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Today’s Guest: Pastor Payton (pastor in Roanoke/Blacksburg, VA area)

Posted by truthtalklive on April 17, 2007

Pastor Payton is ON THE SCENE!

– How should Christians respond to this incident?

Thank you to all our faithful listeners on WWWR AM910 in Roanoke. We are praying for you, your families and your community!

Prayer Requests?
Please post your requests for a friend or relative affected by this senseless tragedy and the Truth Talk Live Prayer Warriors will go to work!!!

8 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Pastor Payton (pastor in Roanoke/Blacksburg, VA area)”

  1. Stu said

    Please pray for Ken’s niece(he called today from Maryland) at Va Tech… and all the students to find the Lord through this.
    Thanks for all the great comments and prayers!
    Let’s join together and cover this entire situation with prayer!

    – Stu

  2. Anonymous said

    Stu, I couldn’t help but notice that you took the opportunity today on your show while discussing this tragedy to make political points. I think this was in very poor taste.

    Remember, those poor families who are grieving might not agree with your politics.

  3. biteback said

    ah, but a lot of people do agree with stu’s politics…freedom of speech, remember? or have you heard anything about don imus?

  4. Anonymous said

    Is it not impolite to avail oneself of the opportunity to make political statements while addressing the grief stricken families and community of a terrible tragedy such as this?

    I think so.

    But you are correct, sir, when you point out that he exercised his right of free speech.

    Someone needed to call him on it.

  5. FreeBird said

    i don’t think stu intentionally made political comments thinking he would offend anyone…he’s not that kind of person…i know him personally and he would never say anything that might intentionally draw focus away from the families that need this time to mourn

  6. doctor p said

    This country had better get it’s act together and start taking a closer look at people like this killer at Va. Tech or more of this will most likely happen. Evil is so rampant in our country and my guess is that something will happen at another campus soon. My prayer is that Jesus will come ASAP. Come soon, Lord Jesus!

  7. Anonymous said

    Well, freebird, we’ll have to take your word for that. Stu does seem to like to speak extemporaneously! But he shouldn’t have made political points about the ACLU (or whatever) during that segment. It was in poor taste.

    FWIW, I think that NBC made a poor decision to put that guy’s video on the news. I can’t help but that somewhere out there the next school murderer is looking at that and thinking “yeah, I want to be like him”.

    I hope I am wrong.

  8. freebird said

    I believe there will be copy-cats. I also completely agree with you, by the way. I thought it was in very poor taste to put all the videos and photos of that lunatic on the television and in the papers. Those poor families who had to see that….how sad. If the media would not glorify these people by plastering video everywhere for all the other crazy people to be inspired by, this world would be a much better place. Most of the time, I place a large portion of the blame on the media for their poor decisions and tasteless attempts to boost their ratings. Stu, on the other hand, most likely made that remark about the ACLU on the fly and made it in order to drive home a point he was trying to make. I’m positive he didn’t mean to offend or push politics. Some of the comments about him on this blog are completely unfounded. If you don’t know him, don’t judge him. You won’t find a kinder person who is more on fire for the Lord.

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