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Why is religion such an issue in the current political race?

Posted by truthtalklive on December 10, 2007

We’ve covered this issue several times now, but in his column on Friday, Charles Krauthammer raises some interesting points. columnistskrauthammer.gif 

By Charles Krauthammer
Friday, December 7, 2007

WASHINGTON — When Mitt Romney’s father ran for the presidency 40 years ago, his Mormonism was not an issue. When Mo Udall was a major challenger for the Democratic nomination in 1976, his religion was so irrelevant that today most people don’t even remember that Udall was a Mormon. Five members of the Senate are Mormon.  READ MORE…


9 Responses to “Why is religion such an issue in the current political race?”

  1. Brad said

    I personally couldn’t care less what Krauthammer thinks about the process, Huckabee or Romney. Doesn’t influence me in any way at all. And we could spend all month picking apart this excerpt from a Biblical point of view, but that wouldn’t be a good use of time, either. But I do want to address one point he made, b/c Romney addressed it as well, and BOTH have their thoughts on the point completely factually incorrect.

    Krauthammer stated “Forget the implications of the idea that being a ‘Christian leader” is some special qualification for the presidency of a country whose Constitution (Article VI) explicitly rejects any religious test for office.”

    The “religious test” piece in the Constitution just means that a candidate does not have to be of any particular religion, or of any religion at all, in order to run for office. It was designed to make sure there wasn’t a state or government-sponsored religion. However, it IN NO WAY means that voters can’t use whatever criteria they wish to evaluate a candidate, and if religion is one of those criteria that certain voters wish to use, then they are allowed to do under the very Constitution that Krauthammer hints is being violated. To me, being a Christian (if one truly is) is indeed a “special qualification” that a candidate holds, which gives him preference in my book. Simply b/c I want a man of God leading this country. I don’t want a Mormon/Buddhist/Muslim/Atheist, etc…, leading this country.

    Your opinions may vary, as is your right. If you choose to make religion a non-issue for you when it comes to voting, that is your right to have. However, it is also my right to make it a sticking point for me. The Constitution doesn’t forbid that for a second. So Krauthammer can take all the degrees he has, all his writing experience, and to me, it amounts to nothing, b/c he either CAN’T understand what the Constitution really says regarding this topic, or he WILLFULLY MISINTERPRETS it to say what he wants it to mean, to suit his purposes. Either way, I don’t buy what he says for a second.

  2. GovMeanMut said


    The article is part of America’s right to free speech – thanks to the founding fathers understanding of the God of the Bible.

    Sadly, people such as the author of this article seem to not realize that humans are inclined toward religion. It is a part of our depraved makeup, we long for a relationship with deity – of course being depraved we tend to makeup up our own idea of that deity.

    Our views on abortion, evolution, murder, death penality, homosexuality, etc. are based on our religious beliefs. There is no way to get around the issue of religion in a possible presidents life. I, as a Christian, want to know what they believe and what they stand for – is their faith a faith of words only, or is it a faith accompanied by works of righteousness? I heard the GOP candidates express their belief in the Bible, yet which ones live by it?

    Huckabee should be more vocal about his faith, not be timid. Like he said, his faith is who he is – then show it. You believe in creation. take a stand and defend what you believe.

    And that’s all I got to say about that.

  3. Joe said

    Hey GovMeanMut –


  4. Scott said

    Huckabee can’t run on his record as governor of Arkansas, so he is running on his religion. I find it very sick that Mike Huckabee is using religion to further his political motives. He is going into churches on weekends and “preaching”, but not for political reasons, AS IF! I thought that maybe “Christians” had gained some knowledge after being fooled twice by our current President, but according the polls, I’m wrong.

  5. GovMeanMut said

    Ole Billy Clinton played the religion card too. And he really played the race card. Those of darker skin color referred to Clinton as America’s first black pres.

    We cannot avoid the religion factor, it is in our soul. None of us are perfect but Jesus Christ. Huckabee’s morals are more Biblical than the other candidate’s and he seems to stand behind what he believes………so far.

    That’s more than we can say for Hillary and Rudy.

  6. Fred said

    “those of darker skin color” – GovMeanMut

    You meant to say those who voted for Clinton, right? Because we know that you conservatives would never play the “race card”.

  7. GovMeanMut said


    You are assuming too much. I vote according to the Bible, period.
    Therefore, there is only 2 races of people – those in Adam and those in Christ.

    And I know of many “black” people who did not vote for Clinton. I know of many “white” people who did.

  8. Dee said

    Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ. They do not believe in the blood sacrifice of Jesus that saves us, gives us our gift of salvation so we can spend Eternity with God. You can be GOOD all day everyday for the rest of your life, but you will not reach Heaven unless Jesus is your Savior.
    President George Bush professed on national TV that when he accepted/believed Jesus as his Savior it changed his heart. Your heart; your mind become 1 for God.
    For the record, I don’t think much of the other people you mentioned who are in our Congress now or have been. They are causing more division than good for our country.
    That’s what the Devil does – causes division, confusion, he came to steal, kill; destroy.

  9. mäklare gärdet…

    […]Why is religion such an issue in the current political race? « Welcome to TruthTalkLive.com![…]…

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