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I’m Dreaming of a Stress-Free Christmas

Posted by truthtalklive on November 19, 2007

Todays guest: Christian comedian Keith Deltano www.defyconformity.com

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11 Responses to “I’m Dreaming of a Stress-Free Christmas”

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  2. Dan said

    we canceled xmas 14 yrs ago we have a great dinner wonderful times with kids it was a little hard at first all the other kids saying what did you get 4 xmas . it has proved a great tool tell me whats wrong telling our kids a lie ex-santa hes a lie .we told our kids the truth like our Lord wants us to.eternal life is the gift .so teach our kids to be seprate dont go along with the world if the world embraces it run from it.it has proved a wonderful tool for our kids through the teen yrs they never felt pressured by the mob. just a thought to pass on

  3. Joey said

    My parents taught me the real meaning of Christmas…..and they raised me to believe that Santa Claus was real….until I was old enough to be told that he wasn’t, but that the meaning of Santa is that giving is far more better than receiving. They also taught me that the most important gift of Christmas is the gift of Jesus. I turned out just fine. Lighten up a little.

  4. kandace said

    I see where Keith is going and I applaud him.
    Christmas, as it is usually celebrated, is not a pleasant holiday. Instead, it has been so commercialized that the business community expects a lot of consumer spending so that these companies will end their fiscal year in the black instead of in the red.

    My childhood memories of Christmas were not pleasant because my dad worked late most of them. He had to close the store that he managed. We each got to open one present, but we had to wait for dad to get home before we could celebrate Christmas. This was usually around 10 PM. From the time that school began (around Labor Day) until Christmas, I hardly saw dad at all. He left to go to work before I got up to go to school. When he came home in the evenings, he went to the bedroom to work on the newspaper ads. Mom let me bring him a glass of water, milk, juice or some liquid but I had to leave quickly since he was busy. This was difficult for a daddy’s girl to take.

    As an adult, I try to rest and to take it easy because soon the commercialism of Christmas will be over and a new year begins. I know you all wonder where Jesus fits in. I don’t believe that He was necessarily born in December. I don’t spend a lot of time reflecting upon the tiny babe in the manger.

    It is the RISEN Lord Jesus Christ that I need, hence my thoughts are of Easter among the weakness of Christmas.

  5. Fred said

    I think there are many of us who were never taught as children that Santa Claus was real. I can’t ever remember believing it and I never taught my kids to believe it. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy celebrating the season.

    I enjoy decorating the house with a Fir tree and evergreen branches and giving gifts (receiving them,too!). What does this have to do with the birth of Jesus as described in the New Testament?

    It is what we make of it. Humans seem to like celebrating the beginning of winter. Christians call it Christmas.


    happy Festivus!

  6. John said

    The roots of the celebration of Christmas
    are growing out of pagan soil, if you know what I mean,gentle readers.Ever hear of YULE? It’s one of our 8 holidays.It’s what people in Europe celebrated befor the invention of Christmas.The evergreen tree,the holly,the Yule-Log, the candles,the gift giving,this time of year,……pagan,pagan,pagan,pagan,pagan,pagan.This is one of the reasons why I have no problem celebrating this holiday in addition to Yule[I’d do it anyway,for the pleasure of Christian family members.And because I love to party.].
    Don’t even get me started on Easter.
    If I were a strongly devout Christian,I’d try to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior on a date that was closer to the time that I thought he was born on,if I could narrow it down better.
    As you should all know, it certainly was not in the WINTERTIME.
    And another thing, if Stu E. is opposed to the commercialized Christmas, then why did he have this show in mid-November? It’s not even Thanks Giving yet! Was he trying to beat the Christmas shoppers?

  7. ADB said

    For once I agree with the Wiccan! John is exactly right about hopping into Christmas. Christians tend to follow the stores and start Christmas at Thanksgiving (or earlier!) So for a whole month we are singing “Joy to the World” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.” As a result by the time Christmas day actually comes we are all bored with it and by Dec. 27th there’s no trace in our homes or hearts that Christmas ever came. Churches should really try to spend some time in December in the OT or with John the Baptist and save the big hymns until Christmas or the Sunday after it.

    As for the dating of Christmas. Of course, no one knows the actual date that Christ was born. Of course, celebrating Jesus’ birth is something that Christians would want to do. The result is that Christians began celebrating it at a time that many pagans were used to having a holiday (the winter solstice). This shouldn’t be all that alarming to Christians. Paul customarily adapted similar tactics in his ministry, hence is “temple to the temple to the unknown god” address in Athens, or his statement that he resolved “to be all things to all people” for the sake of the gospel. For the early church it was simply a matter of enabling pagans to convert more easily.

    Happy Thanksgiving and try remembering Advent (if your church uses the church calendar.)

  8. John said

    If not, then may I recommend reading a copy of “THE OLD FARMERS ALMANAC”.One can find this little soft-cover book in almost any feed or hardware store.It has almost every known Christian holiday in the world listed in it[toothy grin].

  9. Hey folks,
    All the above points are interesting. I only have time for a few responses. John wants to know why we had the show in mid November rather than in December. The reason was simple: we wanted to save as many people as possible from the “Commercial Christmas Machine”.
    During my interview with Stu I gave a few simple solutions. One was to cut down on the shopping frenzy by “drawing names”. You can’t cut down on the frenzy once you have started it. So the earlier I perform my comedy show (or interviews) the more likely it is that families will be able to use the stratigies I give out in the show (or in this case interview).
    This year I did my first (for this season) “I’m Dreaming of a Stress Free Christmas” show on Novermber 4th. Many in the audience approached me after the show and expressed that they were glad the show was so early because they could impliment all my “simplify Christmas and discover your family” ideas.
    John, go to my site (www.DefyConformity.com) and fill out my contact sheet. If you live anywhere near one of my upcoming shows, I would love to invite you and a friend as my guest. We may disagree, but you are funny (Farmers Almanac/toothey grin).

  10. John said

    Thank you Mr.Deltano.
    I’ll check it out. I was listening to your interview as I chopped up firewood.In case I don’t get a chance to tell you later,have a very merry Christmas.

  11. John said

    O.K., I checked it out.You seem like a likable fellow, but I’m just too wary to give you so much information, and it takes me forever and a day to trust someone, sorry.Perchance we will meet in some other way. Blessed Be.

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