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Rockin’ for Jesus?

Posted by truthtalklive on July 24, 2007

Is rock music healthy for church of Jesus Christ? How far is too far when it comes to reaching out to the lost in our culture?

Todays Guests : Luminous, an international rock band birthed out of a passion to reach the nations with the hope of the gospel. More info on the band at www.luminousrock.com or www.ignitednations.com


33 Responses to “Rockin’ for Jesus?”

  1. Deloris said

    Where is the line. There should be a difference between Holy and unholy, clean and unclean. If we are playing the same music, attending the same clubs where there is drinking, smoking, and all kids of ungodlyness how are we any different.

    Christian rockers look the same as secular rockers, christian rappers/hip hoppers look the same, move the same, even throw up gang signs just like secular rappers/hip hoppers. What happen to come out from among them?

    Most of the so called ‘christian’ rock, rap, etc bands are only calling themselves christian because they can’t make any money in secular market. As soon as they make a name for themsleves they run to the world hook line and sinker.

    I haven’t heard the name of Jesus in any song you have played. This is the cross over gospel. God can be Buda, Mohammad, or Jehova. So, should someone become a hooker to witness to the hooker? I don’t think so.

  2. Richard said

    We Christians are not told to be isolated from the world but rather worldliness.

    So my only question is do the band members have some kind of plan for accountability? But then again, do I?

  3. Richard said

    My kids listen to this kind of music all the time. When I was a young new Christian, I used to wish music like theirs was availabile.

    Now my only issue is trying to get my kids to spend more time in the Bibleand not soend ALL of their time listening to music. But they’re kids and that’s a struggle anyway.

  4. Anonymous said

    this is a joke that we have to define music much less God. take Godout of the box Stu!

  5. Kevin said

    I agree with the principals of what Deloris has said, but I also believe that the Gospel is to be preached to ALL the inhabited earth. Who else is going to these places to reach these people? We admire those who go abroad and do mission work, but what about the people across town or next door? People who dress differently enough for most people to fear them and yet they do not really know them. GOD knows them, and I believe that he has souls in these groups that he wants gathered unto Him.

    I recognise the temptations that these musicians must resist and yes it is without a doubt a really hard line to keep. Let’s pray to the Lord that they do resist the temptations and do reach the lost in these areas.

    May God bless your outreach and let the Light shine on !

  6. Jessica said

    As long as the band is prayed up and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s direction on what kind of music, lyrics, how loud, where to minister, etc…than who are we to judge what kind of music they minister with? Who are we to judge anyone for anything? God has a plan…I don’t want to get in the way.

    I was a teen in the early 90’s and the church my parent’s belonged to believed that Petra and DC Talk, to name a few, where of the Devil and we were strongly warned against listening. I listen to the lyrics now and believe they are very powerful.
    After ten years of being a backsliden Christian, I have rededicated my life to Jesus and will support any band that chooses to minsiter The Gospel biblically through song.

  7. Greg said

    OK fellow Christians. Let’s take a step back. Music is simply music. How can we ascribe an absolute good or bad to a style? The objective for us as God’s servants is not to spend our time trying not to look like the world, but to spend it ministering to the world. When we worry about these legalistic issues we are just wasting time we should be spending reading the word and reaching out to people in love. A caller repeated the phrase, “I like…” over and over. Is is what WE like or what God likes that matters? God never said not to listen to certain genres of music, but David praised God leaping and dancing. When our hearts are in the right place, we are keeping the focus off of the shallowness of looks and style…off of ourselves…and focusing on the needs of others. In my very personal experience, I’ve seen young believers turn away from God more often because they feel like Christians are always so hyper-critical about things like this rather than loving people as God loves people. Let’s get some perspective! (and this is coming from a conservative)

  8. Kevin said

    I am what I guess would be called a prodical son. I did not persue our Lord for far too many years to mention. And that was after a pretty rich Christian upbringing. But a few months ago that all changed for me and I have been reborn! So let me congratulate you for a wise move to turn back to Jesus! Praise God!

    I have a 15 year old son who listens to the genre of music Luminous plays and I for one am glad they and other believing groups produce music that my son can listen to and let the lyrics (you know..the stuff that gangster rap guys says doesn’t influence the listeners ) sink in rather than the harmful and frankly ‘dead’ lyrics of mainstream rock.

    Again, let’s all pray for the lost that they are found. Pray for the workers that they reach these people and do not fall. And thank God for the work that he has given us to do! AMEN!

  9. Joe said

    I know in my own testimony that the Lord can reach anyone through anything. We must remember, we can not set limitations on what God can do, nor can we limit His power. God does not need our personal approval on who He reaches or what means He uses. In this world we meet people where they are in their lives, some still choose to think that they should all come to us and be like us. No, as Rick Warren said, we have to build a bridge and let Jesus cross over, and we will follow. God met Abraham on a level that Abram understood. Abraham understood from his own culture the seriousness of an agreement by splitting the animals and walking between, God loves us enough to communicate to us in ways we understand. As far as how people dress and act. Some Pastors wear suits, so do mob bosses, should we all eat the same? While we sit back and argue disputable matters, there are sould that need to be saved from the depths of hell. Save them, pull them out, by whatever God has gifyted you with to do so. I am grateful to Luminous for what they have chose to do with their lives. Why worry about diputable matters? Do we not yet know that nothing, NOTHING is hidden from the eyes of God.Amen to kevin and Jessica, and to all that are out there witnessing with whatever gift God has given. Paul was persecuted for his witness. Why not us?

  10. Ron said

    My testimony is not important , I boast not in myself of things I’ve done, but only in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    The issue at hand with music is because Satan is always trying to get a stronghold. He was master musician in Heaven for God so we can be certain that he will use music to destroy the Church. To keep the old proven hymns or move on to modern music is not the real question or what we fight against what we face today is the battle against principalities and powers over the music.
    So at what point do we tell the difference ? What are we compromising and letting our minds being tempted with. Is it the level of the volume (yes because you ear drums are a gift from God and Satan destroys and loss of hearing is not of God), the key’s, the scales, (yes certain tonal and sequence of notes are satanic), the beat, the instruments, (yes why do you think they use the pipe organ in scary movies if this ushers in fear, it is not of God) the words, (most definitely the tongue is a powerful weapon). So what part or parts of the music are not of or for God. Is it wrong because it was created in the secular music industry and not the religious organization? (No, good music is God’s music). The real question is not old hymns or modern music it is that our hearts are pure and minds are obedient to the will of God not to the church or church membership. My view on the issue is that as long as it glorifies God and not people, places or things, God will approve and bless every thing through our obedience and following the Will of our Lord God..

    I charge the therefore before God , and the Lord Jesus Christ….who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom….Preach the word….be instant in season and out of season….reprove…rebuke…exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine….For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves….. teachers….having itching ears…and they shall turn away their ears from the truth…and shall be turned unto fables…But watch thou in all things…endure afflictions…do the work of an evangelist….make full proof of thy ministry!


  11. Kevin said

    One thing that Delores said that I do wish to respond to. Do we have to become a hooker to witness to a hooker? No. But someone DOES have to reach out to hookers. And if it means going to where they are and becoming low in spirit so as not to talk in a way that condemns or closes their ears so that they will not hear…then that is what must be done. What is the lyric? ‘Jesus paid much too high a price, for us to pick and choose who’s to come’

    I pray that when we have diffculty thinking outside the box, that God grows our box bigger.

    And thank you Joe 🙂

  12. Tony Brewer said

    And the battle still rages on… This is not a battle that may be apparent to all. It’s not about the music that is at the center of all the conflicting opinions on CM vs. traditional hymns. Even the hymns show the same conflict (not all hymns are profitable to sing). The conflicts lay in the lie of Satan in Gen.3:5 “…, and you will be like God.” This lie was the start of what we now call Gnosticism (Self salvation through knowledge). The sovereignty of God is at stake in everything we do in the Church. Every since the mid 1800’s, the sound teachings of who God is, what sin is, who we are and how does God really save souls have largely been lost leaving the generations afterward able to make it up as we go.
    Praise and Glory to God the Father, through God the Son by God the Holy Spirit that He saves His people whether sound doctrine is present or not. The Christian faith is rational, objective in the person of Jesus and is totally relevant to all cultures in all times. Whether or not we want it to be or think it to be doesn’t influence God. God is God and we are not.
    In the American Church in 2007, lots want to worship the way they feel like it — not how God says to worship Him. Most importantly, worship should be God centered (not man) and should reflect the “otherness of God”. The elevation of man in worship has plagued American Churches for at least a century now. Example: “you make your decision today”, “you surrender all”, “Let God be God”, “God is waiting on you to….”, God will do this if you will do…???”,”God wants to use you but you do this….”. The problem with all of these all too common quotes is that God isn’t contingent on anything that I do. If God reacted to me – then He wouldn’t be God — I would.
    Now back to the music. The problem with things contemporary is that they always change. That’s not to say that all CM is not rooted in the Gospel. I’ve heard and sang some tremendously sound and Biblical CM (doctrinally). I’ve heard and sang some tremendously doctrinally weak hymns also. One must first ask these questions when evaluating anything sang unto the LORD— First, Is it the truth? Second, is it God centered? Third, is it appropriate? I noticed some callers say that they liked CM because they can or feel like they can worship God better…??? What??? It’s not your worship in the first place. What do we have to bring to make God happy? Nothing — We can’t add to or take away from God — but He says to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Does singing songs that move people’s emotions convey the Otherness of God or does it satisfy what we are looking for — such as social issues??? The Bible says that no one seeks after
    God, no one understands. So, left to ourselves we conjure up songs, as well as doctrines, that satisfy and match up to our totally depraved natures. Both CM and traditional hymns have their own problems. Traditional hymns were at one time contemporary.

  13. Kevin said

    You are correct. It is not about us, it is about God.

    I believe that in worship and praise to God that we ( read: I ) may at times sacrifice or ignore the reverence God deserves in the name of making it about me, or us. That is likely a battlefront that will always cause problems to the young in Christ. He is Soverign. He is God and we are not. Yet he calls us his children and heirs to His Kingdom with Christ Jesus. We are called to obey him and keep his commandments..and by Jesus’ own words that is how we show our love in return to the Most High God and to His Son. And this is not just for Sunday morning, it is for every moment of every day and every night.

    So how do we use this to reach out to others? The culture is SO keen to spot the uptight Christian and avoid them like a plague. ( i.e. how many people park next to the van full of suit wearing Jehovah’s Witnesses in the parking lots?) We would have to resort to the huge loud speakers on car roof tops to declare the Good News of Christ like used in the 20’s and then many more would be offended than reached. It is hard for me to grasp any way other than to reach out to people in ways that they understand and will not fear and be turned off to the Good News by the one sharing it..even before a word is spoken. And it has to be on a personal level. At least that is what I understand from the Gospel.

    I agree that as believers in Christ that our devotion and worship to The Lord should include songs of praise that are true biblically. But is there not a place for songs that draw people to the Gospel in the first place?

    I’m just asking, I’m not trying to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings at all. Honest!

  14. Scott said

    Who would you rather your teenager listen to? POD or Pantera? Swicthfoot or Fallout Boy? Chris Tomlin or Justin Timberlake? Come on, parents. Tune into what your children are listening to. There is a ton of good, solid praise and worship music that your teenager would absolutely love. All we had growing up was Stryper! If the lyrics glorify God, then so what if it’s rock or country? Bands like POD and Switchfoot have infiltrated the enemy camp and actually get play on MTV. How many kids are they reaching? My guess is many. Also, musicians are coming to Christ. Brian Welch from Korn is a born-again Christian. Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden is a born-again Christian. The largest band on the planet is Christian. According to their guitarist, The Edge, “U2 is not a Christian band. U2 is a band of Christians.” Read the lyrics people. Sure, they stumble just like the rest of us, but…..read the lyrics. What other band is giving back as much as U2?

    Bottm line: It can be country, rock, bluegrass, jazz, pop, metal, r&b, soul, rap and anything in between. As long as it’s uplifting and glorifies the name of Jesus….who cares.

    Churches that split over music is part of life. Not everyone is going to agree. Some just take it too personally and need to get over themselves and realize that there are much bigger issues to tackle. What is your church doing to help organizations like pregnancy centers, homeless shelters and charity organizations? All you have to do is bicker over the style of music in the worship service? The worship minister in my church does a good job mixing up the music so that we sing traditional hymns, as well as contemporary worship tunes by people like Matt Redman and Philips, Craig and Dean. It gives everyone a little bit of what they like. Now, if we could just get him to do some Kirk Franklin we’d be in business!

    Parents, get into your kid’s CD collection and mp3 player. Get excited about the level of quality Christian music that is out there and put your Led Zeppelin albums away.

  15. Greg said

    To respond to the question of where we draw the line, it is merely legalism when we try to determine what is godly in life. All we do outside of furthering the work of Jesus is simply vanity. If we are trying to further the kingdom passing on the good news and ministering to people’s life issues without going against the scripture, we are in God’s will according to the bible.

    I do agree with the comment that we should not become a prostitute in order to minister to a prostitute. But there is nothing inherently evil about any particular style of music. As far as the good and evil of tonality and beat, it is simply about creating mood. Sometimes it is good to be angry; sometimes it is good to be afraid. Emotions and musical tones are not what are evil. Evil is when we don’t follow the scriptures trusting God at all times in all things. Keeping our eye on God is what is important. And enjoying worship is not a sin either. When we allow ourselves to take our eye off God, that is when ANYTHING is a sin. Trying to make yourself holy in your own strength is a sin because it is acting on your own apart from God. It has nothing to do with the action itself. Being holy and set apart is a commandment. The method is not the key either, but the focus on serving God is the key. All else is legalism and man’s own vanity trying to achieve godliness without God at the core.

  16. Richard said

    Music is a creation of God, no one seems to argue. Music genres, however, I believe are institutions of man. After all, who decides what songs/artists belong in what genre? Men. Therefore, yes, rock, heavy metal, rap, hip hop, and even todays adult contemporary are worldly intitutions created by men with their own distinct cultures and lifestyles.

    That being said, let me quote a friend of mine: “Jesus is in the redemption business.”

    Can Jesus redeem a satanist? Can Jesus redeem a gang member? Can Jesus redeem an athiest? Now, can Jesus redeem one who loves rock and heavy metal? Can Jesus redeem one who loves rap music? Can Jesus redeem the artists that perform these songs?

    Then why do we say Jesus cannot redeem the institution? (As in, “Rock is Satan’s music”) So what if Satan had it first. He had me first. Now Jesus has redeemed me, and, dare I say, He used Christian rock to guide my spiritual growth as a teen.

    But, in the “music industry”, the danger is becoming of the world and not in the world. If we tailored the debate so that the “hymns only” crowd used their conservatism to *help* the contemporary artists maintain their mission, while the contemporary artists used their progressiveness to *help* the others maintain a relevant dialogue with today’s culture, imagine the impact the Holy Spirit would have.

    Discern between “what I like” and “what is right”. Jesus can redeem this rift between believers just as He has redeemed everything else. For the greater glory of God.

  17. Tony B. said

    To Kevin #13

    The man centeredness of the American Church touches every part of our actions in today’s Church — even the Great Commission. We are fast to put “Jesus Saves” on the loud speaker but slow to really understand what we are saying. When man centered evangelicalism raises its head – we’ll do anything to draw a crowd and call it obeying God. One must know – God saves who He pleases when He pleases. Man centered evangelicalism looks at quantity instead of quality, having fun over being still, being just like “you” instead of being different. The command to the Christian is to preach the Gospel (the true Gospel). Those who have ears to hear are birthed into the kingdom by God, through His Word, by the Holy Spirit illumining the hearts and minds of the elect. Salvation is of the Lord. Next, songs don’t, can’t, and will never draw people to God. Only God draws people to Himself. We just muddy up that most important point. We say we done it by being culturally “up to date” thus weakening the truth for the next generation. At one time I was really into so many new CM artists but now I see the message of who God is being replaced with how He makes me feel. Now when I sing of grace, I sing it gracefully because it‘s precious and worth it. I’ll never wear a shirt that says “This bloods for you” because it’s inappropriate even if I want to be one of the good ole’ boys thinking maybe they’ll like me and my message. Great post!

    To Scott #14

    Depends on what is sung. If POD is singing unbiblical doctrine, I’d rather her listen to Pantera — at least she want think she got moved by the “holy spirit” when she actually just thought they were good looking. If the lyrics aren’t God centered and doctrinally sound, they are man centered which will lead anyone down the wrong road at worst or weakens The Faith at best. Quick example; Prayer in school — I’m against it. That’s right. How would you like someone who is unconverted leading your child in prayer? If they don’t know who God is – are they leading my child to Him or away from Him? Great post!

    To Greg #15

    You are correct about tonality and beat creating moods. That is what really packs them in the building—creating something that’s emotionally vivid. High, low, loud, soft – stimulate the senses to make us feel like we have had church. God tells us how, when and where to worship Him personally and collectively in His Word. All others are false and lead to a weaker faith and an even lower view of God, man, sin, salvation, heaven and hell. Beats and rhythms change with times and cultures but the truth must stay true in context. Question— if you played a Psalm to the tune of the American Idol theme would it be a hit with the youth? Lots would think it was great and innovative but would it change the meaning??? Yes it would. I seen a tee shirt that said “Body piercing saved my soul” (it had a picture of Jesus on the cross). My Savoir took more that a couple of “piercings” to save the souls of all that was given to Him by the Father. The shirt was meant to be a witness to my Lord. Instead it made Him all too common to a society that doesn’t understand sacredness. Great post!

  18. David said

    Hey everyone… its David here from the band Luminous. Thanks for listening to the program today. We had a great time and we hope we were able to shed some light on this debate. I have had a few moments to think about the interview and to me it seems like a strange debate. I mean we love Jesus, we share about how Jesus and how he has changed our lives. Lives are being changed and there is fruit. “you will know them by their fruit” So it seems a little rediculous. I just hope the church today can wake up. The church has created its own culture that invites people in who like themselves, and if you look at all different these eyes cast judgement. Please come up with something better to do than debate how the Gospel gets preached. Jesus was into the lost, and hung out with the downcast and people who were sinners. Music is Gods creation. Therefore it is His. I know a band that plays heavy metal and have led thousands to Jesus. Is that satanic music? Certainly not! The style is does not make it satanic the message and the intent does. As I mentioned in the interview the Hymns were contraversial in there day because the songs were emulated from the bar scene. 1 samuel 16;7 says, “Man looks out the outer apperance but God looks at the heart.” God knows our hearts and the hearts of those musicians who are in it for the wrong reason. I dont know the intentions of other christian muscians and dont want presume anything. Everybody has a message and you can discern very quickly through the message that is put out. So if our message is for Jesus there is no debate. Thanks very much Stu for having us we had great time. If you would like to get our music please visit our
    website at http://www.luminousrock.com
    or you can get it on http://www.itunes.com

  19. John said

    Simple question:

    Would a Muslim be led to Jesus as Personal Saviour after hearing the music of “Luminous” or any other Christian Rock group?

  20. Brad said

    Scott #14 – excellent post, and I agree wholeheartedly. What I see on here are a lot of Christians who are so “worried” that they seem afraid to do anything, for fear it might not be the right thing. I could care less about tradition, I’d love to throw it out the door. We see where “tradition” has brought the Catholic church… There’s nothing wrong with contemporary music. To say it’s OK to play it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it or listen to it yourself, if it’s not your thing, but it doesn’t mean others can’t, either. And just b/c someone likes the “old hymns”, doesn’t mean they are the ONLY thing that is allowable.

    I would love for one of the detracters of this type of music to point out specific Scripture in the Bible that says this type of music is bad. If you go down that road, be prepared to back it up all the way, and not with some weak argument. If you’re going to speak out, you need to know Biblically why you believe it, and be able to support it. If you can’t, or you’re not sure, then you probably shouldn’t have said anything at all.

    Everyone talks about looking “different”, sounding “different”, being “different” than the world. Just how is that? I am a life-long Christian. I have non-Christian friends, and many of them look and sound just like me, b/c they’re not bad people, they’re just unsaved. I know many people who are what the world would consider “normal”, who are unsaved. I also know many people who are NOT what the world would consider “normal” (in terms of dress or speech), but they ARE saved. You can’t just say dress or music is wrong, b/c it’s not in your particular style. Do I like a lot of the CCM that’s out there? No, it just doesn’t appeal to me, b/c I have fairly eclectic tastes. But it’s the MUSIC that attracts me, not the LYRICS. A lot of people say that just isn’t the case, but believe me, for many people including myself, it is. And for a LONG time, Christian music has been sub-par in this arena, giving many teens and younger Christians no alternatives to the “other” music that many believe is “Satanic.” As to that, many people only go off of what they’ve heard, not off what they know, to make that judgment. “Metallica are Satan worshipers”, I’ve heard. Well you know what, I’ve listened to them (I actually love their music, not their lyrics all the time), and they aren’t anything close. Are all their lyrics God-centered? No. Are some songs bad? Yes. Are all their songs bad? No. If you actually read some of their lyrics, they’re actually quite simple, but it’s the “Satanic” guitar sound that scares many people.

    Wake up, guys – if Christian music doesn’t have alternatives with musical hooks to draw the kids, they’ll lose them.

    Lastly, great job to this band for doing what they do. It is obvious from hearing them that their hearts and souls are in the right place, and I hope they can continue what they are doing to reach more souls for Christ!

  21. David said

    Not sure what the point question is about a Muslim being led to Jesus through Christian music? I have met people who have been led to
    Jesus by listening to the “Black Eyed Peas” or stoned. The power of the Holy Spirit can and will use everything possible at any time.

  22. Stacy said

    Reaching my generation is a hard thing to do buy just plainly asking them to visit church with me. They are taken back by the idea. But if they can be reached in their every day settings, and see that Christians still are who they say they are, that is more of a powerful witness then sitting in a pew with alot older people shacking their hand. They need to see that Christians can live their lives and still be set apart. If one person is saved from this, then it IS worth it. They are reaching people, when is the last time that we got out in the world to reach these young people and not judge them. It was never said that God only like Hymns, or He only like contemporary Christian. What matters is Christ is getting an “IN” here. I thank this band for what they do. We should be praying for them and lifting up their hands. They are in a battle here, just like the rest of us, and we should have them on our hearts that they will have the power of Christ to reach this lost generation.

  23. Kenneth J said

    I think we’re missing the point: the simplicity of the gospel message and the work of the Holy Spirit in the unbeliever’s life.

    It is the Spirit of God using the Word of God that saves an individual.

    Music is not to deliver the gospel to others, it is to ascribe worth and praise to Almighty God – thus the lyrics and music must be God centered and focused on Him and Him alone.

    Paul told Timothy to preach the gospel, not sing a song to a lost and dying world. Many people are being converted in other nations by the simple preaching of the gospel, not CCM, Gaither homecoming, etc. concerts.

    I agree with others that have pointed out that the American church is becoming man-centered – it is showing in the music. P.O.D. Christian? Just ask the band members – One said “*&@# NO!!” You fill in the symbols….

  24. Scott said

    Yeah, so what? Haven’t you ever said anything that you regretted? I’ve heard Bono from U2 use a curse word and then apologize. I can promise you he is a professed Christian man. None of us are perfect and all of us stumble from time to time. But, we repent and work hard to do better. I doubt seriously that Greg Laurie would have POD performing at his Crusades if there was any question in his mind concerning their Christianity. Have you ever heard the song “Holy is the Lord” by Chris Tomlin? How about “40” by U2?

  25. Victor said

    Music, in and of itself is neither moral or immoral; it’s merely a vehicle to relay our thoughts/feelings. It’ like the Ford vs Chevy controversy. Which is better? (side note: Toyota)It’s not the style but how it’s used. I’m sure we won’t hear rock music in heaven, but we won’t hear country music either. God has given us the ability to “make” music. He’s given us the ability to create different styles. I might not prefer a specific style of music but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t pleasing to God. Jesus ate with and drank with the publicans and sinners. He went to wedding feasts and turned water to wine. He said that it was the sick that needed a physician, not the well. If rock, rap, country, or any other contemporary music can be used for God’s glory who’s to say that it’s wrong and not of God. Years ago many of our own hymns were considered “ungodly” because they were “different.” Now we love and cherish them. Each style of music can be used for both good and evil. Let’s not give everything over to the enemy because it doesn’t conform to our particular tastes. David said to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” Ps. 100:1 KJV. Many times the very things we think are offensive to God (or just us) God delights in. Remember when King David danced in front of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Sam. 6:16-23) and was so elated that he started to disrobe? Michal his wife confronted him and expressed her disapproval by saying, “How the king of Isreal has distinguished himself today, disrobing in the sight of the slave girls of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!” Sounds a lot like what many people say today about contemporary Christian music. King David replied, “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord’s people Isreal-I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and will be humiliated in my own eyes. But by these slave girls you spoke of, I will be held in honor.” And Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death.” I’m not saying that we should throw off our clothes because this is pleasing to God. I’m saying that we may become a little too legalistic about the mode and not judge the motive. Paul said in Colossians 2:20, “Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules: Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!”? These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.”
    I believe that we worry too much about how/when something is done more than why it is done. Remember when the chief priests and pharisees criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabboth? He did a good deed and they were concerned about when it was done because it broke with their tradition. We worry about the style of music because it may offend our tastes. If God can use a donkey to speak for Him, He can surely use varying styles of music. It all belongs to Him. We should be asking ourselves, how is it being used? Does it glorify God? Let’s stop focussing on the dot and look at the bigger picture.

  26. Greg said

    Victor (post 25), I totally agree that any particular music has no level of inherent morality. Music is man-made and like everything else man-made is merely a tool that God gave us brains to create and manipulate. All tools are a gift from God and what is important is the heart for God and the way the tool is used in the end. Money, computers, shovels or even hands can be used for evil or good. Music is no different. Style is totally in the mind and taste of the creator of the music. Let us drop the legalism and focus on God and serving His people according to the great commission.

  27. Kenneth J said

    We are at a point in our nation where the Bible is not enough – we need the latest music, the latest trend – in essence, we need the worlds ways to reach the world.

    Why is it that 85% of the youth will walk away from the church when they turn 18? COme on, we got all this “stuff” and yet we can’t keep the youth’s attention? Maybe be if we just quit trying to reach them with what makes them feel good and just preach the word in season and out of season – teach the Scriptures in context. Then maybe our youth will be grounded enough and truly converted.

    We get so upset over music, yet how many churches are out there that don’t even use the Bible on Sunday morning? Yet, they have great music and drama, even dance – Crystal Cathedral for example. The American church is on a slippery slope into humanism and it’s all because of an attitude that “the BIble isn’t enough.”

  28. kandace said

    Music is a powerful tool with which to praise God. Lucifer was God’s appointed cherub to lead the angelic host in worship of Almighty God. When Lucifer decided that it wasn’t enough for him to be the chief conduit to direct angelic praise of the God of the Universe but, instead, wanted some of the praise to go to him; he fell and took 1/3 of the angelic host with him. He, then, tempted Eve in the garden, along with Adam. The rest is history.

    With this brief synopsis of history, it is clear why music is such a powderkeg of controversy today. Music leads us to praise God. God’s Word, the Bible, accompanies music so that we praise God with our intellect as well with emotions.

    The Apostle Paul expressed it well when he admonished us to become all things to all men so that we can reach some. That does not mean we break God’s laws to do so. It does mean that we engage the culture (like a thermosat) to lead people to Christ. The Bible is God’s love letter to us; however, the Bible must be communicated in the heart lingo that people understand.

    As long as the music in any genre brings praise to God, it is okay in my book. Keep in rocking, rapping, fiddling, toe tapping, etc. for Jesus.

  29. anonymous said


    I agree that in some churches the Bible is either not preached or is handled very poorly. But, to sing in worship is not to say that the Bible isn’t sufficient. The Psalms were essentially the hymnal for the Hebrew people. The New Testament church sang. Music does not replace the preached word, but can be a way of worshipping.

  30. Kenneth J said


    You must have misunderstood what I wrote. I did say that music is for the worship of Almighty God. I said it wasn’t for evangelism per se. Music style is irrelevant – the lyrics are what count.

    I listen to contemporary Christian music and love the majority of it. The building I fellowship at with local believers uses hymns and I love the majority of them.

    I apologize if my last post was unclear. Music can be a way to worship – if the lyrics are Biblically accurate. Yet, evangelism is proclaiming the Word of God to a lost people.

    Sorry for the confusion,
    Kenneth J.

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