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Virginity Rocks!

Posted by truthtalklive on August 7, 2007

Does abstinence education really work?

What’s wrong with sex education that encourages safe sex and the distribution of condoms?

 Keith Deltano is a Christian comedian www.keithdeltano.com  www.defyconformity.com who thinks abstinence is no laughing matter. Find out how he’s getting the message out to teens and how they’re responding.


3 Responses to “Virginity Rocks!”

  1. Ivy said

    I didn’t catch the entire show yesterday, unfortunately. It sounded really intriguing, though. I have a 13yo boy and I tell him explicitly why he is not to have sex. I don’t say “but if you choose to, wear a condom”. The problem with teaching abstinence in school – and why it doesn’t work – is because the teaching is not authorized to be tied to morality. There is a moral reason why sex before marriage is a no-no. However, teaching this moral law in church and at home is the correct medium. If it wasn’t for the reasons God laid out, why would we choose abstinence?

    And couching one’s admonishment to children against sex in the “if you must disobey, wear a condom” idea only serves as condonement of bad behavior. Christian parents, you wouldn’t say to a teenager “I really forbid you to smoke weed and drink alcohol, but if you must, do it safely”. I mean, doesn’t that sound as if you are condoning substance abuse? Yes! It does! Sex before marriage is just as sinful as drug use and alcohol abuse. The problem is that we parents don’t take a strong enough stance against promisicuity. That is the reason our kids refuse to abstain. Parents must take a stand against immorality in our children. It’s our God-given duty.

  2. Ivy,
    I agree with most of your comment accept for a few points. The statment “and why it dosent work” implies you dont believe that abstinence education in public schools is working. This is completly false. The reason abstinence education is under attack is because it IS working. For peer reviewed studies with links to the sorce materials that show abstinece education is indeed effective, go to my site, http://www.DefyConformity.com (see link above) and hit the “evidence it works” button. The main stream media has refused to print/post/show anything other than what they believe – abstinence education does not work and condoms are the Nation’s best defence. They have believed this for so long that it is difficult for them to accept the well documented success of abstinece education. Many have attributed this silence on the success of abstinece education to the “liberal bias” of the media. Such a claim would be difficult to prove. I CAN tell you that I’ve done countless interviews where I’ve handed the reporter/editor “hard science” that shows the decline of teen sexual activity/birth rates and it’s connection the the “abstinece movment”. I then buy the paper the next day or watch the newcast that night, and for some reason the scinece that supports abstinece education in public schools and amongst the nations youth in general is left out.
    You make another statment that “That is the reason our kids refuse to abstian” According to the CDC (Center for Desease Contral) in 2005 46.8 teens had had sexual intercorse by HS graduation. That is the lowest it has been since the early 70s. From the early seventies on sexual activity rates climbed (comprehensive sex ed ruled the schools) In the early and mid 90s teen sexual activity rates began a decline that continues today. Also ( a coincidence?) in the early and mid ninties abstinece education entered the schools. Many of the teens that are choosing to abstian are from broken and non Christian homes, but becasue somebody exposed the lies behind the “safe sex” propaganda (without any moral or Biblical instruction), they have decided to abstian. There is indeed many young people from many different backgrounds that are choosing to abstian. For complete CDC graph and explanation, go to my site. What makes me so angry about this battle, is that the average Ameraican believes that abstinece education does not work. Why is this? Perhaps (up until this point everything has been fact, now I go into conjecture – which is not included in any of my shows, I stay apolitical during all my presentations) as I started, Perhaps we should look at who or what organizations, both political and private, stand to loose plitical power, income, and prestige if teen sexual rates continue to decline. Who would that be and how would they seek to influence this depate?

  3. Ivy said

    Keith, thank you for your reply. It is refreshing to know that someone cares about our kids. It is also nice to see that the media is skewing things – as opposed to the appalling perceptions they present actually being true.

    I can tell you one organization that stands to lose $ if this proproganda is exposed – that is Planned Parenthood. They’ve made a multi-million dollar business out of abortions. A lot of those abortions are performed on teenagers. If teens are abstaining and as young adults, continuing to do the same until marriage, there is going to be a drop in “unwanted” pregnancies and thus abortions.

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