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Are you being Loved and Respected?

Posted by truthtalklive on September 20, 2007

How’s your marriage? 

Stu talks with Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs about the basics of a healthy marriage.

Love and Respect Ministries 

North Carolina listners! Check out the Love and Respect conference  With Dr. Eggerichs and his wife Sarah coming up on October 12-13.

2 Responses to “Are you being Loved and Respected?”

  1. I love this segment yesterday. I am blessed in my marriage. My husband and I just click together but I have many friends that don’t. I have a friend and I wish I could get her and her husband to this conference. They have so many ups and downs and fights and it’s bad. Dr. Eggerichs, this is a wonderful thing you and your wife are doing. I have always felt a calling on my life to minister to married couples infact my husband and I both do. God Bless you and your ministry.
    Chastity Jenkins
    Seagoville, TX

  2. Lori said

    I love this book. My husband and I committed to reading one marriage book a year and this one has meant the most to us. I tried half a dozen times to call in, so I’ll settle for letting you know how much this message in your books has meant to us. We had a good marriage, now it’s great. The rewarding cycle is the best. God bless what you’re doing.

    Allen, TX

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