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Interview with Phil Pantana

Posted by truthtalklive on January 8, 2008

Today’s guest is Presidential Canidate Phil Pantana his website to find out more information about him is, www.purposedrivennation.com


3 Responses to “Interview with Phil Pantana”

  1. Brother Malachi said

    Another one of these “Purpose Driven” parasites, eminently qualified for the Presidency by his degree from Moody Bible Institute.
    Probably wants a constitutional amendment forbidding women to wear pants.

  2. pArasitE said


    When an atheist becomes a nations leader, the end result is never pretty – Cuba, China, USSR, North Korea, Hitler’s reign, Stalin’s reign, etc.

    Now, lets look at the nations with professing Christians(it can be argued whether they truly are or not) – USA, Canada, Australia, England, etc.

    I really hope you can see the difference in a godless leadership and one that allows the possiblity of a Deity.

    RC Sproul is doing a study on the issue of church and state – He can be heard on WTRU-AM830 at 1:00pm in the NC-Triad area.

  3. Interview with Phil Pantana

    […]Bloomberg pollster: “There are only two people in this [VP] crop as unpopular as Donald Trump, and it’s Gingrich and Christie.”[…]

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