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Christians and adoption

Posted by truthtalklive on July 30, 2007

Is adoption a Christian duty?

Todays Guest: Dwayne Gullion talks about his experience with adoption and offers some advice on resources for Christians interested in adopting a child. www.fhfonline.org  


5 Responses to “Christians and adoption”

  1. Abiola said

    I totally agree with the guest and host that Christians must be involved one way or the other in adoption. I have been an advocate of adoption since I was eight years old even though my circumstances has always made it impossible for me to adopt. I am thankful that God is finally opening a door for me to foster/adopt and I can begin the process.

    I have friends who are adopted or have adopted siblings and I know it is not a picnic but the Christian walk is no picnic.
    My degree in social Work and my brief involvement in the foster care system gave me a fresh insight into the system and how badly those children need stability in their lives.

    This brings me to my concern.

    I am concerned about how much focus is on international adoptions when there are over 100,000 children in foster care in the US many of whom will love to be adopted. I wish someone will advocate for those children as well. I believe they are our Jerusalem and our Samaria. Should we not take care of them the best we can before we reach out to the ends of the world? On top of that a Christian couple may not need to have $10,000 to adopt a child locally. They do not even have to incur any cost to adopt from CPS.

    I am not saying that children in Russia, China, and other parts of the world should not be given loving Christian homes in the US. They deserve it. However, equally needy are abused and neglected children right under our noses.

    I am really confused that as much focus is not given to international adoptions but never have I heard a program dedicated to local adoptions. I am a beleiver and each time someone campaigns about international adoptions I feel that they should go to the CPS website and read about children right under our noses who need Christian families just as much. Can someone help me understand the discrepancies?

    I am too timid to call a live talkshow hence my email comment but I will sincerely appreciate feedback.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Jennifer Walker said

    I think the duty to adopt is our responsibility as a humans, not only as christians. I think if you are a professing christian it should fill your heart with sadness to see any child/ children just waiting and wanting to be loved for their life time.

    My husband and I are facing the what feels like impossible task of trying to fund adoption, it is so hurtfully expensive, looking at “Price tags” just brings tears to my eyes, all we want is to love a child of our own.

    Thanks for all of your links to great sites!

    Praying for his answer,

  3. Heather said

    I believe it is our duty to help people who are in need. That being said I also believe that it is our responsibility to make sure we are taking preventive measures so unwanted children are not born. People say that birth control methods should not be spoken of because it will tell teenagers it is all right to have sex, but they are going to do it regardless of what you do or do not tell them. It is better for them to be having safe sex instead of unsafe sex if they are having sex. Birth control should be made more available to people in low income countries so they are not having this problem with orphans. We can not take care of every orphan out there but we can make sure more are not being born. That is the real issue at hand.
    Also why is it so expensive to take an unwanted child and make it your own. You thinking making it one less person the government has to take care would make them want to give them away to people who can provide for them. Why charge so much to give a baby a better future? I don’t understand that. Something is seriously wrong here when somebody who wants to be a parent can’t have a child because they don’t have $10,000 to get a kid that is not wanted by anybody else. The law of supply and demand is clear. Big supply little demand they should be cheap. Just my thoughts on the issue though.

  4. Thanks for the response to the program. It was great to be able to share with all of you something that I am so passionate about.

    Hi Abiola, You are doing a great job advocating for the children in the US. I think it is very important for us to foster and adopt these children. The domestic issues are important and a show on that would be a great idea. I brought up the domestic situation a few times on the program but the focus is always brought back to international because that is what our family has done. One reason many families choose international adoption is because they feel like they may not be able to handle the challenges that come along with the foster system. Many times the children are older and the situation can be very unstable (in and out of foster care, back and forth into abusive situations, etc.). My family is considering foster care in the future but believed China was where we should adopt our daughters.

    Hi Jen, Thanks for your feedback and for being concerned. It can be expensive but when compared to what we pay for an automobile there is no comparison. If this is something God is calling you to do then He will provide! The federal adoption tax credit is a great resource in addition to some of the other grants, etc. that are out there. – http://www.fhfonline.org

    Hi Heather, Thanks for your comments. It is important to educate people. Take China for example, the culture emphasizes boys. Birth control is enforced but the girls are still abandoned because of the desire for a son. There are also many complex issue involved regarding the cost of adoption. Domestic adoption through foster care costs very little financially up front but it requires commitment and preparation. I would encourage any family that is prepared and able to foster kids, to get involved.

    Thanks again for the comments and feel free to contact me since these responses were brief and I may have failed to completely address your questions.

    Dwain Gullion

  5. Amado said

    Very interesting!

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