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Today’s Guests: Phil & Paul Downer

Posted by truthtalklive on May 23, 2007

Visit www.downer.org

How can Dad’s disciple thier children?

Is this a command or an option?

Any testimonies? Horror stories?


4 Responses to “Today’s Guests: Phil & Paul Downer”

  1. Paul Downer said

    Great being on the program today. One of the most amazing things I am noticing of late is how much of a difference one person surrendered to God can really make–especially in the area of discipleship. Gaining a vision to disciple people, like my Dad did me, is so cool. It’s about investing your life in someone else, encouraging them, taking the hits with them, and being willing to stand with them on their darkest day. Every one of us needs a person like that.

  2. stu said

    AMEN! Great to have you on the show today with your Father.
    You both blessed many people across the country.

    Thanks for all of the encouragement on and off the air–You and your Dad are a breath of fresh air!

    I strongly encourage our listeners to visit your site and get involved in the ministry of DNA.

  3. stu said

    by the way, Paul(or anyone), if Discipleship is so important, and commanded…then why is so LITTLE of it going on in the Church today?
    Or am I wrong?

  4. chip said

    I think that many people feel “discipleship” is this hard systematic monster and they don’t feel they are capable/qualified to participate. In reality it is merely connecting with someone relationally and helping them reach their potential in Christ. I totally agree with Paul Downer about standing with them on their darkest day, that is epic. I am a new listener to the show and am enjoying it very much. Keep it up

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