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How is your walk with the Lord?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 15, 2008

Today is a pre-recorded so please do not call in but for more information about Phil Downer and his ministry Discipleship Network of America visit www.downer.org


3 Responses to “How is your walk with the Lord?”

  1. Amanda said

    My walk with the Lord is extraordinary, but I was wondering why the comments on “What Does Mormonism Really Teach?” were shut down? Mike Sears and I were about to have a truly meaningful dialogue. A bunch of entries were deleted and no space was given for reply. Is this standard procedure, or did we exceed the bounds and purposes of the blog?

    Just curious.

    Amanda, LDS

  2. Maz Herman said

    I was wondering that myself. I know some were getting a bit personal with their comments.
    They could have been banned for a while. I was just getting into it.

  3. Maz Herman said

    PS: My walk with the Lord has been hard at times, wonderful at others, painful at others, but I wouldn’t change anything. I love Him for being there for me!

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