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What Happens When Culture Comes to Church

Posted by truthtalklive on September 26, 2007

Guest Host: Roger Wiles > Check out his site, Reformation Today

What Happens when culture come to church and the Church then monkeys and morphs the culture? The “Perfect Storm” for the decline of Christianity in America happens when and anti-Christian culture challenges the Church and the Church responds, not with a challenge from the gospel, but with a message of tolerance and acceptance in a vain attempt to be relevant.


6 Responses to “What Happens When Culture Comes to Church”

  1. Dan said

    I assume we’re talking mostly about how so many of todays churches are bending and accepting practicing homosexuals in their churches. It is truly sad. But as Jesus said, “By their fruits you will recognize them”.

    Churches do not set the standards for their members. The members set the standards for their church and the church bows to their wishes and ‘tickles their ears’ with what they want to hear.

  2. Elder Taylor said

    Even though culture changes, the Bible has always addressed culture in its day and time. When we read the Bible, we must have a spiritual understanding of what God is saying
    to us.

    We must understand that the Bible deals with culture environment. However, God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Therefore, we as Christians MUST preach the gospel and deal with every sin the Bible deals with regardless of culture, race, creed, or religious background. We will all have to give an account one day of how we live and what we teach.

    I quote, “The Bible is right and somebody is wrong!”

  3. Anonymous said

    IMHO a lot of the traditions of the protestant churches in the USA have evolved from a time when due to the lack of technology, disparate locales, longer working hours, sparse population density, etc. the church was the only place to socialize.

    The church goers at the end of the 18th century who couldn’t read or write, (all)didn’t have telephones or email, didn’t have spare time to socialize would, at the end of the week, dress up in the Sunday best and spend the day at the church to socialize, gossip, make deals, and do all the other things that humans are wont to do with their spare time.

    So there evolved a standard where church goers were expected to be well dressed, deferential to authority (they couldn’t gossip until the sermon was over), and devout believers. The preachers had a captive audience each week and adhered strictly to the Bible.

    With the advance of technology and the more spare time we afford ourselves there is no need to socialize in church anymore. We don’t like dressing up so why dress up and go to church? We speak with each other, gossip, make deals, play softball, etc. seven days a week now. Why go to church?

    So you have churches that emphasize casual dress and more socializing as part of their attempt to attract people. And the preachers need to make a living so… no shirts and ties this Sunday! Shorts? Sure! Don’t like brimfire? How about God is Love? That better? Baked goods sale after the sermon! The sermon is brief, hit the offerings plate and whiz out the door! Everyone likes baked goods!

    Anyways, that’s my take on it. The natural evolution of a cultural phenomenon.

  4. Brad said


    While I agree that church shouldn’t be “dumbed down”, if you will, to accomodate today’s lifestyle, I’m not sure that the clothes we wear to church play a role in that. Is there something Biblically wrong with wearing shorts to church, or being comfortable in clothes, rather than dressing up? Many people believe so, but I’d love to see the Biblical justification for it, rather than just say it’s “tradition.” A casual dress church doesn’t necessarily equate to a church that has compromised – we can’t confuse the 2.

  5. Anonymous said

    Brad, no, there isn’t. I’m sure you’ll forgive my exaggeration. I have that pet theory about “Sunday best” rambling around in my brain and sometimes I just have to share. Mr. Wiles had mentioned it when he guest hosted the show that day.

    It is remarkable that you and I seem to agree on something. Maybe there’s hope for you yet?


  6. Brad said

    With all these “Anonymous”‘s out there, it’s hard to tell which “one” is posting.

    Yes, I always have hope you’ll switch over to my line of thinking… 🙂

    I always love the “Sunday best” theory. The question I always ask when confronted with that one is “did you wear your tuxedo to church every day this year? B/c if not, can you really say you gave God your best?” At which point the stammering usually begins…

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