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Is the seeker-sensitive movement the right approach to ministry?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 30, 2007

Alex McFarland (www.alexmcfarland.com) your normal Friday guest host is in the truth booth with award winning journalist and author Warren Smith (The Charlotte World)

Talking about current events, in California there are talks about a Sunday school for atheist. Also in the news is the seeker friendly movement in todays church working? Interesting facts and stimulating discussion on Truth Talk Live! What do you think?


6 Responses to “Is the seeker-sensitive movement the right approach to ministry?”

  1. MonkeyMan said

    Simple answer: No, the seeker sensitive movement is not the way to go. It is unBiblical, antiBiblical and heretical. Since when does the church conform to the world? Since when was the church to be a place to bring in the nonChristians?

    What can we say? Ever since the 1800’s and the beginning of the altar call and sinners prayer, the church has been on a slippery slope.

  2. ADB said

    I beg to differ. Theoretically, I think it is possible to worship in different ways without altering the historic Christian Gospel. Though I am a traditionalist at heart, I do think that it is possible to adapt to reach more people, there is much the Bible does not spell out as far as how we are to worship. Some caveats though. Some, not all, contemporary music reflects wretched theology and churches that use it must reflect on the words they will sing. The basic message of the Gospel (justification by grace through faith, God’s love in and through Jesus Christ, etc.) is not up for debate even if it may be presented in various ways. The church is where you want non-Christians to be. Martin Luther said that it was to be a hospital for sinners instead of a museum for saints. We should bring people to church so they can experience the love and power of Christ. I do agree wholeheartedly with your point about the “sinner’s prayer.” That is the ultimate in cheap grace IMHO. Saying a simple repeat after me prayer is all that is required for someone to be set for eternity makes a mockery of the gospel. Our predecessors of the Reformation and First Great Awakening must spin in their graves over the notion. The trouble with some of what I see in the church today, you would probably agree with. If by seeker sensitive you refer to an arena without a cross anywhere in sight and a sermon all about how to be a good employee or good wife without any attempt wrestle with a passage of scripture; you are correct. That does really does not make disciples at all. Also, if by seeker sensitive you refer to Osteen and the other “health and wealth” folks some of that does come straight from the pit of Hell. (there I go using that antiquated, barbaric term 🙂

    A curmudgeonly pastor.

  3. Fred said

    “What can we say? Ever since the 1800’s and the beginning of the altar call and sinners prayer, the church has been on a slippery slope.”

    Why not join the Catholic Church, then?

  4. RL4ever said

    Well, folks, enjoy your self-righteousness while you can. Revel in your Gospel of Guilt. You’ll have to answer for your lack of sensitivity to all those Christian SEEKERS who finally found their way to discipleship through “seeker-sensitive” ministries, rather than through your narrow-minded, outmoded, hammer-handed approaches, soon enough!

  5. bought,taught said

    What is the Church? The body of Christ, the bride of Christ, a group of believers called out for worship, praise, prayer, breaking bread, and continuing in the apostles teachings.

    Evangelism is mainly done outside the Church. A service is not, should not be geared toward unbelievers. The gospel is offensive to the “walking dead” and it is God, through His Spirit that does the work of regeneration.

    It’s not about what music style is offered or what “ministries” are offered. I like the “kiss” method, no not the rock band – The book of Acts explains how the Church should function and it pretty much says “keep it simple stupid”. Of course that is a modern translation 🙂

    The problem is that pastors have become “presidents” and local churches have become corporations. It’s becoming a numbers and money game. 😦

    No, the seeker sinsitive movement is not the right approach to ministry. Paul exhorted Timothy to teach the word. He exhorted the churches to preach the gospel. Notice that the seeker-sensitive ministries do not teach the Bible, nor do they preach the gospel. So, what are they giving the people? Well, ole blinky eyes Olsteen gives them “blessing” but never “cursing” while most of the televangelists put on a good show for the people. Sad, very sad….

  6. Fred said

    My favorite “new” style worship is the old Rock musician turned pastor of a “contemporary” worship church. They have their Rock band set up on stage behind the podium. Why do they do this? Because they can’t get their band a job anywhere else, probably.

    Give me a Hammond organ and a choir anyday.

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