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Today’s Guest: Steve Campbell from Christ at Work

Posted by truthtalklive on May 16, 2007

Visit: www.christatwork.com!

When was the last time you shared Christ at work?

Any testimonies?

2 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Steve Campbell from Christ at Work”

  1. Frank Reed said

    Two things to consider: 1) There are some wonderful Christian business people out there 2) then there are the rest. The rest give everyone else a harder road because of their hypocrisy etc. One thing I see is that often Christian businesses do things in a “second rate” manner. By not striving for excellence in the presentation of their craft they give a weaker witness. For instance, the station that carries your show here in Raleigh (1030 AM The Truth) has let the countdown to your show air live for the past two days. It sounds so completely amateurish that you can only wonder what someone would think tuning in for the first time. Also, there are so many “flavors” of Christians out there that many who have terrible theology (i.e. prosperity gospel sects) will quickly wield God as a tool to gain material success. Not too Godly in my opinion and then the world lumps us all together because of this kind of misrepresentation. My preference is to keep the fish symbols off of trucks, business cards etc and show your love of Christ through excellent workmanship, fair pricing and great treatment of customers. People will know you are different then and it makes it more likely that a lost person will hear your witness rather than just catering to the “converted” and further removing ourselves from the mainstream which is where we can fulfill the Great Commission.

  2. stu said

    Thank you Frank for some great thoughts and observations!

    We’ve been in touch with our affiliate there in Raleigh –AM 1030, and they are not only fixing the situation, but are encouraged and by your thoughts as well–

    I can’t agree with you more on the need for Christian businesses to reflect EXCELLANCE in every area.
    –God Bless you!
    stu ps 40:8

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