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Come Let Us Reason Together – By Ken Conner

Posted by truthtalklive on December 31, 2007


Come Let Us Reason Together – By Ken Conner

December 30, 2007

After spending thirty years in the wilderness the “Christian left” is making its voice heard. From Washington, DC to Dallas, Texas, large conferences have been held in an attempt to politically mobilize these “progressive” Christians.

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4 Responses to “Come Let Us Reason Together – By Ken Conner”

  1. Jack said

    Being raised in a atheistic house, and seeing with new Conservative Christian eyes the personal outcome of a life lived with neoliberal ethics.
    I’ve developed a kind of immunity to their thinking while still being able to look at issues through their eyes. By that I mean atheistic liberals aren’t restrained by morality. No rules are sacred.
    I also believe there are liberals that truly believe in the phrase “Social Justice” begins with themself. I will get down into the trenches with a liberal helping the people down on their luck. But I also know there is another mindset that has calculated how taking from one to give to another is merely a step in an agenda with ultimately evil ends.
    Ultimately I can’t know what is in the heart or mind of another, and can only control my actions, holding true to my core beliefs.
    It’s OK with me if a zealous social worker walks the mean streets to offer help. But once he or she becomes political and votes for politician’s that claim “social Justice” is a government duty to FORCING others to contribute to the state,for the good of other of lesser means. We have been down that road, and millions of people died. (My father says, “well yeah, but America can do it better ha ha). There is only one point where help works and that is when a person decides they are ready for a change. Oh wait isn’t there a proverb something like, feed a man a fish…

  2. Fred said

    Are conservative atheists likewise unrestrained by morality, or just liberal atheists?

  3. Jack said

    The topic is “liberal, progressive Christians” motives. A conservative atheist is more honest and true to the principals of their beliefs. Progressive Christian is a contradiction in terms, since progressive is code for “more evolved”
    An example is the Global Warming Hoax issue
    A liberal will use G.W. to exercise more control on people. While still booking a sky trip to Tahoe. A Conservative atheist simple say “It’s my SUV and I’ll use as much gas as I want get outta my face”

  4. Fred said

    Of course! I understand perfectly, now.

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