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What about taxing alcohol like they do tobacco?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 11, 2007

Why not tax & sue big alcohol like they do with big tobacco? What about personal responsibility


2 Responses to “What about taxing alcohol like they do tobacco?”

  1. David Reynolds said

    I loved the show today. As for this topic, it opens up a bag of worms. The truth is that the Bible says, partake of everything, but do not over indulge. People say that the wine of the days of Jesus was different. Truth is that when you break the skin of any grape, the fermentation process starts. I tend to be on the road a lot. Truck Driver you know. When I get home, I tend to get a 6 pack of beer. I drink 2 or 3 and the rest hangs out in there for a couple of weeks.

    I really dislike the fact that the church tells us that we should not drink alcohol. If Jesus did, then why not us. Their doctrine is wrong. To say that I may influence a week brother is a farce also. For they say that if they see you drinking at a restaurant, that they may fall if they are an alcoholic. I say that if they are that week, they should know enough not to enter a place where it is served. This could go on and on. But I will leave it here.

  2. ADB said

    This is a topic that very easily can lead to legalism. (I’m more Christian than you because I don’t do this, or because I do the other.) I agree that there is no Biblical prohibition to alcohol. Certainly tough sledding exegetically when Jesus’ first miracle was creating 120 gallons of fine wine. This being said, the church in America with good reason has fought hard against alcoholism and all the evils to which it leads, particularly broken homes and drunken driving. I may differ a little regarding how and when, though. I enjoy a glass of red wine at night, but if around others for whom drinking is a problem, whether their own addiction or their belief that it is wrong I probably will abstain.

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