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How can We get a better glimpse of Jesus?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 9, 2007

Today’s Guest: Preston Parrish, Former host of Truth Talk Live, Author of Windows into the Heart of God.

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2 Responses to “How can We get a better glimpse of Jesus?”

  1. Jeff said

    Jesus radically changed my life! I spent the first 27 years of my life running in the world of sex, drugs, guns, drinking, … But in the Spring of 1987, it pleased God to reveal the truth of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to a hell deserving sinner. At the time I was living with my girlfriend (who is now my wife), and our best friends were cocaine dealers. (I won’t go into all the details now.) Through a series of circumstances God drew us into His Word. We wanted to know if it was a sin for us to be living together. As we searched the Scriptures not only did it reveal to us that this was a sin, but he also used His Word to convict us that we were sinnners destined for hell and in need of His grace. He revealed that He has provided the salvation we needed in His Son Jesus Christ. We got on our knees together and cried out through our tears for God to save us. He heard our cry and saved us that day. We now desired things that we never desired before (Scipture, fellowship with God’s people, to live holy lives …), and we hated the things we used to desire (drugs, drunkeness, …). We tried to share our new faith in Christ with our friends, but they slowly drifted away from us. We now loved Christ and wanted to live for Him. He has been faithful these 20 years since, and we now find ourselves in the process of preparing for the ministry. To God be the glory through Jesus Christ His Son!

  2. Jeff, Heaven rejoiced when you trusted Christ, and how your testimony now is honoring Him. You and your wife have made the most important discovery under the sun. God bless you as live for Him. Thanks for writing.

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