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Todays Topic – Ball field or Church, revisited…

Posted by truthtalklive on June 26, 2007

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Todays guest – Doug Marshall, a Christian father who struggles with the issue of Sunday sports vs. church.

What’s a Father to do.? Support his son or tell him he can’t participate because of church?

What about church services on Saturday night? 

Should the church offer services at different times or on different days to accomodate the often hectic schedules of parents with children involved a variety of weekend activities?



10 Responses to “Todays Topic – Ball field or Church, revisited…”

  1. In The World said

    I’ll say it again….

    If the unbelievers are going to Schedule games on Sunday, we’re taking their kids with us on the Sunday’s we don’t have games. It’s building great character in my son.

    …By the way, my son had about 30 hockey friends at his baptism, half who don’t attend any church.

  2. Hr wilson said

    Dou. Our Church,Nazaren, has the same conflict sometimes. I often wonder do we think of the people we make work for. Some people stop at the local restaurant for breakfaston their way to church some stop on their way home for sunday dinner. the church crowd makes Sunday work for a lot of people.

  3. Darryl Giles said

    I am a youth pastor who works at a local church and I believe we teach our children by example. When you take your child to a ball game instead of church you’re really saying this is more important. Now of course a lot depends on the child and the circumstances, but it’s a sad day in the American church when A ten-ager knows every rule to a ball game, but can’t even name the four Gospels. You see in this culture of relativism I don’t believe we can do enough to equip our children with a biblical world-view. One thing I have clearly seen over and over is those 30 students on the ball team end up influencing the “Christian student” most of the time. And oh yeah a lot of “church people” create a lot of work for unbelievers by eating out and so forth on Sundays, but two worongs don’t make a right. Come on guys, we do have a standard. I think a lot of times it’s the adults who would just somply be at the ball field themselves, rather than learning about and worshipping God.

  4. Scott said

    That hurt on many different levels but is very well said Darryl.

  5. Brad said


    You summed up the whole argument very well, and you’re exactly on point. To say otherwise is just making excuses to justify the fact that something else has come in the way of coming to church, and that something is more important to you. It is FLAT OUT wrong.

  6. Jeff Oliver said

    We are forgetting something very important. God does not compete with anything or anybody. Going to church is not the only way to glorify God at 11 am on Sunday. In fact, we dishonor God many times by being segregated, pious and pompous on Sundays. Did God not create these kids with athletic abilities and does He not expect them to use their talents to His glory?

    The real issue here is that you fathers want to abdicate your role as priests of your household. Why not make it a family thing on Sunday game-days? LEAD your family in a devotion and worship time. But NOOO! You want to leave the preaching and Bible stuff to the professionals. Be the head of your homes, men. Be salt and light as you are going (Matthew 28:19,20) about your life. Yes, attend church with the body of Christ as much as possible. But sometimes you will have to stop being Pharisees and start being Christians.

  7. Darryl Giles said

    I agree going to church is not the only way to glorify God, but I think with young people the issue is more focused on discpleship. Our #1 goal as fathers should be to bring up our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4) so that they can glorify God. I love ball games and I love to watch my students play these games. I don’t have a problem with a ball game, unless it becomes more important than their relationship with Christ, connecting with the body of Christ, or using their gifts for God’s glory. The problem is parents, mom or dad, will go the extra mile to get their child to a ball game, but not the church. The church is God’s plan A,B,C,…etc there is no back up plan. When we enter into eternity it’s not going to matter how many ball trophies we have. The church is in the business of making disciples, not athletes. If you have an exceptional child and they can play ball weekly and grow in their relatiosnhip with Christ, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The bottom line is, “Are we making disciples out of our children?”

  8. Kara Kittle said

    you are called to be the salt. and if the salt has lost is savor, what good is it than to be thrown down to the ground and trampled on. why is the church lowering it’s standard? could it be the church of today is nothing more than a social organization where you make contacts? Jesus gave his life to save the world, but it’s a spotless church He is coming back for. There are so many things we could say, how about putting your hand to the plow and not looking back or what friendship has light and darkness. Why do people even call themselves Christian and knowing so little about what the Bible says about how we should live our daily lives. We are to be examples, but if no one can tell us apart from the world, then maybe we are still of the world and not of God.

  9. Kara Kittle said

    actually the Bible says ” forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”

  10. Jantz said

    Jeff…. sheesh your comments are disturbing and disappointing. God doesn’t need you or your talented child, don’t you get that? We honor him in praise and worship in church on Sunday because we love him. Do you want to show your kid it’s ok to love God or love Baseball ….

    Another question I would love the answer to is how is your child honoring God by playing baseball when he should be in church…? I don’t see that as using his talents for the Lord.

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