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Does Archaeology prove the Bible?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 25, 2008

Today in the truth booth is Dr. Alex McFarland, your normal friday host! For more information on him visit www.alexmcfarland.com or for Southern Evangelical Seminary visit www.ses.edu

His guest today is Dr. Scott Matcherz, he is a professor at SES and also an expert on world religions. Discussing the question “Does archaeology prove the Bible?”


7 Responses to “Does Archaeology prove the Bible?”

  1. Fred said

    Would a degree from SES be accepted at a normal school like Duke, or UNC?

  2. Brother Malachi said

    No. It is not accredited by a real accreditation body.

  3. Fred said


  4. schoolBoy said

    Why is Liberty University accredited then?

    “Does archaeology prove the Bible?”

    The Bible proves itself to be accurate and true. Archaeology only confirms the truth of scripture.

  5. Kevin said

    I would think the fulfillment of the Messinic prophecies in the scriptures would be proof enough.

  6. John said

    Not really.Which VERSION of the Bible?

  7. Maz Herman said

    Hi John! I read the King James Version. The chances of any man fulfilling ALL the prophecies spoken in the Old Testement about the coming Messiah is astronomical….sorry havn’t got the figures but I know they are MEGALARGE! Yet Jesus fulfilled every one and has yet to fulfill the ones that speak of His Second Coming, first to the air for the Church 1 Thess: 4 v 13-18, and then to the earth, Zech: 14 v 4. His feet touching the Mount of Olives where He left, and told His disciples He would return.

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