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Knowing God Through Suffering

Posted by truthtalklive on September 10, 2007

Todays Guest: Pastor Ted Wilkins www.webstand.com/gnbfm of Joy Baptist Church in Siler City, North Carolina. Pastor Wilkins suffered a stroke, quadruple bypass surgey and prostate cancer all within a five year period. Completely healed today, he talks about what God taught him through his suffering.

4 Responses to “Knowing God Through Suffering”

  1. Many are confused on this matter brother. I am not being uncompassionate, however, God owes us nothing but hell and is not obligated to do anything for us. I do believe God heals, and I also believe God afflicts. Paul told the Philippians that they were appointed to suffer for Christ’s sake. This is amazing. Being an African American our communities are flooded with this heretical doctrine. Leaders such as Olsteen, Jakes, Dollar, Price and other false teachers continually pump this into televisions. This teaching is detrimental because it leads to a false view of God as God and makes him out to be a genie or Cosmic Santa Claus waiting to be at our beckoning call. I pray for those with faulty doctrine and my community, because many are duped. God bless.

  2. John Metzger said


    It was such a blessing hearing your voice again, this time on the radio! Wow. You have been such an inspiration to me. It has been a while since we have talked so my name may not ring a bell. I was in the Sumitomo Bible study. Todd Swinson introduced us. Your words during my lay off from Sumitomo were very encouraging. If you recall, we met at Southeastern Babtist seminary Student Union. My son has cerebral palsy and you have prayed for him in the past. I tried to call into the radio program this afternoon on my way home from work but was not successful getting through. I work with Todd at AW North Carolina now or the past 3 years. I will mention to him tomorrow that I heard you on the program and will tell him about this web site.
    You mentioned that our sufferings are caused for a reason. My son’s disability has brought my wife and I on our knees many times and has allowed us to trust and grow much closer to the Lord. Your testimony was so powerful today and I know it blessed many people. I still have the notebook I showed you that contains a large collection of your Mens Daily Brief. I also forwarded this to many other brothers over the years. These have been a blessing not only for me but to other men. I plan to share these with my son Andrew when he gets a little older. He is now in the 6th grade and is very discouraged about having cerebral palsy. God is using people like you and Jonie Ericson to lift other up who are suffering. I would like to pray for you and if you have any specifice prayer requests I will share them with Todd also, if that is alright. We have a Thursday bible study at work. There are 4 of us. We would not be meeting if it wasn’t for you getting this started at Sumitomo. You are a great blessing to many others and you will one day know how significant your impact on me and others has been once we are with the Lord. I hope you can also understand this now as well. May God bless you and your family richly.

    In Christ,

  3. s8300028 said

    Hey, my name is Matt, and I’m a Christian. And I like talking about god. And I know that the end is near, God’s return is close, now I’m not saying that I know when God is coming back, because I don’t, no one does, not even the angles in heaven. But it says in the bible that there will be alot of distruction when it is close to the end days.

  4. ADB said

    This is a good topic, and I wish that there was more comment on it. I might be wrong in this, but Christianity is perhaps the only major religion where suffering can be redemptive. Certainly Christ’s victory over Satan and death came through suffering and humility, but we have always considered it a positive good to suffer for Christ. God does also seem to speak to people through suffering even if it is a physical illness or injury that is not related to one’s faith.

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