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Calvinism & the Sovereignty of God

Posted by truthtalklive on September 5, 2007

Todays guest: Dr. Steve Lawson www.newreformationministries.org Dr. Lawson is senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile Alabama, and featured speaker at the upcoming Ligonier Ministries’ Sovereignty of God conference www.ligonier.org/conferences


4 Responses to “Calvinism & the Sovereignty of God”

  1. Richard said

    When my children were entering their teens, we had been attending a UMC for a few years because that was where our friends were. When we moved to Burlington, NC, we began searching for a church. I had a checklist of what I thought my kids needed: 1. hip music 2. big youth group with a hip pastor 3. casual worship

    Well those churches aren’t hard to find but the kids didn’t feel comfortable in any of them.

    My roots are that I was saved in a church where the Bible was taught one line at a time expositorily. In recent years, I had always been butting heads with the UMC over their teaching so I decided to go back to my roots. We found The Master’s Church in Burlington and I felt right at home. The Bible is exposited and my spiritual growth has taken off. It is casual but that is a coincidence, not a selling point. The music is great but that isn’t the focus either. If there was no music at all, we would be there for the teaching. I didn’t even know what Calvinism really is three years ago and I was probably a dualist. Now, I have been really straightened out by Biblical teaching. Election was a hard concept for me to come to grips with. I remember the light bulb going on over my head one Sunday thinking, “Of course, God is sovereign. Of course, I am totally depraved. Any other conlusion would be to apply some kind of merit to myself for my salvation.”

    To my delight, my kids, upon visiting the Master’s Church, went home saying, “That’s it Dad, you found it.” What they wanted was sound teaching all along.

  2. anonymous said

    Great topic,
    Calvin was a great exegete of scripture, and his Institutes are still read in seminaries today, nearly 500 years after he wrote them. Even though I am a Methodist minister I appreciate Calvin and have read him a fair amount. By the way, people sometimes overplay the difference between a Wesleyan and a Calvinist; Wesley at one point said that he was a “hair’s breadth from being a Calvinist.” It does seem that there was some confusing of two different things in the calls today. Expository preaching and preaching through books of the Bible refer to two different things. The first is the preaching style. There have been many great expository preachers, but it’s certainly not the only way to craft an effective sermon that is exegetically sound. The second is a matter of text selection. I do think that the issue of text selection is very important, because too often we pastors will keep preaching the texts we like. There is a danger to just picking something out of thin air. Preaching “lectio continuo” straight through a book can be effective (unless you’re taking 10 years to preach through Romans or something, in which case you’re omitting too much of the rest of the Bible). I also think that using a lectionary can be helpful, because it forces me to visit some of the more unfamiliar or difficult parts of scripture. Many times a lectionary will stay with a book for a month or more, and in the case of the gospels pretty much all the gospel readings from a year will come from one book, allowing the pastor to really give the folks a flavor for the book. Anyway enjoyed the show.

  3. Bill in NC said

    I didn’t get to all of the show. Did the topic of Michael Servetus come up?

  4. xapis said

    I was at the conference in Charlotte on Saturday and Lawson delivered a sermon expositing Ephesians 2:1-10 better than any I’ve ever heard.

    Grace Forums

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