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What is a Biblical revival

Posted by truthtalklive on January 10, 2008

 Have you ever experienced a revival on a personal or corporate level?

Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Brown, his website to find out more information is www.icnministries.org


8 Responses to “What is a Biblical revival”

  1. ADB said

    Great show today with a very knowledgeable guest. I would gently remind some of the folks who called in that correct doctrine cannot necessarily save a person. One can know all the correct doctrine, but still lack any personal knowledge of the savior. Case in point, some of of the pre-eminent NT scholars today, believe it or not, are not Christians at all. Doctrine is important for identifying who we are as opposed to other faiths, for defending our faith, but it doesn’t necessarily save you.

  2. revivalRoy said

    Didn’t get to hear the show yesterday. I will say that I do not beleive the 20th & 21st century America has seen a Biblical revival.

    All the “revivals” I’ve been to were simply pleas of emotion and 30 minute altar calls. And the next Sunday the congregation had somehow lost their excitement of the previous week 😦
    I’ve been in both Baptist and Pentecostal “revivals”.

    Seems to me that revival would come from a hunger for God and His word. It would also seem that a revival would be geared toward the believer, yet every “revival” I’ve been to was always man centered and geared toward the unsaved.

  3. jAsOn said

    The “First” Great Awakening (which by the way was to only one) was inaugerated by Edwards preaching his most famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, so what does that have to say about the elements of Law & Gospel that ushered in that revival?

  4. ADB said


    You are right I think that so often a “revival” is just what you describe- 40 minute sermon with 15 verses of Just As I Am just to get someone down an aisle. True revival comes from the Holy Spirit and really isn’t controllable. I would say that the First and Second Great Awakenings really were about bringing the unsaved to Christ. This happened with pretty dramatic outpourings of the Spirit. Of course, things went a little awry with Finney in the 2nd Great Awakening when he began getting manipulative. Little story about Edwards and the First Awakening. He stood to preach and read his manuscript as he did each Sunday, hardly ever looking up from his text. When he put the text down at the end of the sermon he looked out at his congregation and saw people in the floors crying out to God for mercy.

  5. jAsOn said


    We can both be astonished by seeing the use of the meager means of preaching that was said to describe Edwards’ preaching, thus the Holy Spirit’s work seems all the more clear. Wouldn’t you agree?

  6. Repentance with a response of thankfulness

  7. ADB said


    You’re certainly right. I think the amazing part of the story that I told is simply that Edwards did nothing out of the ordinary. He did not resort to any gimmickry or manipulation.

  8. For those who missed the show yesterday, here’s my own working defintion of revival: “Revival is a season of unusual divine visitation resulting in deep repentance, supernatural renewal, and sweeping reformation in the Church, along with the radical conversion of sinners in the world, often producing moral, social, and even economic change in the local or national communities.”

    I have no interest in “holding revivals” or scheduling a series of emotionally-charged meetings. What I long for is a fresh encounter with the living God through His Word and Spirit on both a corporate and personal level. By His grace, I have been a participant in and eyewitness to several real visitations, the most prominent of which lasted for more than four years, and the good fruit from that visitation still remains, going on a decade later.

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