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Should Conservative Republicans Start a Third Party?

Posted by truthtalklive on October 5, 2007

With the possibility of “pro-choice”  Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, should conservatives look to a third party candidate? Guest host Alex McFarland www.alexmcfarland.com   President of Southern Evanglelical Seminary www.ses.edu welcomes Warren Smith, TTL resident Christian journalist  www.thecharlotteworld.com  . Find out more about the 2007 National Conference on Christian Apologetics on line at: www.nationalapologeticsconference.com


10 Responses to “Should Conservative Republicans Start a Third Party?”

  1. P C Hatcher said

    I understand your wanting to form a third party and selecting a candidate that you can support. Will this not hand the election to the democrats by splitting the republican party?

  2. ADB said

    Third parties make a statement, but do not accomplish anything. There is a possibility that I will have to “hold my nose” while I vote. Realistically though, what long term did Ross Perot, John Anderson, etc. really accomplish? The only 3rd party that even came close to impacting the national debate was the Progressive Party at the turn of the century. Incidentally, the champion of the Progressives was William Jennings Bryan who defended the fundamentalist/creationist position at the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial.”

  3. MAD said

    I am dismayed that there are those in the Christian community that are so myopic over this issue. I understand their frustration over the current crop of candidates but this “damn the consequences” attitude will harm America and put the cause of Christ in this nation further behind if liberal/socialist, anti-Christian, pro-homosexual, pro-abortionists are simply handed the reigns of power. Do they really believe this will be good for Christians who are already being hounded in the halls of government, in schools and every area of public life? When will they learn from the radical left that you can not win a war in one great battle but in small consistent victories. Yes, conservatives and Christians were let down by Republicans but to punish the nation by throwing the election to the Democrats who are now run by the radical hard left pro-abortion anti-Christian socialists smacks of foolish pettiness.

  4. Troy said

    Christians have an option in the Republican campaign… Ron Paul. The only truly Constitution literate person running that can win and I dare say the only one that can beat Hillary. I welcome any discussion concerning him. Otherwise, check out http://www.ronpaul2008.com

  5. Anonymous said

    History shows us that sitting U.S. Senators being elected to the presidency are extremely rare. I would bet against Hillary or any other Senator regardless who opposes them, unless the opponent is also a Senator! Then both sides lose!

    Senators are talkers and we need a doer in the White House.

    Ron Paul will get my vote and I am a liberal!

  6. Anonymous said

    Hey MAD, when you use the hyperbolic descriptions that we see in your post #3 we tend to dismiss your points as too extreme. You can make the same point with fewer adjectives.

  7. David Reynolds said

    In my opinion, the only real choice is Fred Thompson. No matter how successful he has been in life, he still have grass roots, down to earth beliefs that sould match that of 90 % Christian conservatives. I for one am a Christian conservative. However I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. I vote for the best person that best represents my beliefs and what is best for the U.S.

    Just a thought.

  8. Troy said

    David, let me encourage you and others to consider candidates more deeply, particularly since all Republican candidates want Christians to believe that they are “pro-life”, the one test Christians cannot compromise on. Unfortunately most of them never do anything about abortion once elected.

    Fred Thompson is extremely shaky on abortion, having lobbied for an abortion rights group, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. At first he tried to deny this until the New York Times came up with the billing records to prove it. Character should also be considered here but let’s stick with abortion, after all, what Christian would give any leeway on supporting killing innocent unborn people?

    Look at this portion from a Newsmax article from June 17, 2007:

    “… Combing through Thompson’s archive, Newsweek found several files on his campaign strategy on abortion that could roil his 2008 bid. On a 1994 Eagle Forum survey, Thompson said he opposed criminalizing abortion. Two years later, on a Christian Coalition questionnaire, he checked “opposed” to a proposed constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of human life. In a campaign policy statement filed in the archives, he also said he believes “the decision to have an early term abortion is a moral issue and should not be a legal one subject to the dictates of the government.” During an interview with the Conservative Spectator, a Tennessee newspaper, he claimed to be pro-life but also said that, “The ultimate decision on abortion should be left with the woman and not the government.”

    Also consider that Thompson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (as are several other candidates). This is troubling for anyone claiming to be “conservative”. The globalist agenda of this think tank places the abolishment of national sovereignty as it’s primary purpose, something that is blatantly destructive for America.

    He also supported the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform act and the Shays-Meehan bill restricting issue ads, two overtly anti free market bills.

    So, forget about compromisers and break out of the bondage of the “lesser of the evils” lie. You don’t have to even look to a third party candidate this election to find someone with fruit on the tree…

    Ron Paul introduced the Sanctity of Life Act of 2005 on the House floor which would have effectively outlawed all abortions immediately without overturning Roe v. Wade. He received little support from the completely Republican controlled federal government – Congress or the White House. Ron Paul is running as a strong Republican candidate and has the past, voting record, statement of faith and guts to back it all up. Prayerfully consider him as you dig deeper in the issues.

  9. It’s amazing to me how so many Christians truly don’t do their homework when it comes to politics. We are called to tune in and stand up, to be light, salt, and yeast in this present age. Did anyone watch the recent Republican debate in Florida? As a Christian Business Owner I believe each individual will be accountable for their vote, and it’s your duty to be informed.
    Is their a Republican candidate we can vote for? I believe their is and its former Arkansas Governor “Mike Huckabee”. Chuck Norris said it best in the following article: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,304096,00.html Please prayerfully consider him. I also believe it is the active tuned in Christians that have made the Republican Party what it is today. Plus I must add, how can a beliver read the Democratic platform, and see issue after issue and vote Democratic and go to a bible believing church on Sunday?

  10. Monte Brown,

    “Plus I must add, how can a beliver read the Democratic platform, and see issue after issue and vote Democratic and go to a bible believing church on Sunday?”

    Thats easy…

    When I was a Minister I voted for Bill Clinton.

    There many reasons why I did.

    While, I think it’s great that President or any elected servant of the People would have a conscience towards the divine… Using it in an address, such as th e George Bush has displayed, is very dangerous.

    God told me to go to war… Type phrases are very dangerous to our freedom and Constitution. Especially, with Christianity considering, that Jesus instructed his flock to, “Resist not the Evil man…”

    We have to make sure it’s the ‘God’, Jesus promoted and not some other lying spirit. Beside, if Jesus fulfilled the Law, that Old Testament killing and murder by the patriarchs while, supposedly, sanctioned by God are now nullified by Grace and Mercy.

    Or then Jesus was mistaken when he exclaimed, “It is Finished…”?

    And even in some cases, where leaders may feel that God has influenced their decisions, I think it wrong to use and elected seat to declare which one spoke. It is the same issue with a Church declaring which political candidate to vote for.

    A Church should not endorse Political candidates as the Government should not endorse a state God.

    Now, I do not think the candidates available are worth of any discussion at present but the issues involved couldn’t be more important or relevant.

    As a Minister, I had to make a decision about issues like abortion, Capital punishment and prayer in school, etc…

    I quickly decided prayer in school is good as long as it is A God of a persons Free choice as I do not condone moving beyond the Constitution. If the Christians get to meet at the pole… Satanist should get to meet in the boiler room.

    Freedom to Chose is the most important right in this nation to protect concerning the ideals of legislating morality against Liberty, Freedom and the Constitution.

    It is one thing for a Judge to fly the Ten Commandments, it is totally another to fly colors, tenets, denominations and or religious affiliation.

    Or even to mention a God by name in the courtroom!!!

    It is a matter of personal choice and faith of an individual and should remain as such.

    Abortion is a many splintered issue of morality, humanity, public health and resting betwixt all these is the Womans right to chose.

    There aren’t any quick ans easy answers, when considering the grave responsibility, to protect every individual’s right under the Constitution. Great care must be taken, to ensure that every being is represented under the Constitution, whether it be the unborn Child and / or the Mother.

    This issue is not only a Christian issue, it’s an issue of every Race, Creed, Color, Religion and Tongue.

    Partial Birth abortion is disgusting and evil, Period! But clinical Abortion is necessary to ensure the public health of it’s citizen’s. Back alley abortions, kerosene duches’ and coat hangers are not acceptable either but if abortion were illegal they would happen everywhere, everyday in this nation. And after having met children that survived these hellish actions (Mind you, even with the use of a tree branch clippers…) it is as heinous as Abortion. In reality it will happen if Abortion becomes illegal again and this too is unacceptable, inhumane, beyond cruel, medieval and down right demonic.

    We are left with the only clear solution… When is a fetus actually a living being and should then be protected by and under the Constitution? And when does the government have the right to, not only a womans right to chose but violate her body?

    Again, when it comes to Law, Governing and Legislating, it is the People as a whole that are most important as it affects everyone.

    Such with the crime of Rape… We cannot pass into Law, that a woman should have to give birth from a pregnancy, resulting from being a victim of Rape and violent crime… This is a personal decision on the part of the woman and her faith. For a victim of Rape, there aren’t any questions, that immediate abortion is the most moral and humane thing we can do for a woman who choses to do so.

    So Abortion should be legal for Victims of Rape, health issues that threaten the child, the mother or both their lives. And for mothers that show clear signs of mental illness, retardation or violent and abusive behavior and or crimes.

    I have counseled many girls dealing with these issues and some were realistically workable for the girl to finally give birth to the child. But is some cases, it would have far worse to bring the child into the world… I think the real problem lay within each of us as to our personal sense of morality, faith and our misconception of innocence… Of which has nothing what so ever to do with unborn children.

    What it has to do with is our own mortality. Americans are taught and raised from birth to fear Death. Or that some how Baby is innocent… Anyone that is a parent knows that children while innocent of the workings of society they are not completely innocent as they can pre-meditate, lying, assault and injure others, bribe and stealing.

    We want to believe that precious image ourselves is innocent and new to life but, this is out of our selfish need for validation, as we know we will die… as will that cute little sweet baby we are holding in our arms. This is a terrible misunderstanding of modern Christianity and it’s adherents.

    With in many cultures the beliefs and faith in reincarnation has as much weight and merit as do any doctrine Christian spouse to believe. death is not bad… It’s only the natural cycle of life… we exhibit this insecurity and fear most with this issue as as well with the elderly, sick and dying… As Americans tend to think that you should be kept alive at all cost… This is complete idiocy on our part as species and one based on a beliefs and faith that cannot be proven either way… Although nature speaks loud and clear. we are born, we live and then we die… and as nature exhibits to all life that it’s starts over again.

    Stem cell research bearing no less weight of an issue in this regard. As am completely for this type of research for the betterment of the whole race.

    Again, it is persons Free Willed choice, to choose. In America a person has the right to go to Hell if they chose to as well but they also have the right to do it without persecution from Christians.

    You cannot legislate morality because morality differs from one person to the other, some people are open to wife swapping, others are not… It’s a matter of choice and preference.

    As well whether life or death… It should the right of a person to choose to either live or die… Or then it is hypocritical to enforce a death penalty… You cannot say a fetus has rights under the constitutions because it is debatable whether they are a conscious thinking being (I personally think they are but not from conception as a spirit knows when to enter the womb.) But I do not think death is bad it’s just a part of the process… So why not send a child back around to born again at latter date when the mother is healthier, more prepared and the circumstances are better suited for the needs of the child in life.

    Life is either Sacred or it’s not. You cannot condone war and murder and then tell your daughters that their baby is more important only because their related to you.

    And if Christians think that all the Babies need to be born then they should get busy raising the money to pay for it all not excluding the child’s welfare and college fund.

    We are all ‘Free Moral Agents’ having the right to chose life or death, chose Hell or Heaven, chose right or wrong and chose whether or not we believe or not in anything we chose to.

    So to answer the question,

    “Plus I must add, how can a beliver read the Democratic platform, and see issue after issue and vote Democratic and go to a bible believing church on Sunday?”

    It’s not about Democrat or Republican (And whats the real difference anyway? Not much as the are both puppet regimes) and it’s not about legislating morality as puritanism does not work. It’s not about your God or my God… It’s being… Being who and what you are… It’s about deciding for yourself, with in yourself what is right and wrong, good and bad and moral and immoral. It’s not about inflicting or for forcing others live and be the same…

    This is America and while Christians like to rattle on that we are a Christian Nation and founded by Christian fore fathers… That is incredibly false and wrong thinking. Our forefathers were mostly Freemasons and they were and are not Pauline Christians.

    They adhere to the Principles of Revolutionary Illuminism.

    The Ideals of which originated from the Seraph at the Tree of Life(Ningursag) known as Enki / Samael / Jesus / Lucifer.

    Christians wouldn’t want to Worship and Pray to Lucifer now would they? So, it is wrong to force anyone to believe in a religion, nor should it be condoned in America, to Terrorize anyone into believing anyone’s Dogma…

    Terrorism is Terrorism, and it should not be tolerated and in American it should be crime punishable by Law to do so… And also considered Mental and sometimes physical abuse not excluding (and surely it is) a form of Child Abuse. You will go to Hell if you do not go to Church Johnny… That is Terrorism period.

    We do not allow Cults to to do this why should the Christian Cult be treated any different?

    No the Republicans should not forma third party… Lets try something new for a change.

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