game of Basketball reach souls for Christ?

Posted by truthtalklive on February 12, 2008

Interview with basketball coach from Palestine, contact him for more information at jhpalsport@yahoo.com & also Jon Farwell, head coach for Athletes in Action www.aia.com.

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7 Responses to “How can the game of Basketball reach souls for Christ?”

  1. Stu, thank you for having me on to discuss the unique platform sports provides to let the light of Jesus shine. Please pray for me to be the husband and father that God has called me to be. Pray for the ability to disciple and train up young men willing to go around the world to make Jesus known through basketball. Pray for God to surface the young men. Pray for my passion for God to grow every day and the resources to be effective to in all the aspects of ministry God has placed on my heart.

    Live for Him – join the adventure of not having everything figured out before you decide to follow Jesus.

  2. ReptileFan said

    Great show today. We truly just need to depend more on the Holy Spirit and less on self – He will live His life through us. He can use our personalities, talents, desires, gifts, and abilities to glorify God and point others to Jesus Christ.

    That being said: Any Christian herpetoculturists out there?

  3. Shep said

    Thanks so much for letting me speak on your show today. Speaking to the coaches about this special ministry was thrilling! For most of my adult life, I have had this region on my heart, and I will be praying about being a part of this ministry. How can I find out more? I am 46 and played soccer in college but am not a professional athlete.

  4. Ken said


    We truly serve a BIG God, by whose grace we are able to utilize an avenue such as sports to reach into areas where other evangelistic efforts have been rejected. Thanks so much for allowing me to speak on the show today. It is amazing what the Lord can orchestrate in our lives in order to reach people next door or thousands of miles away.

    As mentioned on the show, the Lord used a short term “sports” mission trip to Brazil to shake me out of my comfort zone (a career position with TaylorMade Golf) into a life sold out for Him. Please pray for the Lord to show up in mighty ways through sports and for willing servants to join Him in making His name known among the nations. My wife, two daughters, and I have responded to the Lord’s prompting through an open door with Uttermost Sports. Please pray for us to be focused in the center of His will and for the missional endeavors of this organization as we join with them.

  5. John said

    Why does the Herpetoculturists have to be a Christian?

  6. ReptileFan said

    Post #5,

    For the same reason that this topic was in regard to Christian basketball players – to “reach souls for Christ”


  7. Coach Jeff said

    Thanks you for having me on your show on Feb12th. I am excited to see God work in the hearts of the Palestinians. I encourage all Christians to go on a mission’s trip somewhere. It will change your life. If you feel that God is telling you to be involved in His work there. or if God has given you talent to play basketball and thought after playing in college your days of playing were over then I encourage you that God can use you in Palestine to be a light for Him.
    Now if you are not a player but would love to be involved we need partners for prayer and financial help for players and projects. we are in the process of reruiting players and we have 3 projects for which we need sponsors.
    1.An AIA tournament in August.
    2.Starting an Upwards like community league there hopefully this year.
    If you are interested please contact me at jhpalsport@yahoo.com for more information. God bless!

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