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Who would MLK Jr. support this election?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 21, 2008

What would Martin Luther King Jr. do?  Who would he vote for President in 2008?

Today’s Guest is Mason Weaver, for more information visit his website at www.masonweaver.com


8 Responses to “Who would MLK Jr. support this election?”

  1. Lidlelite said

    If MLK were alive today and was here to vote in the pres. election, I know that he was a christian first, so I know that he would want a christian representing us, he would be a man of high values, and there would be no division as far as race. It would have to be a person that would see no color and would also want equality for everyone. It would not be a person that is in favor of abortion and same sex marriages, or the alternate lifestyle, The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sexual perversion, for the ppl. that are agreeing with these people to corrupt our world more with there evil lifestyles they will stand before the Lord one day. Martin Luther was a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so he would vote for the person that would lean towards our Christian heritage and values. Christians need to stand up for truth and right. Just a voice crying in the wildersness, Lidlelite

  2. John said

    How could we know?
    We could interview his living relatives to get a good idea,as they knew him best, but that’s about it.
    Another voice out of the wilderness[smile].

  3. Joe Hodges Jr. said

    Dr.King was a man after God’s own heart, and he was a servent preacher of God’s word and God called him to a calling of being a leader and encourager of an opressed people. Many times in his speeches he would say “i just want to do God’s will” he was truly a prophet of God’s. to many he was look on as a civil rights leader but he was so much more.

  4. Elector said

    So, could we write off Obama, Clinton, and Guliani?

  5. King would oppose this insane and anti-Christian war in Iraq, he would oppose the income “slavery” tax, he would oppose the oppression of all poor people due to inflation and phony Federal Reserve “money” and he would oppose the moral bankruptcy that is promoted by the nationalization of education. The only candidate I am aware of who addresses these key issues with sensible solutions is Dr. Ron Paul.

  6. JoeB said

    Paul is Crazy. And a Coward.

  7. Anonymous said

    Many of the comments suggest that King would favor conservative ideology, but like the one post said, we really can’t know. Sure King was Christian, but aren’t many politicians Christian? We would have to look at King’s denomination as well.

  8. Ivy said

    I am pretty sure that back in MLK’s day, many Black people were Republicans. King himself was a Republican. I wonder however, how the party has changed since his time – it’s certainly less welcoming to Blacks than the other party. Anyway, that was 40 years ago. In many ways, this country is dramatically different than what King envisioned and in many ways, it’s not different enough.

    The fact that 40 years after his death, we still find reasons to debate that a black man should be in office (oh, yes, I know we’re not saying it’s because he’s black. But rather, because he was raised by a Muslim father, because he’s a liberal and not a conservative, because he supports this and not that…etc.), is evidence that this country has not changed enough.

    People like Hillary and Barack should have had viability for the office long ago, but this IS America…! Anyhoo, there is no way to know what King would have supported. I do have a feeling that his leanings would have been much more liberal than we might suspect.

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