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2008 Show Requests

Posted by truthtalklive on January 7, 2008

Listener feedback time!

What was your favorite show of 2007?

What topics would you like us to cover this year?


17 Responses to “2008 Show Requests”

  1. Jack said

    I regret that I don’t have more time. I really should research things I wonder about myself. Having said that I’m sure there are many more like me, That are thankful to you guys!! And I believe God is working through this outreach to help those of us that are tempered by the world to be cynical.

    1. In regard to the argument of creation V. mega evolution
    Since God knew, Satan would use weak evidence to refute the Bible what role should faith play if some proof is unearthed that is irrefutably?
    What is the line we should draw in considering of creation ie. supernatural to physical. I guess the part where it says on the Seventh day God rested….so there was some kinda “work” going on right?

    2. In regard to the argument about “Turn the other cheek”
    Isn’t there a line about a disciple asking Jesus “How many swords should I take?” and Jesus said ” One is enough”…was the disciples using the sword to crack nuts around the fire?

    3. In regard to the Church
    What are the rules of deciding about a Church? The first Church I went to Methodist preached one thing while the national Church preaches something different. The second Church Charismatics Baptist was more interested in gaining property than saving souls…

    4. In regard to the global war on terror
    I’m hearing about something called an “open letter for unity” where the Catholic Church wants peace with Islam.

    Finally I have a high school education when you guys use those really big words ie. the one today that I believe is translated to common speck as study of Revelations ? I humbly suggest that you guy come of as a bit high brow to some.

  2. kJ said

    Some good topics for truthTalk would be:

    1. Covenant theology vs traditional dispensationalism

    2. have the local church of Christ(Campbellite) evangelist on to discuss their “plan of salvation” and hatred of denominationalism

    3. Discuss the Communion service and whether it should be celebrated every Lord’s day and if it is or not a means of salvation to the participant.

    4. Lastly, Christ said we are one body and He is the head – so why are we so divided into so many denominations and splinter groups. Is that the unity Christ spoke of?

    I believe these would be excellent topics to discuss.

    Oh yeah, and #5 – why is the church, for the most part especially in the south, segregated based on color? You could get probably 2 Baptist pastors on to discuss this. There are many examples in NC of 2 churches on the same street, same denomination, one of the white folk and one fo the black.

    – kJ

  3. ANGIE FRANCE said

    A show about law vs grace would be wonderful. To show how we are justified by faith. I would love you to do a show about how traditions are passed down from churches but not theology and doctrine. I agree that you should do more on dispensationalism and right division. Also about why people think the church started at Pentecost, why the Apostle Paul’s letters are not taught more since he is the Apostle of the gentiles. Most of all we need more shows about what salvation really is and how you have to know what you believe, that it’s not walking an aisle or repeating a prayer. Faith comes by hearing, not by what you do.

  4. Mike Sears said

    Get John Fonville back on the show to talk about post #3

  5. Brother Malachi said

    You should have Brother Malachi on to disabuse you of your faith.

  6. Ann said

    You don’t need John Fonville back on to talk about what the gospel is. He has no clue what the gospel is as most people. No one wants to study the bible for themselves anymore. The gospel that saves you now is Jesus death, burial and resurrection. It is clearly spelled out for you in 1 Cor 15 1-4. Abraham was saved by faith but his faith was in what God told him to do not by believing that Jesus died for him. Abraham’s faith made him righteous but his faith was not in a cross, crucifixion was not even invented yet.Adam and Eve were not saved by the gospel we are saved by today.All Adam and Eve did for salvation was do what God instructed them to do. Abel did what God instructed him to do, but they certainly didn’t know anything about the death, burial and resurrection and a crucifixion. They believed God and what He told them. You can’t believe something that God hasn’t revealed or something that God hasn’t said yet.

    You need to have Les Feldick on. He is truly a man of God that knows the bible from cover to cover. He teaches a verse by verse study and has been doing it most of his life. He is a rancher by trade and is one of the most knowledgable bible teachers ever. He is on tv every week. He never asks for a dime. He sells his cd’s and tapes but will send them to you before you even pay for them. He encourages others to distribute his material as long as it’s not for profit to spread the gospel. He answers his own phone and reads every letter he ever receives. Your listeners will hear the true gospel if you listen to Les.


  7. kJ said


    I must somewhat disagree with your comment regarding the gospel. In Genesis 3:15 God gives a prophetic utterance of the “Seed of the woman” that would come and crush the head of the serpent. Every Christian scholar agrees this is prophecy about Jesus Christ and His virgin birth, but also about His overcoming sin and the author of sin Satan.

    I see the Scriptures revealing progressively more of God’s plan to His people. The people believed God according to the knowledge they had at the time. Yet, they knew what God’s plan was, in essence, they knew what the gospel(good glad news that makes a man leap for joy) was. It was the Seed of the woman destroying sin and overcoming Satan. They didn’t know all that we believers know today, but they did know that God would make a way.

    There are so many pictures and foreshadows in the Old Testament of what Christ Himself would do. The Old Testament saints looked for the Redeemer and Savior. His death was foretold years before He came to this earth as a babe. And it did speak of the crucifixion, even before crucifixion was “invented”. Most of the Psalms are prophetic word pictures speaking about the life and death of the Messiah. Job, the oldest book in the Bible even gives us a glimpse of the Redeemer to come.

    Adam, Abel, Abraham, etc. may not have known His name would be Jesus Christ, son of Mary – but they did know that God would provide “Himself” a sacrifice.

    As for Les Feldick, I’ve watched him a couple times but really don’t know a lot about him.

    Sincerely, kJ

  8. NOTE:

    Crucifixion is a type of cursed death (Being hung on a tree) that has it’s roots in ancient Mesopotamia. Recorded on stone cylinders dating back around and before 4000 BCE as the Sumerian Messiah, ‘ENKI’, was crucified on a Tree in the Garden of Eden.

  9. Anonymous said

    You must have some intimate knowledge about what Mr. Fonville believes to make such a judgemental statement. Do you care to back that up with some solid proof, or do you just like making accusations to make yourself appear superior?

    What do you make of Jesus’ statement about Abaraham, John 8:28 “Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad” given your stated beliefs?

    KJ, I agree with you. Abraham, clearly saw Christ (not literally but understood the promise) through the Ram in the thicket. That God would provide the sacrifice.

  10. Anonymous said

    I read some of Les’s material. While his doctrine regarding salvation by faith alone (the most critical doctrine of the Christian faith) is accurate, I believe he is mistaken regarding how OT believers were saved. (this is not something to divide over) Les says they had faith plus they did something and therefore were saved, but the text clearly says “By faith, Noah built, and by faith Abel offered…” etc. Les is reading that as “Faith Plus something” but the text as well as the book of Hebrews and Galatians clarify that it is “By Faith” they acted. Meaning they had faith (believed God, and were therefore saved) so they responded accordingly and did what God commanded. Why else would Isaiah say that our “righteous acts are filthy rags” if they could actually earn the OT believers salvation?

  11. Brad said

    As to shows (the topic here):

    How about a 2-day Mormon show. Use the first to allow the Mormons to come on with just you, taking few if any questions via phone, and simply explain their side. Maybe rehearsed questions in advance that they can have answers to already. If their big beef is that “their side” can’t get across on a normal show, how about give them one show all to themselves?

    The next day, have them on again (they must agree to come back the 2nd day), perhaps with a Christian or 2 in the booth with them. Take calls (but only if carefully screened, not anyone raving about polygamy or anything like that, cut off callers if getting out of hand), or perhaps don’t take calls, and have an in-studio debate between the Mormons and Christians.

    This takes away their excuse that they can’t tell “their side”, and really makes them put their money where their mouth is.

  12. jAsOn said

    I too would love to hear a dialogue between Covenent Theology and Classic/Historical Dispensationalism, but that is far too broad a topic for one show, how about a show that gets at the heart of that matter and may be do-able in one or two shows: A dialogue between those who think that the NT interpretation of the OT passages expands the OT prophecy and those who think that the OT prophesies can only be fulfilled to the ones to whom they appeared to be made (redeptive/historical hermeneutic v/s exclusively a grammatical/historical hermeneutic), or a dialogue between someone who believes in a strict distinction of Israel and the Church and someone who thinks Christ has fulfilled “land” and “rest” and “temple” promises from the OT?

  13. I would like to hear some truthful presentations/representations concerning the conditions that exist on Americas Indian reservations. Just go to IHS.gov and look for the publication – Trends In Indian Health. The facts recorded are stunning…and shocking. Native Americans are above the national average on just about every major health issue (cancer, diabetes, suicide, etc). We have America’s first people living in Third World conditions within the boundaries of the most prosperous nation on earth. We are blessed to have many wonderful people attempting to help our Native people. However, we need to make some major changes and I don’t seem to see much coverage of these issues. Perhaps this is the wrong venue to address this. It looks like people want to see more theology. Maybe one day???

  14. jAsOn said

    I would like to hear more shows on doctrinal clarity.

  15. John said

    How about interviews with different types of cult members?
    Get away from the Mormons[at least for a little while] and give us some access to some Jehovah’s Witnesses, Moonies, someone from the Flat-Earth Society…or maybe even a Satan or devil whorshipper, if one/some can be found. Or maybe someone from the Klu Klux Klan.I want to get into their heads.

  16. Stephen said

    To Brad (#11) and John (#15) and others interested in seeing debates with Mormons: We do not wish to argue with Christians. If you go to lds.org or mormon.org, you will see what we really believe and you will notice that we have nothing to say against other Christian churches. Before I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was (and still am) a born again Christian. I encourage people to: 1. Read the Bible completely through, 2. Pray about it, 3. Believe it, 4 Live it, and 5. Do it again. I believe in God, my Father, Christ, my Savior, and the Holy Ghost as my Comforter. This morning the TV came on and we watched Les Feldick teach his Bible study on 1 Corinthians 11 and found him to be excellent. There are many other non-LDS Bible teachers and I have no argument against them as long as they teach the Bible correctly. The problems start when people confuse polemics (look it up) with apologetics. Enough said.

  17. Brad said

    Stephen, you either don’t know enough about your own church to realize what you just said, or you do, but are trying to water it down to make it believable. Neither is excusable.

    I have done all your 5 steps, as you listed them. Here’s the thing – in doing that, nothing would lead anyone to Mormonism, b/c nothing about it is contained in the Bible. Nothing. Yes, I know the Mormons believe that there are numerous references to it in the Bible, but that is, at best, reading into the Bible to say what they want it to say. No proper interpretation of the Bible would lead one to Mormonism. So, your 5 points have been done by many, but have nothing to do with Mormonism.

    Since you have joined the LDS church, you are not considered a born-again Christian, b/c you do not believe in the same Christ that is pictured in the Bible, for starters. I would say you were never truly converted as a “born-again Christian” anyway, b/c if you had been, you never would have left it (see 1 John 2 for that explanation).

    The problems start WAY before people confuse polemics and apologetics. As I said, you are either deceptive or not completely informed, and both are bad.

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