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Is Cruelty to Children Worse Than Cruelty to Animals?

Posted by truthtalklive on September 18, 2007

The NFL doesn’t seem to think so. The league lowered the boom on Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons for dog fighting, and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick for cheating, but the NFL doesn’t seem to be concerned about deadbeat dad Travis Henry of the Denver Broncos.

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3 Responses to “Is Cruelty to Children Worse Than Cruelty to Animals?”

  1. Brad said

    I completely agree with the above 2 articles. I went to Virginia Tech, and saw Vick play live at many games. He is an amazing athlete with God-given talent, and led the Hokies to the National Championship (which they almost won, if not for a poor 4th quarter!) in 1999.

    That being said, I don’t condone for a second what he did. It was wrong, both morally and legally. However, as I’ve told others throughout this whole thing, he’d have been better off shooting somebody than killing those dogs, b/c the backlash would have been much less harsh. There would have been no ultra-liberal PETA to deal with, and the media would have made much less of it. Are either right (acts against dogs or humans)? No. But the point is what have the American public been up in arms against, the dogs or the humans? The answer is clear. Where is the backlash against Travis Henry, Lawrence Phillips, Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Ray Lewis, etc…? Why is the media not up in arms at their antics, which involve acts against humans, rather than dogs? B/c it’s not a sensational story.

    Again, I’m not condoning it. My point is that we, as a nation, have come to a point where we’re less concerned about what the person actually did, than about how we can focus on it and point fingers.

  2. I just want to say that it is a sickening thing, when people put animals over human life. I am appauled at the fact that every day in America and all over the world, we take innocent human life. I am addopted, and it was because of the greatest act of love that I am in existance. My children were abused by a man that held his animals higher than his children. I no longer like animals and neither do my children. Not like we used to anyway. It is time that if men are not going to be responsible, and take proper authority over these issues then women need to take a stand for the Lord. I hate abortion and I want to find a way to help in my community. I am going to school in an effort to learn some clerical skills so that mabe I can get my foot in the door of the agency near by. This has got to stop and people need to stop talking about these things and take action. This is not just a job for the few good men we have left in the world it’s just as important that women take action as well. Don’t wait for your church to take a stand, or someone else to do something because it may be a long wait. All it takes is one person to start a dominoe affect. Once you start the line you push against this issue and, with God going out before you, these murderers will tear down and fall like dominoes. And also this includes all the infodels, those who abandon thier responsibility to thier children. As Gods children we should have compassion on all of Gods creatures but people are idolizing thier pets. This is no different than what they are trying to make christians do in Egypt, and the surrounding places, against thier will. I have no doubt whatsoever that God is very angry with this nation for the wickedness. May God help us all when He decides to take vengeance, because it won’t be pretty. I also think that if T.V. can put sex on shows than we should show the world what happens in an abortion clinic. Lets show America the bare nakedness of this atrosity that we allow to take place. But no that won’t happen, Government officials and Dr.’s make too much money. If we expose them for the murderers they are, that means they lose thier mansions in the sand. Then we have children in the street and can’t speak for themselves. We got children being prostituded out for the entertainment of some really sick people. But people idolize thier pets like that star who left her dog millions of dollars. What is that dog going to buy with that kind of money? That money could have saved some lives of people here, several people could have had a meal for the rest of thier lives. I am so ready for Jesus to come and take me home cause this is rediculous.
    I am so ashamed to call myself an American sometimes if this is what it means to be an american. We have got to tell our children about abstenance and why it is so important. It seems to me young women and men have no idea what the consequences are for having premarital sex. If your willing to pull your pants down that you should be ready to raise a child. It is not the childs fault for people and thier own stupidity. I say that more information about what abortion is graphically will change the hearts and minds of our next generation, of course unless if they are just that sick.
    Thank you truth talk I really appreciate what you inform people of on your program. I believe that your ministry will cause actions to take place and rally some of the communities to take a stand. God bless you and all who help your ministry.

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