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Today’s Topic: Is torture ever justified?

Posted by truthtalklive on June 19, 2007

Todays guest: award-winning author Randy Singer www.randysinger.net  will talk about his newest thriller “False Witness” (Waterbrook Press)

10 Responses to “Today’s Topic: Is torture ever justified?”

  1. John said

    I listened to some of yesterdays show on this topic. My thinking is this; how can a little bit of painful torture begin to compare with what God himself is going to subject these people to for an eternity in a burning hellfire? Is that not the ULTIMATE in torture? Pain beyond anything we can imagine with no hope of relief EVER? If we look to God for guidance how can we NOT torture these people to get valuable information?

  2. Chad said

    I agree with John. I dont think God is a ‘Do as I SAY, not as I DO’ type person. He sets the example for us.

  3. anonymous said

    Unbelievable! Using that reasoning, any Christian could kill anyone at any time whom they did not think was going to heaven. Perhaps we should actually remember the holiness code from Leviticus, or the second greatest commandment.

  4. John said

    Okay, so you’re saying torture is wrong wrong wrong for humans. But for God to do it, and do it to such a greater degree than we could ever even think of doing it, is right right righteous? Come on now. What’s the definition of hypocrite again?

  5. Chad said

    Anonymous, Yeah, God’s against killing. Okay, but we pray for our soldiers to “eliminate” the evil they are fighting against over in Iraq. We’ve found a way to justify killing others. And why not? These people worship a false God and are going to hell (to be endlessly and mercilessly tortured) anyway. Our soldiers are just sending them there a little quicker. So what’s wrong with torturing them a little to get some valuable information before we send them on their way to hell? This is a no-brainer.

  6. Hank said

    “So what’s wrong with torturing them a little to get some valuable information before we send them on their way to hell?”

    Now, that is about as un-Christian a sentiment as one could hope to encounter.

    How does it make you feel that our once great nation, the USA, is now numbered amongst those regimes throughout history which chose to torture people to further their political agendas?

    Fundamentalist fervor, be it Christian or Muslim, is the true danger to the world. That and global warming.

    Just kidding about the global warming!

  7. Chad said

    So far no good answer from anyone as to what the difference is in a little momentary torture from humans and the everlasting torture from God.

  8. Shawn said

    Is hell torture? I don’t think so. It’s the logical conclusion of a life of choices. People go to hell not because God hates them but because they chose hell. Oh and by the way nice global warming joke and American Christians need to wake up to the fact that America is going the way of a Police State thanks to the nice “christian” President we have.

  9. Is it God who tortures or is it Lucifer?

    Torture is in the eye of the beholder. But ask any one who has been tortured whether for; ‘reasons that some one may say are justified’, their faith, dedication to country, or taking a stand against tyranny … what they think about torture. They will tell you it is WRONG. Try to maintain your position when it is you, your brother, your father who is tortured.

    There is justification in the battle between good and evil to fight the good fight. But their is no honor or redemption in torture. It is a soulless act undertaking by the most evil and godless among us.

    Ask yourself my brother what is it that is worth fighting for, dying for; liberty, justice, freedom, family. Who is the enemy of justice and liberty if not those who torture, deny liberty without process, skirt justice, and seek to destroy the constitution? Are they not as true an enemy as those who openly attack us and proliferate mayhem.

    If you would permit torture when it is in your power to stop it or support or condone it in anyway I would ask you to take stock in yourself. Consider the questions of your self; What kind of man are you? What is is you are fighting for? Which side are you on in the great struggle?

  10. Anonymous said

    Well said, sir.

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