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Is the Megachurch missing the mark?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 30, 2008

Is one more effective than the other? Is “big” good and “small” bad?  Todays guest is Matt Walker, pastor of College Park Baptist church in Cary, NC www.collegeparkministries.org  


15 Responses to “Is the Megachurch missing the mark?”

  1. Jeff42 said


    Tell Nicole to post here. I am in Greenville and have some suggestions for her.

  2. Dan said

    Megachurches are about one thing; MEGA-MONEY

    “You ought to know positively the appearance of your flock. Set your heart to your droves.” (Proverbs 27:23) Spiritual shepherds are to show interest in and to be familiar with the situation and problems of Christians in the congregation. How can they do that if there are 5000 members in their congregation?

  3. ADB said

    Though I am a small church pastor (near Greenville SC as well by the way) I am hesitant to paint all the large churches with such a broad brush. Personally, I think you can find healthy churches in all sizes. With a very large church, it is essential I think for there to be a strong system of small groups (Bible studies, accountability/support groups, prayer groups, etc.) Without this it is very possible that folks could just blend in, warm a pew in anonymity, and never really grow spiritually. One advantage of a small church is that if one of my members goes into the hospital everyone knows about it within a couple of days the folks have begun calling, fixing meals, etc. on there own, where at a larger church such a ministry would certainly happen but would require a committee to do it.

  4. Jeff42 said


    Do you mind telling me what city you are in?

  5. anonymous said

    Down in southern end of the county near Pelzer.

  6. ADB said

    The previous post was mine.

  7. ADB said

    If Nicole who called is on looks at this, what is your denominational background (charismatic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.)? Jeff42 or I could probably help steer you a little as you look for a church home. Considering a church maybe you should think about the oldest definition of a true church there is- “where the word is purely preached and the sacraments are rightly administered” this was coined by Augustine, I believe and then used by the reformers and their successors- and also notice whether the folks really love each other and the Lord.

  8. John said

    I have seen some churches that were very fancy and huge, that cost thousands apon thousands of dollars to build. I can’t help but think that the vast majority of funds spent on the building of some of these churches couldn’t be better spent on charities of some sort, instead of making a building more fancy.It’s only a building, after all, and the “power” of a church isn’t in that. It’s in the people.
    And you can have that just as easy under a big tent with a podium and a bunch of folding chairs, couldn’t you?
    I may be wrong, or have I missed the point of this topic? I did not get to listen to this particular show.I was fishing for Bullhead Catfish at the time[smile].

  9. Tripp said

    John – Are you sure you’re not even the least bit “Christian”? I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with a Wiccan on anything, but you nailed it in the last post. Perhaps you show some “Christian tendencies.” LOL!

  10. Mike S said

    Amen! Did you catch any bullheads in the lake? We’ve got plenty of them in here don’t we? 😮

  11. John said

    Yes, “Christian tendencies”, I guess, but still a Pagan Witch.
    I’d have the same opinion about any theology, I think.You don’t have to be of the same theology to realize this. It just seemed obvious to me.Your conversing with someone who doesn’t even use a tent, the jungle is my “church” and a tree stump is my altar. In regards to Christianity, I have tucked my pentacle necklace within my shirt and entered tent revivals in the past out of curiosity and witnessed as much if not more divine power, spiritual contentment, and faith among the other attendees as I have in the biggest, fanciest churches.The best ones, the most “fun”, in my opinion[as far as Christianity goes], are the Methodists or Baptist black churches or tent revivals.They really get into it!
    I caught 12 Bull Heads,4 Oscars, and many Mayan Cichilids, but kept only the biggest 5. We fry them up and eat them with grits for breakfast.

  12. Anonymous said

    It isn’t the size of the church that counts but whether the members reach out to their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I’ve been in large churches which have a sense of caring for the members as well as for the surrounding community. I have also been in small churches who cared nothing except for their own self-interest — cliquish, if you please.
    Large churches have the benefit of offering ministries to specific groups: i.e. deaf/hard of hearing, language groups, etc. that a small church can not accomplish alone. Rarely do I hear of several small churches working together on a common project: i.e. the specialized groups that I mentioned. But I did hear of a choir composed of members of 3 neighboring states, all from small church communities who wanted their teenagers to experience the benefit of a large ensemble.

  13. kandace said

    I wrote post #12. It’s been awhile since I posted on the message board and I forgot the protocol. I apologize for my error.

  14. kwesi said

    Wow…the mega-church wave….an interesting topic. First I want to say that this site is what I aspire to have. The topics challenge one’s spiritual intellect.

    Of this thing called mega-church; I would be making a generalization if I said that mega-churches were dens of thieves or vipers. I do however believe that the ones that represent an ecclectic group of nationalities and ethnicities are more plausible. The world is filled with different classes, and such should be the case with churches. I can attest to the fact that people discriminate against certain classes when they witness the Gospel. They witness Jesus with the intent of adding another notch to the belt of their mega-church. I even know of a church that could potentially be mega; however because they do not embrace the idea of a certain ethnicity worshipping under the same roof.

    On another note; God gave specific instructions concerning how the temple was to look. He used the best materials and precious metals. Church designs should represent professionalism and be more than a building with a roof, bathrooms, pulpit, and central heating and cooling. If the people are heavily taxed to build that building, I have a problem. If people freely give to that project, and give equally or more to other outreach programs, I think that is a good thing.

  15. JimC said

    I don’t think megachurches inherently are missing the mark. I attend one in Atlanta (Northpoint Ministries – Buckhead Campus). In fact, our church routinely shows video of the Sr Pastor (Andy Stanley) as the ‘sermon’ that was taped the week before at another location. I attend a small group weekly, read/study the Bible weekly (I try to daily but fail), and have been growing in my relationship with and understanding of Christ for years.

    I can attest that many others in the congregation do the same. I have never felt that the church was asking for more money only to have it squandered away on something non-Christian or to have the building simply look fancy.
    I have to admit that our building cost about $44 million. It is built in a thriving, commercial district of Atlanta. However, we consistenly reach out to people in the area as well as having a huge missions progam that reaches all over the world.

    I am not saying that a mega church is the ONLY way to have a church (I was raised in a small Presbyterian church in a small town in rural Georgia) but it can certainly be an effective way for church goers to grow and reach out just as in a smaller, more intimate church. I refuse to believe that we are ‘missing the mark’ any better or worse than traditional churches. It is the heart and soul of the congregation to live for Christ not the size that makes a church good or bad in the eyes of the Lord.

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