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Pat Robertson predicts…

Posted by truthtalklive on January 3, 2008

Is he doing more harm to Christianity than good by making these statements?

Read the AP story on FOXNews.com


5 Responses to “Pat Robertson predicts…”

  1. Mike Sears said

    Yes. He is a proven false prophet and the media gives him way too much attention.

  2. Mike Sears said

    Kind of like the media asking Rodney King his opinion about law enforcement in LA. 🙂

  3. Fred said

    It’s not just Pat that makes Christianity look bad, but yes, his predictions are famously ridiculous. With major TV, radio and internet presences constantly re-enforcing his standing as a Protestant Christian Leader it must have collateral effect.

    The 700 Club is like the patent medicine shows of an earlier era. When the show was over and the crowds gathered to make their purchases, there were always a few who refused to actually drink the stuff.

    Those were the ones with discernment.

    Behind the smiling persona Pat must be a troubled soul.

  4. partyPat said

    If the world is judging Christians by what is promoted on t.v. as “normal” Christianity, Lord help us all.

    Biblical Christianity is not what Pat, Jesse D., Joyce, Paula, Benny, Oral, Kenneth C., Hagen, Hagee, Popoff, Parsley, etc, etc, etc. promote on t.v.

    Yet, it is they that have all the money and can buy the time on air. Biblical television programs are few and far between in America.

    Maybe Pat will get a “word” from God that is actually true this year? 😉 😦

  5. Mike Sears said

    Hey Fred!! We agree again!! That probably makes you shudder!! 🙂 I look forward to hearing your feedback on Mere Christianity.

    I agree with your list of heretics Partypat. Pretty sad testament.

    To STU: I am reminded of the consistent solid Biblical teaching from WTRU and your other affiliates. Just wanted to say thanks for another year of good teaching!! Blessings!! Mike

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