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Today’s Guest: Mr. Davis – Promoter and Sports Talent Scout

Posted by truthtalklive on April 16, 2007

What would happen if other entertainers were held to the same standards as Don Imus?


4 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Mr. Davis – Promoter and Sports Talent Scout”

  1. Derek said

    Stu – First it seems rather foolish for Mr. Davis to compare a black man’s “love for his mother” against other people’s.
    Secondly, using Mr. Davis’ example of Ludracris: it was stated that Ludracris is not responsible for his derogatory lyrics. It is the responsibility of the radio stations to censor and parents to prevent purchase of his CD. He also compared against the R rating for movies. My question is “How is it that Ludracris is not responsible for the sludge that he spews, but Don Imus is responsible?” Thanks!

  2. Anonymous said

    Stu-It seems that you set up your basketball friend (Mr. Davis) to be seen as what he is. He didn’t have a leg to stand on especially with his fellow African-Americans that called the program. I hope he plays basketball better than he supports his postion. The rap crap he stands by is nothing but crap. Even though I don’t support Don, your guest today came across like a Reverend !!!! Jackson.

  3. Anonymous said

    stu – mr.davis said ‘who are we to say rappers aren’t christian?’ well, i can answer that! WHAT IS THE FRUIT THEY BEAR? DO THEY BEAR THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, OR THE FRUIT OF THE FLESH? i grew up loving pac, big, wutang, run dmc, eric b & rakim, cypress hill was my weed smoking music! when God changed me, i began seeing all the LIES packed into the lyrics of the music i loved. today i agree with God about sin, therefore i cannot allow the new rappers ESPECIALLY LUDACRIS, lil wayne, etc. into my home. i have 4 black young men, ages 13-17, and i am a single mom! they listen to cross momement records (and other fantastic christian hip hop) because they don’t want to hear in every song that they need to “blow trees, sip drank, pimp ho’s, & cop them 24inch rims” to be men. their girlfriends don’t have to wear “ho” uniforms or do the stripper dances to get respectful attention. the FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness, self control, obedience, gratitude, mercy, purity, generosity, HUMILITY, and so many more. i don’t see any of these in any of the mainstream rappers! do i think imus should have been fired? yes – and so should the program managers who refuse to give mainstream radio play to the many hip hop artists who are spectacularly MORE talented than ANY rappers i have heard on the radio EVER, INCLUDING PAC & BIGGIE. the honchos at MTV & BET need to be on the choppin block! but we know sex sells in this fallen world. By the way, i wonder how many of the rutgers ladies have danced in the club or at parties to lil flip, paul wall- the worst of all is ludacris, and beyonce is guilty too (“we like them boys with them big thangs, if you know what i mean” – beyonce). thank you for your forum. teresa

  4. Cameron said


    […]Today’s Guest: Mr. Davis – Promoter and Sports Talent Scout « Welcome to TruthTalkLive.com![…]…

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