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Witnessing To A Thief

Posted by truthtalklive on December 6, 2007

What if all Christians were this effective?

92-Year Old Woman Talks Thief Out Of Robbing Her – Video (includes 15-second ad)



3 Responses to “Witnessing To A Thief”

  1. Joe said

    She definitely had angels around her. But, she obviously knew what she was doing and sounds like she showed no fear. I don’t know if I could have done that well. What a model and example for us to aspire to.

  2. John said

    A 92 year old evangelist ! What a precious saint ! How many 29 year olds could be as calm or as effective at Christian witnessing as she was under similar circumstances?

    A true heroine !

  3. Mike Sears said

    I was especially taken by her confidence that there was a much more powerful force with her than any man could threaten her with! What a great example of “A Mighty Fortress” that we (Christians) have on our side against the forces of evil!!

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