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Has Truth Talk Live affected your life?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 17, 2007

Tell us how


5 Responses to “Has Truth Talk Live affected your life?”

  1. John said

    It has helped me to learn how to use a computer.

  2. Anonymous said

    It is entertainment for the drive home; a chance to get to know the right wing fundamentalists.

  3. John said

    Yes, I’ll agree with that.In all honesty, this IS a little better than the occasional confrontation and just reading their literature.

  4. kandace said

    TTL is a good, safe place to explore ideas in an open forum on the Internet. The moderator does a fine job in policing the web site so that the people who post comments stay relatively on point with the topic and not to allow ad hominem attacks.

  5. рецепты похудения…

    […]Has Truth Talk Live affected your life? « Welcome to TruthTalkLive.com![…]…

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