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What have you done to encourage your Pastor lately?

Posted by truthtalklive on January 14, 2008

Todays guest is Pastor Roy Clark with RBC Ministries. To find out more information visit their website at www.rbc.org


3 Responses to “What have you done to encourage your Pastor lately?”

  1. kJ said

    We pray daily for the elders of the local assembly we are at.

    When one of the elders steps down, doesn’t matter what reason, the other elders continue on and another man qualified to be called an elder is commissioned into the office.

    I’m believe this to be the Biblical model – not getting a pastor search committee and taking resumes from outside sources. But instead, the older men taking the younger men and discipling them and preparing them for the ministry according to the gifts the Spirit has given them.

    I also believe it is very important to have a plurality of elders, not just one man as “senior pastor”

    God bless, kJ

  2. Jeff42 said

    I think the fact that there is only 1 post here highlights a tremendous problem in the church today. Pastors need encouragement as much or more than anyone else in the church. They have a very demanding job if they are true shepherds of the flock. The problem is that most of us take them for granted. We think that they are on a higher spiritual plane and do not have the same needs as the rest of us. We think that it is their job to serve us (and it is), but it is also our job to serve them. We are to love and encourage one another. I am as guilty as anyone else. I just assume that plenty of other people are encouraging the pastor. Most of the time this is not true. Let’s love our pastors and encourage them regularly. The only way they will know that we appreciate their ministry is if we somehow show our appreciation.

  3. kandace said

    The best encouragement to a pastor is to know that the people walk alongside him. The pastor is a shepherd to lead his people into the ministry, not to do all of the ministry himself. Pastors are merely human beings with a unique calling of God upon their lives to serve as an undershepherd for the Chief Shepherd – the Lord Jesus Christ! Follow the pastor as He follows Jesus Christ. Do not worship a man, but worship Jesus Christ. We serve alongside the pastor.

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