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Today’s Guest: Author John Fenn

Posted by truthtalklive on May 2, 2007

John’s book is “Leaving the Church to Find God.”

Visit www.ifaithhome.org

Do you agree with the author?

Are house churches and small groups the solution to problems facing the church today?


9 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Author John Fenn”

  1. Anonymous said

    My church started out with 6 people in 1964. Now we have more that 5000 members and about 35 branch churches. The pastors of these churches grew up in my church. Ministries are supposed to grow. I believe in the book of Acts 3000 people were added to the church in one day. What do you when your ministry grows as ours have? Do you just split up and meet in different houses or do you build a build that seats 5000 people and worship together. Jesus was preaching to thousands of people at once. Jesus fed 5000 with 2 fish and 5 barley loaves. That was the equivalent of the MEGA church now wasn’t it? As long as people are being delivered and turning from sin and growing in grace it doesn’t matter where they worship. If we repent, turn away from sin and walk in the newness of life, God doesn’t care where we worship.

  2. Anonymous said

    By the way, my church is Full Gospel Holy Temple, in Dallas, Texas. (www.fght.org)

  3. Anonymous said

    I agree in part with the author. By and large, the traditional church has rendered itself irrelevant to our society. No broad, sweeping statement can describe the state of the universal church, nor can it describe all churches. You can find both good and bad examples of small, medium, and large churches everywhere. You can find examples of people burned by experience in both good and bad churches of all sizes. One critical overarching issue that Rock mentioned in his call is whether the people in the church are trying to live by their own works or are truly tapped into grace – Gal.2:20 as he brought up. Small/Medium/Large, you cannot be effective if you are not tapped into His grace. My home church is a megachurch that started with 13 adults 12 years ago. It now has 2500. The numbers don’t matter, what does matter is that we encourage biblical foundations, life on life discipleship, cultural engagement, ministry/service orientation, and an anchor of prayer. All this is encompassed by the fervent belief that our performance does not matter one iota in our acceptance by God – his grace alone matters. We can do nothing to make him love us more. We can do nothing to make him love us less. This is where the majority of “Christians” miss the boat, and the church becomes anemic at best or oppressive.

  4. John Fenn said

    Hi Stu,
    Thanks for having me on the show – our web site is http://www.ifaithhome.org, and I encourage everyone to visit the CWOWI section – the Church Without Walls International – and click
    I’m happy to help individuals, groups and pastors start or change to house church…Blessings, John

  5. Anonymous said

    I once attended a large church and it was wonderfull but I was able to hide no one knew me and I continued to live the same old way but Ive switched to a small church and I love it because I was able to ask questions in bible study and I have grown so much in my walk with GOD I’m not saying that this could not have happened at the large church but it would have been hard because it was too many people.

  6. Brad said

    I am skeptical. This is in the line of the “health and wealth” thinking. John attended RHEMA (founded by Kenneth Hagin) and has continued to work with churches or organizations who promote this line of thinking, i.e. you’re not baptized of the Holy Spirit until it’s evidenced by speaking in tongues, healing is a right and privilege of today’s Christian, etc…

    And reading on the CWOWI section on the linked website, John explains that he has had some VERY DETAILED conversations with Jesus Himself regarding this house church movement, why to have it, what specifically to call it, etc…

    I’m not saying that it didn’t happen – only that I’d be EXTREMELY skeptical about it.

    The problem with today’s churches are not the churches, it’s the people in the churches who need to get it straight. The solution isn’t to leave and start your own church, it’s to sincerely pray for revival in the hearts of people today. The church isn’t, and shouldn’t be, about what it can do for us, how it can minister to us, how we feel when we go there, etc… It should be about Christians who come to worship a mighty God, to praise Him and give thanks for what He has done. Finding a good church is important, and they are most definitely out there. But you can have a deep experience with God on your own, through your own Bible study, without having to start your own house church, I believe.

  7. Anonymous said

    I’ve read the book. I have to admit this is by far the most in-depth anyone has gone on the subject of house churches. I definetly look at the church in a new light now. Totally recommend one read the book. All my initial questions were answered by that alone.

  8. Anonymous said

    There was a question posed on the radio show with John Fenn asking “do you get more out of your small group or church”. I think it is and should be both. I know that I have a great time of growth and fellowship in my small group through prayer and Bible study. It’s a very personal thing. However, I find a different personal experience at church. We have a pastor that isn’t afraid to talk about the tough texts in the Bible and deal with those issues so that we all understand. He leaves it all out there on the table and I think that’s what corporate services and preaching in today’s typical mega church are lacking.

    Just my two cents.

  9. mark jr. said

    I understand all the views.
    I grew up in a big church and it had that “needle in a hay stack” feel to it. Easy to hide and stay private.

    I’ve been to small churches that do the same.

    I’ve been to house church meetings that had God in them for sure.

    I’ve been to house church meetings that were bogus and hokey, just chasing a fad.

    It all comes down to the spirit of the people, i.e. serious and on fire, or just going along in christian culture to fulfill a religious obligation (ESPECIALLY here in the south).

    Is God seen as holy and glorified as God? Is the whole counsel of God proclaimed? Are the preachers afraid to say “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”? Do they call sin what it is? Do they blend in with the world so that the world feels “like, really comfortable man” in its midst?

    There are big churches that are radically on fire for God. There are small churches that are. There are house churches that are.

    There are big churches that are a synagogue of satan. There are small churches that are exactly the same. Same with the house churches (especially those who follow Witness Lee).

    There are big churches that have great ways of getting people involved in each others lives, and some that don’t.

    I’m sure you get the picture by now.

    God bless big churches with Fire.
    God bless small churches with Fire.
    God bless house churches with Fire.

    Set yourself ablaze and do something for the kingdom.

    mark jr.

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