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Today’s Topic: Does God still heal in today’s world?

Posted by truthtalklive on July 2, 2007

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14 Responses to “Today’s Topic: Does God still heal in today’s world?”

  1. Tammy said

    Yes. Why not all the time? Because we dont ask with the right motives. Or..we dont ask at all..

  2. Scott said

    I caught just a couple of minutes of the show this afternoon in Dallas, but I heard Stu say, rather emphatically, that it is not God’s will to heal every time.

    I ask these following questions in a very non-confrontational and humble manner; this is a search I’ve been on for a couple of years now… What Scriptural passage(s) support the conclusion that it is not God’s will to heal every time?

    If I am led to believe that, since it is not God’s will to heal every time, I may not receive the healing I so desperately need and desire, how can I pray the way Jesus taught? How can I pray in faith, nothing doubting, expecting that what I say shall come to pass, and believing I receive?

    If others have prayed for healing and deliverance but were never made any better, why is our first conclusion that it must not have been God’s will? Could it be that we, like the disciples on occasion and those people from Jesus’ home town, were simply filled to some measure with doubt and unbelief?

    Why would the Father, with his promise of blessing, promise to remove sickness entirely from among the Israelites if they would obey his voice?

    Why would Jesus heal every person that came or was brought to him for healing or deliverance, stating that he was only doing what he saw the Father doing, if the Father really doesn’t intend that everyone who comes to Him by faith be healed?

    Why would the Father destine some of His children to suffer under a curse of sickness and disease after that the Son has suffered and died under the curse, bearing our sins and those sicknesses?

    I offer these questions for discussion and look forward to seeing some non-confrontational and humble responses.

  3. Hank said

    Why do miracles seem to occur most frequently where there is money to be made? Could it be the old combination of greed, gullibility and opportunity?

    Sorry, but I am a skeptic at heart.

    What did the Missouri mule say to the blacksmith?

  4. Mike Sears said

    You raise a lot of great, thoughtful questions. These are things that take some deep study and reflection to answer. It appears that you have labored over these for some time.

    My general thought is regarding the sovereignty and omniscience of God and our completely opposite state of being. That God’s ways are higher than our ways. While we only see a very limited picture of what we are dealing with on this earth, God sees all. And His timing is perfect. Examples: Lazarus (days after dying), Job (after losing his livelihood, children, his health, and his wife’s faith in God), Paul’s thorn in his flesh (never, not while on this earth anyway). Ultimately we (believers) will all be healed to a perfect state of being, just maybe not so while on this earth or until His 2nd coming. You may also ask, “Why do very faithful people die tragic deaths?” We need to understand and trust that God is in control of all things and is working all things together for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). We have to gain an understanding of the providence of God (or at least learn to trust). Is he trustworthy? I have witnessed some of the most faithful people endure some terrible suffering and are never “delivered” from this suffering. Just like Paul. Yet in God’s providence (later) and sometimes during, you can see how God used this seemingly terrible ordeal to show His glory and to sanctify his children along the way.

    Be very careful thinking everything that is your will, (your desire to be healed or delivered out of a seemingly terrible situation) is God’s will. Faith means trusting God to know what is best for you and accepting the circumstances you are enduring in complete trust that God IS in control. (That is when we are blessed with a peaceful acceptance and trust which may be all the healing we need) When we elevate our desire’s to be healed above God’s will, we set ourselves up for wrong thoughts about the reality of God’s kingdom. We begin to think things like, “I must not have enough faith to be healed”. Remember how Job’s friends badgered him about his suffering. They had the wrong thoughts and Job just trusted God, period. Chuck Swindoll wrote a great little book called “Perfect Trust” that explains this thought process (truth) completely.

    Who in their right mind would think, (outside of understanding the complete redemption plan of God) that the suffering Jesus endured, to the death, was the will of God? Even Jesus desired not to endure the suffering he faced, Matthew 26. But thankfully, Jesus trusted the Father to endure what was set before him and said “not my will but thine”. May we also live.

    I wish I had the time to explore each of the questions you raise because they are great questions. I hope this helps in a general way.

  5. A special thank you to Stu and all those who listened yesterday. Due to the limited time, there was only so much we could discuss my book, so we focused on the third of the book that dealt with healing. The other parts of the book deal with God’s provision during hardship and how He is our source of hope.

    Due to time and space, let me address some of the comments briefly and offer my own humble opinions…

    Scott: I agree with you that God ALWAYS brings healing. But sometimes he brings it through physical death so that we might be without suffering and in perfect union with Him in heaven. Chuck offers some very wise words. I also have a chapter in my book about the “Why, God?” question.

    Hank: No doubt our secular society has given us a hard shell of skeptism. I want to encourage you that most genuine miracles take place out of the public eye. From my perspective working in fulltime missions work, they most often are happening in settings where the Gospel is just beginning to be preached.

    I welcome any more comments or questions.

  6. Mike Sears said

    A good example of someone who has not been physically healed (apparently the will of God, evidenced in the fact that she has NOT been healed, because we know and trust that anything that IS the will of God, WILL BE DONE) is Joni Erickson Tada. While she has not been healed physically, her spirit has been healed by Christ and she exudes the peace and blessed assurance of being solidly planted in the will of God. God has used her suffering to show His glory in the way she lives her life in response to this tragedy. She is a great example of the truth that God promised to Paul and all believers, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect through weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

    Now I am not saying that God does NOT physically heal today. I am aware of many examples of individuals being healed. Most of the time the healing occurs when the individual accepts the circumstance and truly says to God, “Ok, not my will but Thine be done.” It is then that God ALWAYS heals their spirit and sometimes heals them physically. With God, All things are possible!! Praise be to Him!!!

  7. Hank said

    “From my perspective working in fulltime missions work, they most often are happening in settings where the Gospel is just beginning to be preached.” – Joeseph Williams

    That’s very convenient for some of us.

    If miracles occurred at all, or as frequently as some believe that they do, wouldn’t we all be down at the “miracle faith healing” service getting our rheumatism zapped every Tuesday night?

    True miracles are as rare as…unicorns? Therefore we (most of us) do not seek them out.

    My $.02 worth.


    Q: What did the Missouri mule say to the blacksmith?

    A: “sho’ me”

  8. Kara Kittle said

    These signs shall follow them that believe.

    If someone wants to deny that God still heals apparently doesn’t know God very well. What ever means and methods He chooses is up to Him. Take for instance the fact that when we get a cold, we can go to Wal-Mart and get cold medicine to relieve us. Children have died from fevers, and now we have Tylenol. That was God that provided the knowledge to make the medicine. Healing should not have to be a miracle, but something that is provided for us any time we need it. We live in a country where we can see doctors. I have MS and know that if I lived 100 years ago that I would have been put in an institution and left to die. But thank God I am living in this day and time. I have seen miracle healings, there have been many in my family. But to say God no longer heals, apparently there are some still waiting for the angel to come down and trouble the water. How ever God chooses to heal someone, be it through medicine, or miracle is still God’s prerogative. God will have mercy on who God will have mercy on. It’s not up to us to give God permission or only want it for certain people.

  9. Hank – John 20:29

    If you are open to traveling overseas, our ministry would love to “sho” you firsthand that God hasn’t changed, and still heals people quite often.

    Also, if you will email me at contact@josephlwilliams.net, I will send you a free copy of my book.

  10. Hank said

    Thanks, Joe, but maybe some one else would enjoy the book more than I would. And FWIW, I am sure that God hasn’t changed.


  11. anonymous said

    I personally have never witnessed a miracle, but have certainly heard about them. It is inconceivable that all the healings ended with the death of the last of the folks mentioned in Acts. That being said, we have to remember that miracles are almost by definition, rare. Most people who are diagnosed with inoperable cancer do, in fact, die. We do however place our hope in the knowledge that God in his love and power, does in fact sometimes remove the cancer. Why he does in some cases and not others is left for the mind of God. One last note- Christians should never say that healing is directly related to the faith of a person’s prayers to someone who is really suffering. Saying that makes the person responsible for his/her own pain. In short- their sick, or their child is dying because they don’t have enough faith. That’s really bad care and pretty wretched theology considering the numerous biblical examples that show otherwise. My two (or three) cents worth.

  12. Eskimosik said


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  13. Anonymous said

    Thanks Mike Sears.

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