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Taking the Word to Work

Posted by truthtalklive on November 16, 2007

Todays guest: Kent Humphreys of Christ at Work International www.Christatwork.com . Kent is offering Truth Talk Live listeners a free copy of his book “Show & Then Tell”. Get your copy be calling (405) 917-1681.

**Note from the producer, we apologize for today’s show, due to a technical error the last segment of Truth Talk Live was  not heard in its entirety. On Monday we should have it available on our site.**

3 Responses to “Taking the Word to Work”

  1. kandace said

    Ken Humphreys is right on target. We have failed to engage our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our society has declined morally because we have not been the salt and light that Jesus wants us to be. Instead, Christians have tried to argue people to Christ, belittle people – as if that would lead one to Jesus. A “Show me” style of life-style witnessing does wonders in building bridges so that true verbal evangelism can occur. We are commanded to Make Disciples, not just converts. Imagine a physically grown person sucking a bottle, etc. This is the average church – a bunch of people who have never grown up to Christian maturity. No wonder we are in the mess we are in as a society.

  2. fred said

    The most eloquent witness for Jesus that I ever met was a fellow I once worked with. An exemplary worker, he never complained and always willing to give the rest of us a hand.

    Each day at lunch he would sit by himself with the simple lunch his wife had made for him and read the New Testament quietly. Whenever he was approached he was humble and genuinely interested in listening to the other persons point of view but never failed to give his answer with the love of Jesus is his heart. He probably said more by saying less than any other person I know.

  3. kandace said

    I’m with you 100%.

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