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Did God Write the Bible?

Posted by truthtalklive on July 12, 2007

Guest host Alex Mcfarland, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary www.ses.edu welcomes author Dr. Dan Hayden www.awordfromtheword.com

Where did we get the Bible?

How do we know it’s reliable?


20 Responses to “Did God Write the Bible?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Beware the apologists who would have us believe the Bible because it is scientifically verifiable, for they are pretentious know it alls.

  2. Brad said

    Also beware those who would have us NOT believe it, b/c they are fighting against something that is true and of God.

  3. anonymous said

    God did not “write” the Bible as such. He inspired the human writers who did put “pen to paper” (I know, neither pens nor paper were in use then.) Most of us would believe in plenary inspiration, meaning the words themselves were inspired, not merely the message or content. The writers were not superhuman, and were limited by their own time and space. That’s why the Biblical writers use phrases and terms that we know to be incorrect like the sun rising even though we know it is the earth that moves. The backgrounds and intended audiences of the individual writers contributes greatly to the books they wrote. That’s why we can have differences between the way the writers of Kings and Chronicles view particular people and events, or why there can be slight differences between Gospel accounts of some aspect of Christ’s life. In my opinion all theology and credal statements must begin with God, as we study God we will also consider scripture. Scripture is authoritative only because it is inspired by God. Personally, I think that a much more important question than “did God write the Bible?” or “is the Bible literally inerrant?” is do we really make it authoritative over our lives? Someone who does not really believe it to be literally inerrant, but who ernestly seeks to understand it, use it correctly, and be shaped by it is to be preferred to someone who will argue that it is inerrant but who’s ethics are unbiblical, and who’s use of scripture is limited to a few proof-texts. Anyway, that’s my 3 or 4 cents.

  4. Anonymous said

    I can believe in God without believing in the Bible stories literally. For example Noah’s Ark. Well, we know that it is a fable. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be learned from it.

    Are the accounts of Jesus’ life accurately depicted in the Bible? I don’t know. That isn’t the important thing.

    Those who insist on strict literal reading of, and fundamentalist use of the Bible are not getting the real message.

  5. Brad said

    “I can believe in God without believing in the Bible stories literally. For example Noah’s Ark. Well, we know that it is a fable. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be learned from it.” (Anonymous)

    Can I ask a few questions of you:

    1) Do you believe in God? If yes, go to #2; if no, go to #4
    2) Do you believe God would lie to us? If no, go to #3; if yes, go to #4
    3) God says He inspired the Bible. If you’ve come this far, it means you believe in God, and also believe He wouldn’t lie to you. If that’s the case, then you must believe the Bible to be true, b/c God says He inspired it, and you believe He wouldn’t lie to you, therefore He was truthful and you believe Him when He says that. If that’s the case, then why would you not believe what is IN the Bible?
    4) We’re on a whole different topic now – may as well end this conversation.

    What evidence do you have, or what is your basis, for deciding that Noah’s Ark is a fable?

    “Are the accounts of Jesus’ life accurately depicted in the Bible? I don’t know. That isn’t the important thing.” (Anonymous)

    On the contrary, that is quite important. For if Jesus didn’t die and rose as He said He would, then Christians are to be pitied among all people, and our faith is useless, as Paul said to the Corinthian church. If what is written in the Bible isn’t accurate, then all Christians might as well go ahead and pack up and leave church, b/c there’s no basis for our beliefs.

    “Those who insist on strict literal reading of, and fundamentalist use of the Bible are not getting the real message.” (Anonymous)

    Why is that? Do I believe EVERYTHING in the Bible is literal? No – many different types of writing were used to get the point across (for example, many of the parables Jesus taught in the Gospels). But you MUST be able to use a wide spectrum of Biblical knowledge to determine what is to be taken literally, and what is meant as illustration. You must look at the Bible in context (both in terms of the surrounding verses/chapters, as well as the context of the overall Bible itself), in its original languages (which sometimes are the ONLY accurate way to determine the TRUE meaning of an English word, as numerous ancient language words are often translated with the same English word, such as “love”), and in light of what we know about God, to truly be able to say what is or isn’t meant by certain passages.

    But you can’t just dismiss it and say it’s not literal. That’s poor scholarship, at best.

    And I’m curious – just what do you think IS the “real message” that some of us might be missing?

  6. Anonymous said

    Hello, Brad!

    “But you can’t just dismiss it and say it’s not literal. That’s poor scholarship, at best.”

    As opposed to a good scholar perhaps believing that Noah’s Ark rests on Mt. Sinai?

    If you think the Noah’s Ark story is more than fable, then we aren’t going to agree on much else, so let’s just avoid the rush and let someone else post.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    A. Nonymous

  7. anonymous said

    Last time I checked the Ark was supposed to have come to rest on Mt. Ararat.

  8. Anonymous said

    Duh! Thanks, anonymous, I knew that!

  9. Noah said

    I personaly think you can get an great answer from the Bible to just about every question in everyday life. you can get a very good answer to this questions from the book of II Timothy 3:16 kjv “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” So did God literally write the Bible? well I would like to use a very simple illustration through a very simple question. In Exodus chapter 14 specificly 14:21 did God literally part the sea? No he didn’t but he used Moses to part the sea and deliver the people from Egypt.
    I’m not shure if this question is asked to question the deity of the bible. But if so, I would say “dont knock it till you try it.”

  10. anonymous said

    Did you intend to say the “deity of the Bible?” The Bible is not divine, and is not God. It is inspired by God and gets its authority from God. I do believe it to be inerrant (probably defined a little differently than most who listen), but sometimes I am a little troubled by making the Bible a part of the Godhead. It is a revelation of God (Jesus is the fullest revelation of course) but is not God.

  11. Noah said


    Yes I did say the deity of the Bible. And just as God is “God the father”, “God the the son”, and “God the holy spirit” the Bible is God and is biblically backed up. You can find this in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” notice that “Word” is capitalized suggesting the Bible is in fact deity.

  12. Brad said


    I think you’re somewhat mistaken in your position. The Bible is not, itself, a “deity.” God is the sole Deity (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). God INSPIRED the Bible, that is true. It is the word of God, that is true, and we should follow it as closely as we can.

    The fact that “Word” in John 1:1 is capitalized does not in and of itself have significance. Remember, in Greek, there was no capitalization, so any capitalizing of the “W” was done not in the original language, but by those who later translated it. The word “logos”, translated “Word” in John 1:1, does not refer to the Bible, but to Jesus Christ, who John 1:1 is clearly referencing. The Bible tells us to worship God only – it never tells us to worship the Bible at any point.

    I feel that you are probably trying to attribute the highest level of respect to the Bible, and that your intentions are probably good, and that you truly believe and take very seriously the Word of God. Just make sure you are worshiping WHO we are told to worship, not WHAT we are told to worship.

  13. Barry Pierce said

    I heard Dan Hayden on a Christian Radio show in Worcester, MA and was very impressed. I’m currently reading his book DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE? and continue to be impressed.

    Our society’s values are less & less informed by the Word of God. This is leading our society further & further from God, and deeper and deeper into guilt and judgement. God judges individuals in eternity. But He judges nations in history. Our nation’s need for the Bible is increasingly desperate.

    Christians also need periodic reminders of the utter reliability and sufficency of the Scriptures which embody the faith once for all entrusted to the saints. It’s the Word which empowered the men of faith who stood for God in ages past. It’s the Word which will enable us to similarly stand in “such a time as this.”

    Dan Hayden’s book is a tool God has given to the Church to reaffirm the pre-eminence of the Bible for all people for all time. He does a wonderful job of answering the questions of Christians and skeptics alike.

    With the rise of Islam, Hayden skillfully contrasts the Bible with the Koran, giving the Christian renewed confidence in his own faith, and of the need to share that faith with those who’ve accepted false substitutes.

    Our church leaders are exploring how to use the book and possibly have Dan Hayden come and do a conference to highlight the inspiration, authority, reliability and sufficiency of the Bible both for Christians and the community at large.

    God has given us a sure and reliable Word. What are we doing with it?

    Barry Pierce

  14. zeel said

    Beware the free-thinkers who don’t believe the bible is the absolute truth! They are out of your control!
    I’m one of them, HAHAHA!

    Fear me!!!!

  15. zeel said

    I get more inspiration from a tree, which is directly from god, than a book, written by man (political influences notwithstanding).

  16. zeel said

    Call me a pagan, call me whatever you want people. I’m not here to impress you.

  17. zeel said

    I follow the creator’s path. Not the path laid out by men pretending to be god (Jesus).

    God + nothing.

  18. John said

    Zeel…like,take a chill pill, man. You’ll get yourself accused of “worshiping the creation instead of the creator”, like me,you weirdo .

  19. Yes, God was the Author of the Bible
    every word breathed to life by God.
    Every word is truly inspired by our GOD. what a wonderful God we have to give us his word, to tell us how to live. Praise the Lord for Gods Word

  20. Boris said

    There is a sort of transcendental ventriloquy through which men can be made to believe that something which was said on earth came from heaven.

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