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Can a single major motion picture end abortion as we know it?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 17, 2007

Today’s guest: Eduardo Verastegui

Main Character in the coming movie, Bella



6 Responses to “Can a single major motion picture end abortion as we know it?”

  1. seeking Him said

    what is The Bella movie rated?

    I can’t wait to see this movie! I have shared the link with friends and they are asking so many questions.

  2. Juan Jose said

    It was a blessing to hear Eduardo on the radio today. May the Lord greatly bless you my brother. I am looking forward to watch this movie. Cuenta con mis oraciones. Blessings to all.

  3. It was great being on the show today! Thank you all so much for the opportunity and your words of support.

    If anyone is interested in helping BELLA touch as many lives as possible, please visit and adopt a theater in your city.

    Together I know we can make a difference in our culture and in the lives of millions of people with BELLA.

    Thank you & God bless,

    Eduardo Verastegui

  4. Juan Jose said

    In reference to the question: “Can a single major motion picture end abortion as we know it?”, I don’t think a single major motion picture can end abortion as we know it. I believe the Lord can definitly use a single major motion picture to end abortion as we know it.

    I rejoice in the Lord to see how He (the Lord) is using you my brother Eduardo. Y lo que falta.

  5. Ed Vizenor said

    Hey great show.

    I have one IMPORTANT thing to add. If you want to HELP BELLA then please go to http://www.HelpBella.com

    Thank you so much for your support. Please tell others about this movie and send them to this site as well.

    -Ed Vizenor

  6. Troy said

    I don’t think a movie can “end abortion” as we know it but it sure can help people consider being more concerned about it. Until Americans get involved in the political process enough to change it through their representatives either through legislation or a constitutional amendment, abortion is the sick law of the land.

    As a side note, for an eye opener, goto the Wikipedia page for Abortion Law…
    … and scroll down to the tables that compare countries around the world and their abortion laws. Notice that the USA allows all types of abortion (as do many western countries, and China and others) but many countries that we consider evil (Iran, Syria etc.) abortion is the most restricted, banned completely in many “evil” nations. The is backwards.

    This sounds like a positive movie with a good message. I pray it does great at the box office.

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