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Today’s Topic – Abortion

Posted by truthtalklive on April 30, 2007

I’m pro-life, but do I really care about all the baby’s that were murdered today in my home town?

Does the church really care?

The harsh reality of abortion. Will you ever see these pictures on the news? Visit www.abortionno.com. Warning: The images on this website are extremely graphic.


14 Responses to “Today’s Topic – Abortion”

  1. Anonymous said

    Abortion is absolutely horrific ! Everyone needs to see the images on the web site of abortionno.com

  2. RonPaulforPresident said

    I about vomitted on the 1st picture and had to close it! I’m still sick.

  3. Callie R. said

    It has always been formost in my heart to have compassion on all children. Having had an abortion, I immediately understood the gift that I gave up. I couldn’t take it back and I had to force myself to move on. I felt like I was drowning for two years… days I couldn’t breathe or be by myself that I didn’t greive the loss of my child. I think of the children God gave me after that abortion as as rare and imperfect gifts. I cherrish every moment. I can’t wait to meet the Child I made the choice to give up. However, God has given me a 2nd chance with my children. To all those who suffer through the pain of an abortion. remember when you seek forgiveness from God for this don’t let the devil twist it up in your heart and your mind. This matter is no devils business except you and God. Lift your head and your heart to God and give him the glory that you will make it through to the other side. God always has a plan and a purpose for everyone. Including the children we have given up.
    God Bless you all.
    Callie R.

  4. Anonymous said

    As a whole North Carolina Protestant Evangelical churches give very little to right to prolife and that’s from Wilmington to Ashville. It’s a little easier to find a church that will support a pcc before any evangelical church will support the state pro-life.
    Catholic churches give more. PCC’s are touchable and still have a hard time getting support.
    The evangelical church is to split in it’s giving from Focus on the Family to missions. I won’t even say that some evangelical churches find it hard to even to support pro life because it’s to hot and the pastors are scared. I’ll stop here.

  5. Anonymous said

    Helen from Texas,

    This is a subject that is very close to my heart. When I was 14yo,
    I was raped. When I found out that I was pregnant I told my Mom and stepfather what had happend they immediatly took me to the doctor to set up an abortion. I told them I did not want to have an abortion and that it was part my baby to.

    My stepfather called me a whore and told me I was no good. I was told it was probably my fault. He said that girls usually get what hey asked for. My mom called me a couple of names to but later said she was sorry she was just angry.

    My mom tried to eexplain to me why I needed an abortion, the reasons were from I was to young to have a child to my body was not completely formed and that It might keep me from having other kids if something was wrong. the final answer was we were not going to talk about it any more. When I talked to the doctor he said because I was a minor he had to do what my parents wanted.

    Today I am 49 years old and I have never forgot that my child was murdered. In my mind thats what had happened,and I allowed it.

    My mom and I are very close today however we not close for a long, long time. When I became a christian I had alot of things to ask forgiveness for. I thank God every day for loving me enough that he sent his son to shed his blood on a cross for the forgiveness of my sins. Grace awesome Grace.

    I learned that God could not forgive me if I could not forgive others.

    I pray that anyone who is out there thinking of having an abortion please pray long and hard because after you do it it’s to late there is no going back. If you believe that it’s ok within the first couple of months to have an abortion because it’s not a baby yet and it can’t feel anything see the movie called “A Silent Scream” It will haunt you forever.

    There are so many people who want children and can’t have them. Make Gods day and bless a good christian family with a beautiful child.

  6. moderator said

    hey ronpaul – sorry about that. i tried to warn people in the post. i too, could not look at the website, even when i posted the link it made my stomach turn. it’s the real thing and that’s what people need to realize.

  7. RonPaulforPresident said

    Hey Moderator…it’s not a problem, you had a warning, I just didn’t realize how bad it was. I have reposted the link to some people and titled it…WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT If you have a weak heart or stomach, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS! If you are pro-choice, this may open your eyes.
    But yea, I was at the site for no more than 10 seconds before I realized what it was and rushed to close it…it made me cry and it made me realize where we have come as a nation.

  8. B-man said

    There is, of course, one good thing that comes from all this, and that is that everyone of those children that were murdered, are all with the Lord right now! I also think that we should all be witnessing like mad so that people’s hearts will be changed and transformed for the Glory of God! Without a heart change, people will continue to murder people. So, get out there and tell people about the God of the universe that can and will save anybody!

  9. Anonymous said

    So many people are pro life until the babies actually are born. Then it’s live and let die. Sad. Why can’t we just be compassionate neighbors and provide shelter for all in need?

    All this anti-abortion fervor gets too political to be righteous.

  10. Pam Richards said

    Stu, you are to be commended for shining light on the topic of abortion and challenging us, the church, to act on behalf of children at risk as well as women and men who have been deceived and injured. You ask some compelling questions. As to why more Christians aren’t actively engaged in this battle, here are my thoughts: At least three women and men out of ten in our country are post-abortive. That means our churches are filled with walking wounded who have never dealt with the regret surrounding a decision they made a long time ago. If a person has not had healing in this area they are likely to avoid the issue altogether. With regard to pastors, I believe it could be that many aren’t sure how to address the evil nature of abortion while remaining compassionate to someone in their congregation who may be hurting. Also, I’ve worked in pro-life ministry for years and women have told us that their pastor advised them to abort. How many pastors regret a decision they made to counsel a woman in this way? They, too, may be eager to avoid the subject. The impact of abortion runs far and wide.
    This is one of the most important human rights issues of our time and people are asleep! We all need to be financially supporting our local pregnancy resource center monthly at the very least and engaged in other ways as we are able. Christian pro-life pregnancy centers are invaluable resources for anyone in need of healing and for women in crisis, and they desperately need sustainable funding with less reliance of fundraising events. Thanks again for speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Pam R.

  11. IRegretMyAbortion said

    I get a little troubled when we discuss abortion as a “political issue” when it is really a life and death one. It just dumbs it down and doesn’t call it what it is. Humans are dying, over 4000 a day in the US alone!!

    YES the church should get involved in political issues! If you don’t, then you get things such as like what happened on Jan. 22, 1973 (Roe V. Wade). Christians had their heads in the sand!

    As far as why churches don’t “get involved” with the issues, it is pretty much $$ talking. They might offend someone and they walk out the door and take their $$ with them. You know what? I think we should stand up for what is right. When Jesus cleared the temple, did he worry about offending someone? If you lose your nonprofit tax status because you speak God’s truth, then just go ahead and pay unto Casear what is Casear’s! God will provide. Is He not sovreign? He certainly calls you to stand for Him and His Word. . and that includes part in black in white about abortion and homosexuality being wrong!Homosexuality is wrong.

  12. Anonymous said

    the law needs to make abortion 1st degree murder! how could educated men make this legal?

  13. God have mercy said

    Killing of children through abortion is one of the greatest sins of our country. We have believed a lie – that women have the power over the life of their own children – yet – children are a gift from God and on loan to us. I always ask – the question is not “do I believe women have a choice” BUT “”when does life begin?” People who believe in abortion can never answer that correctly – they always justify to their own end.

    Killing children through abortion has sadly and painfully become synonymous with “convenience”.

    God have mercy.

  14. Anonymous said

    Well abortion is like everything else here in America it’s convenient having a child is always convenient to the ones who aren’t ready so the government wants to be voted in so they give the convenience to those who will vote for them people who like to kill (abortion) people who are a minority and get their way because they cry the loudest (taking prayer and ten commandments out of public places) (homosexuals) as long as you have convenience that the government will hand out and ultimately hurt our country instead of help it then America is going to fall just like every other nation that started out and thought they were the best but fell after doing what they wanted to do instead of doing the right thing. Just like in the Bible good will be bad and bad will be good because people have turned it around and pushed their views on us and cry if we try to tell them the truth and say we are pushing our views on them but all they really are are a bunch of hypocrites the same thing they try to say about Christians.

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