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Castaway Kid

Posted by truthtalklive on September 17, 2007

Abandoned at three..homeless at seventeen..and the years in between in a orphanage. Castaway Kid www.castawaykid.com is the amazing true story of Rob Mitchell www.rbmitchell.com . Find out how he overcame the odds and reached the top of his profession and became a successful family man. 

North Carolina listeners have an opportunity to hear Rob Mitchell in person on Tuesday, September 18th at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. Details at (336) 880-5522.


2 Responses to “Castaway Kid”

  1. kandace said

    Thank you for sharing your story. Although I had a two-parent home, in some ways I was invisible because Dad had to work long hours at his job. Mom, although physically at home, was not comfortable with answering questions that I had about life. It wasn’t in her upbringing to discuss the intimate details of life. My siblings and I did not really get along.

    As an adult, I was able to understand some of the details behind why my parents were so unapproachable to me. Yet, there was a little girl within me who had to be healed in order to stop poisoning my adult relationships.

    Praise God, He sent people to come alongside me and be willing to serve as God’s therapeutic instruments so that I could be made whole. Even though I came to Jesus Christ as a 9-year old girl, I was exposed to so much emotional abuse that apart from His protective involvement in my life, I would in all probability have already committed suicide.

    Although, in some areas of my life there is more healing to be done, God’s working has allowed me to write these comments without tears. He has enabled me to forgive each member of my disfunctional family. He has given me a new family – the Church of Jesus Christ.

  2. Terry Rosbach said

    Thank You for sharing your story.
    I had two parents, a stay at home dictator type mother and a “good provider” dad. I remember him digging weeds from the front yard Sunday mornings before church but I don’t remember him coming to any of my games.
    After years and years of alcohol, bad relationships, and numerous attempts at counseling I finally have peace in Jesus Christ. God is helping me forgive myself and everyone else.
    I am now happy. Praise the Lord.

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