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Today’s Topic: The Ball Field or Church?

Posted by truthtalklive on June 13, 2007

Do you miss church because your children are on traveling sports teams or have practice or games on Sunday morning? Is that okay?

Is it legalism to say you HAVE to be at church on Sunday?

Are Saturday night services an alternative?

ow much of an effort should the church make to accomodate YOUR schedule?


32 Responses to “Today’s Topic: The Ball Field or Church?”

  1. anniebelle said

    A part of this issue is keeping the sabbath. Taking a day of rest and honoring the Lord.

    Another part of this issue is– What are we teaching our kids??? Are we teaching them to make honoring the Lord and worshipping with other believers a priority? What are we teaching them to commit to?

    My thought is that you honor the Lord and part of that is participating and making a commitment to the local church.
    Whatever that schedule is–Sat. night, Sunday morning, etc.

  2. Lilia Estrada said

    This is an easy one.I would go on another day. Visiting my Fathers house is not about a set day. He is my loving parent and if I do not see him exactly on Sunday he will not be upset with me. Being at Church is not about growing spiritualy it is about being in his loving presence and worshiping him. I attend mass on Sundays but my husband who works late on Sundays goes on Mondays. I do not believe the Lord sees my husbands visit to the Church as any less important then my visit to his house on Sunday. The point is to be at church with an open reciptive heart to OUr Fathers love and dwell in his presence.
    Lilia Estrada in Dallas

  3. Chris said

    This actually hits close to home. My son plays travel ice hockey and at times I have been really frustrated by the inability to attend church consistently because practices would be on Wednesday and there were games on Sunday. For the longest time I attended a fundamental church and even though a Saturday night service would have been a great addition to reduce the Sunday crowding of the other three they refused because Sunday was the Lord’s Day. We were even told that we had to set our priorities right. My son is a fairly gifted player and one of the top 30 players in our state. So instead of deciding between choosing an ability that is given from God or Sunday worship legalism we chose to find a church that offers a Saturday service. In the last year and a half that I have attended this church there hasn’t been a weekend that I have had to miss unless I was totally out of the area. Now there is no excuse with three services to choose from. It ended being a total blessing to find a church that understands and wants to serve a need in their attenders and members.

  4. Deloris said

    I can not believe we are having this conversation. Americans are such spoiled, sorry excuses for Christians who treat God as if he owes us something. I believe the topic, ‘Ball field or Church’ is an insult to God. Nothing should ever come before God. So, now we have to adjust the worship of God around the kid’s soccer games? How arrogant is that? Shame on you!

    We through the ‘legalism’ word around when we want to satisfy the flesh. When self interest gets between us and god ‘legalism’ seems to be the buzz word to make us feel better. I’m hoping God doesn’t start to think its ‘legalism’ when he gives us breath, shelter, food, and employment.

    Pitiful; just pitiful. What happens when we can’t make the movies on Friday, do we skip Saturday night church for movie night? When do we have time for God?

  5. Deloris said

    I can not believe we are having this conversation. Americans are such spoiled, sorry excuses for Christians who treat God as if he owes us something. I believe the topic, ‘Ball field or Church’ is an insult to God. Nothing should ever come before God. So, now we have to adjust the worship of God around the kid’s soccer games? How arrogant is that? Shame on you!

    We throw the ‘legalism’ word around when we want to satisfy the flesh. When self interest gets between us and god ‘legalism’ seems to be the buzz word to make us feel better. I’m hoping God doesn’t start to think its ‘legalism’ when he gives us breath, shelter, food, and employment.

    Pitiful; just pitiful. What happens when we can’t make the movies on Friday, do we skip Saturday night church for movie night? When do we have time for God?

  6. John said

    the main issue here is putting God first.. we as a society have gotten into a bad habit of working God into our schedules instead of working our schedules around God.. we try to get our church in on Friday or Saturday night so that we can have the rest of or our weekends free for ourselves.. it’s not a question of it being a sin or an issue of legalisim, it is just a matter of putting God first in our lives.. I bet almost every person who worships on a Friday or Saturday night would skip that worship time too if something else came up during that time..

  7. In The World said

    We have some hockey games on Sunday Mornings. Our hockey team is perhaps the biggest non-church influence circle we have. IF we don’t play hockey on Sunday, we seem to come off as Pharisees. If we go to church, my son only becomes biblically smarter (alone). What we do is TAKE the non-church kids with us on the Sundays we don’t have games…….. If the unbelievers are going to Schedule games on Sunday, we’re taking their kids with us on the Sunday’s we don’t have games. It’s building great character in my son.

  8. In The World said

    …By the way, my son had about 30 hockey friends at his baptism, half who don’t attend any church.

  9. Danielle said

    I have to comment on Deloris’ comment. To categorize Americans and Christians as you did is a contradiction, but I do have to agree with you when you say it’s an insult to God. God DOES NOT owe us anything, you are completely right!!! We owe ourselves and our lives to God.

    Picking up on the topic, I can’t believe the radio host is defending this topic as being right or wrong. God does not see the people who come to his church every Sunday, God sees the hearts that walk the streets and proclaim His name. I have a quote that has resided in my heart for some time now: “The greatest single cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle …. THAT is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

    Come on people, it’s not where we are physically, it’s where we are spiritually. We do not dishonor God by not going to Church, we dishonor Him by not living FOR Him day to day … not JUST on Sundays.

    The parents who go to the baseball, soccer, or sport events on Sunday mornings should take the opportunity to spread the word. Take the time to sit down with your pastor and ask him for flyers to pass out while you are there. Maybe make signs for your children cheering them on with the word of God on a poster. Wear T-shirts or bring bottled waters with your Church’s logo and a Bible verse on them. There are plenty of ways to live for God outside of the Church on Sunday mornings.

    And I heard the host (forgive me for not knowing his name) say that what if there were a good sermon and God had a message to bless us. Well, what about the people those parents may be reaching on Sunday morning that God is blessing them too!? Don’t you see, God lives in us … in our hearts … in our minds … and in our souls. No matter where we are, if we are a true Christian, God will bless us and His light will shine no matter what.

  10. Jantz Goble said

    I can’t believe this is even a question. I wish SOO bad that I could have gotten through on the phone line but for some reason it never went through. I don’t even know where to start but will say that I’m truly saddened by most of the comments people were calling in with today. The church in America is falling apart and I feel hopeless. What about Colossians 3:2 “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Or many many many many many many many other versus that people use when talking about money but that play a huge factor here also. The God I know in the bible I read doesn’t care about Baseball or any other sport for that matter. God did not create us for our own good pleasure but for His!

    What about I Thessalonians 5:21-22 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Last I checked most people think Sunday is for church (even if you don’t and you go on Saturday or whatever) whether they go or not. So don’t we need to hold fast that which is good and be mindful of others will think when they see us also not at church on Sunday… where we should be!?

    I was hurt to hear the comments of the guy who called, Tim. He said “I get home late usually from work but we make it a point to have a 10 minute devotional every night!” Couple of things here Tim. 1st YOU GET HOME LATE MOST NIGHTS!! Look at that statement alone, that’s not good and your priorities are wrong already so it’s no wonder you think it’s ok to skip services and do worldy things that DON’T EVEN MATTER! 2nd How do you figure that 10 minutes each night is just ok and enough of your time for God? Is God that miniscule to you that you feel he needs your time and you’re doing him a favor to give it to him!??! MY GOODNESS PEOPLE WAKE UP! Our entire focus needs to be on God not just a few minutes each day and call it good. What kind of example are you teaching your kids as far as building a relationship with thier SAVIOR!? Just like with any relationship, marriage, friendship, children, christian brothers and sisters, GOD is the same love is spelled T I M E!

    The other comment that really struck me was the guy you spoke with Stu off air that said he doesn’t want his kid to be mad or bitter with him because he forced him to go to church. I won’t even go off on this really but I will say that it’s sad…. very sad how weak our nation of so called Christians are!

    In closing, since when do kids know what’s best for them? Last time I checked we are the parents for a reason. That is to lead, guide, and direct them just like our heavenly father does for us. Children are full of emotions and feelings, and are not rooted in the Word like we should be enough to be able to dicern what’s right and wrong. Sad to say that it appears the parents aren’t either. It’s no wander that the family is falling apart!

    For the record I have no kids……………………………………………. Can’t wait to have them so I can grow them up in God and they can teach your kids correctly since you will not!

  11. Jantz Goble said

    Danielle, what about the fact that the bible calls the church members to be tightly fit together? I had a great visual that I’ll share. Think of the church as a chain. If a piece of the chain is missing how effective is it?

    What it sounds like to me is that we have a lot of people that are not involved in the church’s they attend. By you not being a constructive part of every service whether it’s working in the nursery, ushering, greeting, helping the pastor, helping in childrens church, running the bus route, helping with the bus route, counting tithes, counting attendance, passing out brochures, playing music, singing specials, singing in the choir, on and on and on… you find it all to easy to just not be there. There is so much to be done that you would rather not commit to because your kid has a game to attend……. and that’s important right?!

    Church members should be constant in assembling together for religious worship; it is remarked of the members of the first Christian church, to their honour, that they “continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and in prayer,” (Acts 2:42) that is, they constantly attended on hearing the doctrines of the apostles, which they gladly received and persevered in; and kept up their communion with them and one another, and were not missing at the Lord’s Supper, and at times of public prayer; though in after times, an evil manner, a bad custom prevailed among some of those Christian Hebrews; as to “forsake the assembling of themselves together,” which the apostle takes notice of to their dishonour (Heb. 10:25), a custom of bad consequence, both to communities and particular persons; for what one may do, every one may do, and in course public worship cease, and churches break up; and such a practice is very prejudicial and harmful to individuals; it is not known what may be lost by missing an opportunity or an ordinance; and what trouble and distress of soul may follow upon it, as the case of Thomas shows, who was not with the rest of the disciples when Christ first appeared to them; it is dangerous to indulge to an indifference to, and to any degree of neglect of the service of God in his house; the evil may grow, and at last issue in apostasy, as in the stony ground hearers.

    I didn’t get to hear if Stu gave his view point on it all. But because one of the people above mentioned they couldn’t believe he wasdefending this idea, I would like to say that I could hear your heart crying that this is wrong and I hope I’m right!

  12. Danielle said

    Jantz, I am by no means saying don’t go to Church or don’t get involved with your Church. What I AM saying, is that just because some parents choose to miss a service here and there, doesn’t make them less in God’s eyes. Once again, I bring the point up in my last paragraph by pointing out the fact that we CAN still be that “link” in the chain but it doesn’t mean we have to literally hold hands. We can do what we Christ calls us to do outside of the Church too (i.e at the Baseball fields on occasional Sundays). No harm done.

  13. Jantz Goble said

    Yes… harm done. There are 6 other days a week you can do those things, the other day, that day for us to be in God’s house, we need to doing just that, no exceptions. No born again Christian is any less or more to God. We are all perfect in God’s eyes because he sees Jesus when he looks at us. That established, us going to church isn’t to make God happy, that’s crazy. We honor God in our local church for the same reason we live a good clean lifestyle, because we love him!

    Do you try not to sin so that God will think higher of you? Do you win souls so that God will think more of you or love you more?

  14. Danielle said

    My point is that everyday is God’s day. And if you want to go back and be Biblical about the exact meaning of the Sabbath then you should know it is originally denoted Saturday and/or from sunset on Friday to nightfall on Saturday. And Americans have changed it to Sunday because of the calendar. It is Americans and humans who have changed the “legality” of the Sabbath and the same ones who want to be Biblical about it at the same time.

  15. Jantz Goble said

    Danielle, I respect your opinion and will not debate that point at this time because that is not the topic at hand. However, I will accept that you are agreeing with me if you are meaning what you illude to in that we should be in church on the agreed upon appointed time..?

    The point is we have set times that we meet and you as a functioning member of that church body need to be in your place every time you are humanly possible.

  16. In The World said

    Quote: “There are 6 other days a week you can do those things, the other day, that day for us to be in God’s house, we need to doing just that, no exceptions.”

    The true sabbath is Saturday, right?. Sunday is not the Sabbath, it’s the New Testiment worship day. With the message of “grace” and the commision of “spreading the good news” in the new testiment, is there only one correct answer to this day of worship. If so, what happens that one day you miss? Sounds like we’re going right back to being Pharisees. Is a spirit filled worship and a day of rest any less effetive if its on a Thursday rather than Sunday?

  17. Bob said

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

    This isn’t even a new issue (granted, more prevalent but not new). Don’t believe me? Go rent Chariots of Fire.

    One thing I note that is conspicuously absent in the comments-and that is any mention about PRAYER. If I earnestly seek God’s will, and in my heart determine I need to be at church on a particular day doing particular things, then not to do so is disobedience. Service to God is a personal matter in that we are all gifted differently. For instance, Jantz seems to be convicted that she needs to be working at her church whenever possible. That’s great! Apparently that is where she is gifted and she is therefore filling in her ‘link’ in the chain. The Body needs dedicated individuals like that. However the Body also needs people who are gifted (and willing) to go outside the walls of the church and share the gospel with a lost and fallen world.

    Early on in my career my schedule changed such that I was asked to work one weekend a month. Being a new believer I really struggled with what to do, so I went to our Pastor. I will never forget his response. When I told him what I was being asked to do he said “That’s great”! Obviously perplexed, he went on to tell me “Don’t you see, you will have access to more non-believers that day than even I will here at church”. OK, it was a small church but I got his message loud and clear. On those Sunday mornings we had to work, another believer and I started meeting for a time of devotion &prayer and invited our co-workers.

    Then just recently my wife was in the hospital for 67 days! Instead of leaving her to attend church every Sunday, I contacted our small group and we conducted a small service in a break room at the hospital (we have an ordained Pastor in our small group). The response from hospital staff and other patients was amazing!

    It seems to me there is agreement that if the question were, “Should I serve God or go to a baseball game” the answer is obvious. I think it’s important though to remember, unfortunately for some people, “Go to church” doesn’t necessarily mean “serve God”.

    “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

  18. jim said

    A lot of great points were made on the radio and in this forum.

    As I see it, there appears to be more and more legalism creeping into the church today. I say that because Christ died to set us free.

    Romans 8 tells us: For we did not receive a spirit that makes us a slave again to fear, but we received the Spirit of sonship, and by him we cry Father! The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.

    Did you read that? We are co-heirs with Christ! We are set apart. We have freedom in Christ.

    Of course we shouldn’t abuse this freedom, cause others to stumble because of our freedom or satisfy the flesh with our freedom (1 Corinthians 8:9 & Galatians 5:13). But in this freedom we should not be burdened by slavery (Galatians 5:1). Sometimes it appears as though some Christians desire the pharisaical way of life. That is, adding laws or rules to Christian living.

    As I see it, this is the meat of the gospel. Obviously we’re all at various positions in our Christian walk and spiritual meat to some folks is spiritual milk to others. Romans 14 is another great chapter to read on this subject.

  19. Chris said

    This is really a black and white topic unfortunately there are huge gray areas. As I previously stated, I have done the not attending church route and justifying why it was okay. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I would tell myself that while I wasn’t going to church I had the opportunity to effect the lives of the unsaved. But quite the opposite was true. Instead of influencing the unsaved I didn’t have the armor that God provides us through regular and consistent attendance at church. As a result I was the one being influenced. Never again will I go through a time like that in my life. I found an opportunity to allow my son to play and keep my family in church. I know that California allows this opportunity a little easier than other places, but there isn’t an excuse for missing service now. Our priority is worshipping the Lord. Through answered prayer we were led to a church where we actively attend and fellowship at, but it allows my son to continue to participate in a sport where God has given him talent.

  20. Scott said

    Sunday is the Christian/New Test. sabbath or day of rest. God rested from creation on Saturday in the O.T. and Christ now rests at the right hand of God in the N.T. after his resurection on Sunday. The apostles set the standard for us by meeting on Sunday and treating it as the new sabbath. i love how people use the excuse that we can worship at any time to justify not setting aside one day as a day of rest or calling it legalistic if anyone says they should. do we really fulfill the keep the sabbath holy commandment by going to church for an hour or two on sunday and then running off and using the day for our own desires and purposes?

    Very interesting topic and one that I believe the Church should really wrestle with.

  21. Shawn said

    After reading all the comments and listening to the show (not in that order mind you) I must express a few things.

    1. If we are to keep the sabbath, is everyone keeping all of the other commandments?

    2. Isn’t Jesus our sabbath rest?

    I’m not here to tell you who’s right and who’s wrong because honestly it’s up to the individual. Paul said that everything is premissible but not beneifical (I think I spelled those two words wrong, sorry).
    Someone coming on a forum and saying that people are less of a Christian for not going to church every Sunday is crazy!!! Who are you to judge? Are you Christ?
    I think the issue is really that church has really become all about us and not about God. Example: People who may work on Sunday are routinely labeled less of a believer because they “work” on the Sabbath. Well if you worked out YOUR salvation and I work out mine I think we can agree to disagree. God is everywhere and meeting with Him can happen in any place (even on the ball field). Why don’t we or why can’t we see that meeting with other believers on other days is okay too. Was Paul less of a Christian if he missed a Sunday because he was on a ship to some church to minister to them? He missed the Sunday service and his ship won’t be in until Monday so Paul must not be that great of a believer. Give me a break.
    Look I personally own business that sometimes requires me to miss the Sunday service. So I try and go another time. If I can’t I meet with a friend for lunch and we share what God is doing in our lives. The Bible says that where 2 or more are gathered in His name He is there. If my friend and I go to lunch and come together in His name……are we with Christ right then and there? Is that Church? Church is not a building or a service….it’s the people, His people. Meeting together whenever and where ever they can.
    So if you need to be in church every time the doors are open awesome!! Be there. If you miss a Sunday because your son plays for the best NFL team…..The New Orleans Saints (God’s Team? Just a thought) or any other team, go be there. But in both places be Christ to all those around you, because we are to GO into the world and be the light for all to see.

    Take Care,

  22. Jantz said

    Well stated Chris and you’re 100% correct. We are all WEAK and I would say those not attending regular services are even WEAKER. We need the REGULAR fellowship with believers and they need us. You need to be in your place at the appointed time. We have gotten a bit away from the topic. The point is you need to set priorities for your children and allowing them to miss church for ANY WORLDLY reason should be 100% forbidden. We need to work hard to build our relationships with God and the closer we get to God the better example we will be for our children.

    Christ started the church for a reason. Why would you go against what God ordained? Be in your places people and don’t allow yourself to be overtaken by the worlds views.

    Mathew 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.”

  23. kandace said

    As Christians, we are members of God’s foreign
    service. The Church is the embassy by which we
    rekindle ties with our native language – the language of Heaven. The question is not how often we go to the embassy station but how well
    we represent our homeland (The Kingdom of Heaven) to a fallen world (This Earth).

    We are commanded to reflect the image of Christ as His peculiar people. If we attend the ball field v. the Church too often, we lose our distinctiveness and become too much like the fallen creatures of earth, who do not know Jesus Christ.

    It’s like a coal who has gotten cold because it was not exposed enough to the fire to keep it warm.

  24. Scott said

    Maybe someone can answer this question for me. I apologize if it was answered during the broadcast. When was the “sabbath day commandment” done away with or when did Christ change it from worshiping on an actual day to just worshiping when and where you want to? Does worshipping at Starbucks with a friend on Monday fulfill the spririt of the law? Am i fulfilling the spirit of the law when I discuss Christ with a fellow believer on the golf course on Friday or even Sunday for that matter?

  25. Chris said

    I would use Hebrews 10:25 as a guide when it comes to direction on church attendance.

    25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

    In no legalistic way did Jesus say that thou shall attend church. But he and his disciples have given clear instruction and warnings about being a member of the body and the need for attendance at church. Nothing is said about what day, time or manner that one attends church.

  26. Jeff said

    (In answer to Scott, and for the rest of us to think deeply about)

    In Christianity, the day of the week devoted to rest and worship is Sunday, or the “Lord’s Day.” Early Sunday observance is suggested in the New Testament (Ac 20:7; 1 Co 16:2; Rev 1:10) and in the writings of the early church fathers:

    “But every Lord’s Day, gather yourselves together, and break bread, and give thanksgiving after having confessed your transgressions, that your sacrifice may be pure” (Didache 14, ANF 7.381, c. 90 AD).

    “We have come to the possession of a new hope, no longer observing the Sabbath, but living in the observance of the Lord’s Day” (Ignatius of Antioch, Epistle to the Magnesians).

    “But Sunday is the day on which we all hold our common assembly, because it is the first day on which God … made the world. And Jesus Christ our Savior rose from the dead on that same day” (Justin Martyr, First Apology).

    The Lord’s Day and the Sabbath are not exactly the same. Christ is the fulfillment of the OT Sabbath. It was a “shadow” that pointed forward to the reality found in Christ – perfect rest in Him (Col. 2:16, 17; Heb. 4).

    Sunday is the “Lord’s Day.” He is to be our priority on His day. This may mean that we have to make sacrifices to honor Him on His day. These sacrifices should flow from a heart of love and gratitude to Him for the GREAT sacrifice He made on our behalf – not legalism but love.

    The early church would never have dreamed of placing a worldly engagement ahead of the joy (and yes, obligation) to meet together with their brothers and sisters to worship and honor their great Savior and to build one another up in the faith. They were continually devoted to Christ and His body (Acts 2:42). My fear is that 21st century Christians (including myself) know nothing of this level of devotion to our great and loving Savior. We tend to put our own engagements, or those of our children, ahead of devotion to God. I am not arguing that there is never a time when you must miss a service, but I do think that it should be rare and not a regular occurrence.

    I appeal to all of us not to be quick with “knee jerk” reactions but to examine our hearts to see if we truly “love the Lord with all our heart …” Is HE truly our #1 priority? Don’t focus first on the day but on the heart. If our hearts are right then our practice will be right. The heart must be the priority because God looks on the heart. After all, you can be in church every time the doors are open and still not have a right heart before God. If our hearts are right we will greatly desire to gather together with our brothers and sisters in worship and adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then to spread out in the community as His light and salt with the gospel.

  27. Jeff said

    For all who are interested, here is a link to a sermon by Dr. John MacArthur on the Lord’s Day. He gives a great explanation of the transition from the seventh day Sabbath to the first day Lord’s Day. He stresses the point (and backs it up from Scripture) that it was Christ who changed the day and not man. Enjoy.


  28. anonymous said

    This is not a matter about which we can be very legalistic. It’s not a matter on which salvation depends. That being said, it is impossible to be an effective Christian without attending church. One of our highest priveleges is worshipping God, and that simply can’t be done on the ballfield. I’d say that someone should think long and hard before skipping church to go to a ballfield, and if we do go to the ballpark we should find another opportunity for corporate worship.

  29. Jantz Goble said

    I feel much better with the last few comments thank you guys so much! It was refreshing to check back a week or so later and see some good comments about being in our places to worship our Lord and Savior. Amen!

  30. Marvin said

    Believers are to pour our lives into the ‘mold’ of the Scriptures so that we can be shaped into the image of Christ. The Scriptures are never to be used as a hammer to ‘beat’ us into the image of Christ!

    Matthew 7:1-6 teaches that ‘Kingdom Citizens’ are not to have a judgmental, condemning, spirit toward fellow believers. And, any value system that allows one to elevate himself and thereby devalue other believers is always wrong. For example, a believer should be a better person for faithfully attending church, but that person is not to think of himself as better that the person who does not attend. God handles all those judgments.

    In Hebrews 4:1-11 – The Sabbath (rest) is given to believers in Jesus, not observers of a day, so the emphasis must always be on the relationship with Jesus, not the submitting to man’s schedules and judgments. AGAIN: ‘The Scriptures are something to pour our lives into so we can be molded into the image of Christ. They are not to be used as a hammer to beat us in to Christ’s image.’

    The issue for parents is simple. Relationships are always a higher priority than rules… “Man was not made for the sabbath, rather the sabbath was made for man.” But, don’t ignore the benefits of resting one day in seven because there are many.

    God gives the Bible and the Holy Spirit to each believer to guide each one of us in decisions just like this, Col.3:15-16, and He will and does.

    Church attendance on Sunday Morning between 9:30 AM and 12 noon is a tradition of man and these should never be allowed to replace or be elevated along beside the Bible.

    A relationship with Jesus and fellow Christians is a requirement for us to obey and honor our LORD Jesus.
    Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and might, and teach your children to do the same and the issue will resolve itself. It will not however, be resolved with the same answer in every situation.

    Good topic for discussion Stu.

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  32. Danny Williams said

    I think we are missing a big piont here. The church is not a building. The Church is the body of Chirst Jesus. All believers are part of the Lord’s Chruch. The fact is Jesus doesn’t care about the buildings, but its the people who he loves and cares for. He knows our hearts and we can’t fool him. You can be saved and never set one foot inside “Church.”

    As for the Sabbath that is old testement. Jesus was ridiculed by the pharisees many times for breaking the sabbath. We are to give thanks and worship Jesus everyday. Jesus is our souce of rest and strength.

    Don’t get me wrong Christ established the church so we could fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to support each other and Jesus knew we would need each other.

    The battle field for Christains is not inside the walls of a church. It is outside those walls were others are lost. We have to take the fight to streets and witness there. Those in the chruch already believe.

    I will not pass judgement on my brother in Christ, that is not my job. I praise the Lord he is my brother and is teaching his children to love the Lord.

    In all things give Jesus all the glory for we are all saved by his grace and not our works. Set aside time to worship Jesus and go to the ball field and have fun. Just be a witness for Christ and his kingdom and he will bless you. Jesus is my King. Amen.

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