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Today: The Battle of the Christian Talk Show Hosts!!!

Posted by truthtalklive on May 9, 2007

Stu debates talk show host Bob Enyart over partial-birth abortion ban.

Was the partial-birth abortion ban by the Supreme Court a victory or a defeat?



25 Responses to “Today: The Battle of the Christian Talk Show Hosts!!!”

  1. Anonymous said

    where is the Romney/Mormon blog?

    we want it back !!!!!!!

    We want to win Mormons to Christ !!!!!

  2. Dru Mattox of Alabama said

    I understand getting the truth out to the Christian nation, but not at the expense of cutting each others throat. If I were not a Christian unloving debates like this would cause me not to be. If we can’t love and treat each other with respect, then how can we love the the lost.

  3. Debbie from Dallas said

    Very disappointed with Truth? Talk Host. After listening to the program (for the last time) today; find out Stu hasn’t read the subject matter he’s been praising.
    Some contradiction- station is crowded but doesn’t have web support.
    You are in a very important position, think/know the subject before you talk! My ride home was just short of road rage, until I changed the radio channel.

  4. Anonymous said

    Dru, the way you’re describing this is ridiculous. Cutting throats? Furthermore, rejecting Christianity due to an internal disagreement over the direction of the pro-life movement is an extremely lame excuse.

  5. Anonymous said

    u know what i just went to the abortion no website and i now understand why people want to
    blow up abortion clinics…i dont support that but these people are killers of the innocent and those
    doctors would deserve to die…
    i just wish it was legal to sentence them death in the chair…or something

  6. Anonymous said

    Religious Activists Protest Decision at Missouri Rally
    Supreme Court Decision A Devastating Setback for Women’s Health and Freedom of Conscience
    The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, founded in 1973, is the national coalition of religious and religiously affiliated organizations from 15 denominations, including the Presbyterian Church (USA), Episcopal Chuch, United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalism, and Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism. Not all organizations share the viewpoint in the statement below. Read member organizations statements.

    Statement of Rev. Carlton W. Veazey, President and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
    April 18, 2007
    Today’s Supreme Court decision is a serious setback for women’s health and for a woman’s ability to follow her conscience in medical decisions. As well, it is a blow to the basic responsibility of medical professionals to inform patients of all medical options.
    While there is no question of our commitment to the value of all human life, we are alarmed that the Court has taken a step toward valuing a potential person over the woman whose life may be at risk.
    The Roberts Court has, as feared, begun to move away from the respect for women’s health and well-being that has characterized previous abortion decisions.
    This decision moves us closer to the time when sectarian religious viewpoints will govern medical decisions for all Americans, whether they share those viewpoints or not.

  7. James C said

    Thank you for having Bob Enyart on your program. Here is the analysis he wrote for Colorado Right to Life. I think any pro-lifer that reads it will be sick and then angry that our “pro-life” leaders have been flat out lying to us!

    Check it out!


  8. James C said

    Jesus wasn’t always respectful and even called people names! *gasp* Jesus was a man not a girlie-man!


  9. stu said


    I don’t remember ‘praising’ the subject matter or even endorsing the guest, but I did promise to investigate, and that’s what we’re doing.

    We also strongly challenged the open attack on other believers, later in the show.
    I thought Chris from Miami made a great point about this. Let’s build bridges and stop burning them.
    People of faith have got to unite if we’re ever going stop the killing!
    How can we do this?

  10. Anonymous said

    I wish truth talk would do a story on scams within the Christian churches, see below

    I was intrigued with the fact that WFAA’s GMT morning show was showcasing a product this morning
    with the below quite interesting history –
    I sent GMT the below message but will probably not get a response:

    Dear GMT …regarding your story on the liquid vitamin “To Your Health”

    which you have an advertising link on your site to it – picturing Mr. Dwight Johnson –

    you might want to do a little investigating of the background of this group. (see SEC links below)

    See attached “D Magazine”
    (April 2006 Pulse section ) article on Dr. Paul Meier,
    the product endorsing Psychiatrist and friend of Dwight Johnson and Harry “Robbie” Gowdey,

    named as defendants in the below SEC documents regarding ponzi fraud.

    at http://www.haysconsulting.net/correllhorizon/01-25-06%20Amer%20Press%20Update.pdf

    see article entitled

    ” Report reveals scam generated nearly $400 million “

    SEC links —



    SEC appointed receiver’s site:


  11. Anonymous said

    “Go Figure”…

    that same vitamin product is advertised on the word 100.7, their “consumer magazine” which is intended to protect the listeners from questionable advertisers, go figure

  12. Anonymous said

    Thank You Bob Enyart!!! Stu… READ THE RULING! Where is your wisdom? I’ve been to Bob’s web-site and we really need to listen to what he is saying in ‘Focus on the Strategy’.

    GET WITH IT STU… this ruling was NOT a victory!

  13. Pam R. said

    The reason I asked Bob Enyart if he was familiar with the procedure in which a needle is used to inject something into the heart of a baby in the womb is because I was told of this procedure years ago when efforts to ban PBA first began. A physian told me this alternative method was already in place should a ban come about. It is my understanding that the reason we ended up with PBA is because children, like Gianna Jessen, were surviving abortion by saline solution. I wasn’t aware of what Bob maintains about the wording of the ban, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Abortion is an evil act that is carried out and promoted by lost people who are wicked because of greed and their sin nature. As long as abortion is legal at all we are in trouble.

    I have great respect for Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family and their pro-life efforts which include donating educational materials and even ultrasound machines to pregnancy resource centers.

    Thanks Stu, for helping us be educated and informed so that we can educate others. I pray we are diligent in evangelism and in working together for life and life eternal.

    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

    Our land desperately needs healing. Let us love and forgive one another, live boldly for Christ, and unite on behalf of pre-born children.

  14. Anonymous said

    Stu, I hope pro-lifers read the ruling, and quit saying, it’s a positive first step. No righteous journey begins with innocent blood on your shoes.
    Mark B.

  15. Tom from Dallas said

    Unfortunately, not all pro-life groups have a plan for victory; many are merely running in place. There is no shortage of uninformed donors to keep the lights on at these groups and so they suck the funds away from groups who are really producing results.

    Perhaps we need another audit organization – just for pro-life organizations. Donors who don’t have the time to stay informed can go to the website and read how their potential recipient rates against the rest of the field.

    One thing that most people don’t realize is that there are many plans to save babies in the pro-life movement but almost none to seriously stop abortion. I don’t think most of the groups themselves really have come to grips with the fact that their “baby-saving” strategy will not stop abortion. You can’t save enough babies to stop abortion. Nevertheless, their appeal letters drip with “stopping abortion” rhetoric.

    For one of the FEW examples of an effective organization aimed at ending abortion, visit the materials of Life Dynamics at http://www.lifedynamics.net. Their TV show sums it up. “We are’t here just to put up a good fight. We’re here to win because winning is how the killing stops.”

  16. Anonymous said

    “IF” you really want to know the truth all you have to do is read the dissenting remarks of the four justices who voted against this ban and also note all the “planned parenthood cases” that this decision overruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enyart is using the ignorance of most people not being able to read passed a fifth grade level to gather a following of frustrated Christians!


  17. Anonymous said

    There are several things that this ruling does

    1. It actually regulates abortions and sets a precedence for the fact that Roe v Wade allows for abortions to be regulated. This means that more regulations will come!

    2. It makes it very difficult for these type of abortions to take place. If the head of the baby comes all the way out it can not be done. If the baby comes out past the navel it can not be done. These two things will make it almost impossible for abortions to be done in any way once the baby is beginning to come out!

    3. There are several cases that “planned parenthood” has won in the past that this ruling overrules.

    4 This is in no way good enough. But if you consider where the courts have been on this issue it is a victory! A Sad Victory!

  18. Anonymous said

    Planned Parenthood has bigger problems than this down the road!
    The latest stats show that of all abortion minded women that see a 3d sonogram of their babies over 50percent of them choose not to abort. Planned Parenthood is desperately trying to make it illegal for only trained “licensed” professionals to be allowed to do 3d sonograms. They can’t stand it that Crisis Pregnancy Centers across america are doing 3d sonograms for free!!

  19. Anonymous said


    Take a look at this letter that was received back from Focus; on Dr. Dobson supporting a canidate who he knew supported pro-choice – http://www.shadowgov.com/Focus/focus.html#DrDobsonAbandonsPledge

    It brings up an important question, will you cast your vote (at election time), for the canidate who is a little better than the other; though both support pro-choice and support people who do?

    I use to think it would be better to vote for the more moral person; even though they comprimised on “thou shall not murder…” but today (even though to some it might seem that I am just throwing my vote away); I recognize God knows how I vote and even though in this world it might look like I threw my vote away; I did vote with God and for God; and it is to Him that I care about pleasing.

    How about you? (R from Colorado)…

  20. Anonymous said

    I have personally voted that way.
    I voted for the better guys in the primaries and then voted for Bush in the presidential. The primaries are where that has to happen. The problem isn’t Dobson or any of the groups that claimed a “sad” victory….it’s with the congress refusing to confirm judges that are all out against abortion! Dobson and these other groups are just trying it seems to charge hell with a snow ball and then self-righteous pew warmers jump up and say that “this isn’t a victory”. It is a victory just a very very small one!!! Who said that anyone is quitting here….?

  21. Johnnie said

    Quoting from anonymous above: “”IF” you really want to know the truth all you have to do is read the dissenting remarks of the four justices who voted against this ban and also note all the “planned parenthood cases” that this decision overruled!”


    The truth about what? Enyart made the claim that this ruling has no power to save even one baby. Did you read something different?

    Looks to me that all Planned Parenthood lost was one particular way to kill a baby, yet abortion through all nine months of pregnancy is still affirmed.

    This makes you happy?

    Good thing you’re not a football coach where after losing the big game you’re celebrating that your team held their opponent to 55 yards on the ground. Problem is that the opposing team had 655 yards passing.


  22. Truthsmacker deluxe said

    Stu Dr. Dobson isn’t infallible. Don’t go down a path with him just because he is him!

    Dr. Dobson is wrong on this issue.

  23. Truthsmacker deluxe said

    After listening to this show I have a really good feel for What Stu is feeling. Stu, I realize you are passionate about the unborn. I can sense it in your voice! You crave victory for them. You want victory so badly (even a small victory) that it makes it hard for you to comprehend that what looks like a victory is actually a loss.

    Stu, it isn’t your fault that you were fooled by this ruling. You were told by people that you respected that this ruling was a victory.

    You were mislead.

    Now it’s time to right what has been made wrong by other Christian leaders. You can effect your audience Stu, they love you, they will listen to you.

    Tell them the truth. Set the record straight, it will go a long way in the fight for the unborn which weighs so heavily on your mind.

    God bless you.

  24. Quinn said

    Dobson and the gang @ Focus On The Family have stubbornly refused to even process the information on the so-called partial-birth abortion ban.

    I say this because Enyart had a legal analyst for FOTF on his show a few weeks back and he talked as if he had not even read the Gonzales v Carhart decision.

    Its just so stupifying!!

    Anyone who has read and analyzed the decision sides with Enyart, Colorado Right To Life and myself – it wasn’t a ban – it was a pro-abortion manual.

  25. Quinn said

    Some anonymous coward who posted comment #17 said:

    “It makes it very difficult for these type of abortions to take place. If the head of the baby comes all the way out it can not be done. If the baby comes out past the navel it can not be done. These two things will make it almost impossible for abortions to be done in any way once the baby is beginning to come out!”



    What do you expect, the abortionist or one of the clinic workers will report that this procedure was intentionally done? Is that how you think this will work?

    Were you aware that in the decision it explicitly states that if the baby comes out past the navel UNINTENTIONALLY then there is no crime?

    That’s right!

    So, they could perform the same abortion procedure every time and just claim that it occured that way “unintentionally” and not be charged with committing a crime.

    That is about as far from a victory as you can come.

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